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Zoro: The Badass One Piece Character

Zoro One Piece

One Piece a popular Anime is known for its world-building craziness along with its long-running Anime tag. One Piece has an extended number of characters, among them, Roronoa Zoro has one of the most badass personalities. He’s often acknowledged as the Vice-Captain of Straw Hats. He’s extremely resolute towards his goals and one of the considerable loyal characters in the Anime history.

Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro Joins Straw Hat

Zoro was a fearless bounty hunter before being a part of Straw Hat Crew. Monkey D Luffy decides to make Pirate Hunter his first crewmate even before meeting him. Luffy was excited after he heard Coby say that Zoro is a powerful swordsman. Zoro was captured by Captain Morgan and was left to starve for days before his execution. The first encounter between Zoro and Luffy is kind of nostalgic and iconic moment for every One Piece Fan. Despite being a Pirate Hunter, he joined a pirate crew of Future Pirate King as the first mate. He then set sails with Luffy in order to become Masters Swordsman.

Mihawk is currently feared as Masters Swordsman. Zoro’s ultimate dream is to become Masters Swordsman by defeating Mihawk in a Swords battle. The combat every single One Piece fan is waiting for. There is a difference between the greatest and Masters Swordsman. In terms of greatest Swordsman even Roger, Shanks, Whitebeard, and Oden have been remarkable. But the title Masters Swordsman only belongs to that swordsman who is invincible and has achieved amazing feats. A small screen time on Mihawk’s past could answer most of the mysteries based on him. Mihawk is the one who trained Zoro during the two long years. Zoro became a student of that Swordsman who he badly wants to defeat.

Zoro’s Loyalty


Zoro is extremely loyal to his captain Monkey D Luffy and makes sure his captain’s dreams are fulfilled at any cost. Episode 39 in the anime and chapter 112 in the Manga, that’s the day you see him rising to his position. He was determined to become the world’s best swordsman, but now he has another motive to work harder. That is to help Luffy accomplish his dream. Zoro knew he had a dangerous path ahead, so he never stopped bettering himself, and made sure he was able to defeat every single enemy who stands in front of Luffy’s dream.

I can go on and on about how his actions show his reputation, but let me give you some major parts where you really will love him and his loyalty.

Thriller Bark Arc Chapter 485, Episode 377 Zoro takes Luffy’s pain

After the severe battle at Thriller Bark, Luffy defeats Gecko Moria. But Luffy and his crew were in a devastating form. Bartholomew Kuma was sent to kill Luffy and to make sure no traces were left behind of the devastation, so it doesn’t create a Global Scandal. Zoro begged Kuma to forgive Luffy as his captain’s dream and life were more important to him and took Luffy’s pain without having second thoughts. Later Zoro was battling through death and life and Sanji asked what happened to him and Zoro said “Nothing Happened”. Two golden words that none of the Anime Fans can ignore but praise.

Nothing happened is a very special moment for One Piece Fans. The reasons why this moment is iconic because: Zoro battled Kuma eventhough he was completely drained. Before Zoro could sacrifice his dream, Sanji volunteers himself to take his life instead of Marimo’s head. Both Sanji and Zoro were ready to sacrifice their dream for their captain without giving a second thought. What makes it sound cool is because both Zoro and Sanji joins Straw hat pirates mainly to fulfill their dream and could fling everyone aside who stands in their way. But after spending time with Luffy their priorties changed.

Post War Arc Chapter Episode 515 Zoro takes training

After Kuma separates the crewmates, Zoro lands on his rival Dracule Mihawk’s castle. When Zoro finds out about Luffy’s situation and his message, Zoro left his pride and begged Mihawk to train him so that he can become better and join Luffy as a better and stronger man. Zoro was ready to give up his pride and dream to fulfill Luffy’s dream. This shows how strongly he admires his captain.

When it comes to obeying Captain order every Straw Hat Pirates respect Luffy no matter how dumb he is. In terms of loyalthy each Straw Hats deserve the equal respect. They could be beaten to death but will never let Luffy’s name down.

East Blue Arc: A Promise To Luffy

When Mihawk appears at East Blue, Zoro recognizes him and confronts his greatest rival. After challenging Mihawak, Zoro loses badly. Mihawk leaves a big scar on Zoro’s chest and says to train more and later challenge him. Zoro was barely alive and yet he calls his captain and promised: “Not to be defeated ever again”. Zoro later keeps up his promise and always trained hard and defeats the strongest of strongest enemies and brought victory to his captain.

Jaya Arc Humiliation

Luffy and Zoro were teased by Bellamy and his men. Luffy ordered Zoro not to retaliate. Following captain’s order he did not move an inch and stood right next to his captain getting beaten up until both their body was started to bleed badly. People started making fun of them and still, they stood still. Luffy behaved just like Shanks did in East Blue Arc. He very well knows it is foolish to pick a fight with those people who have no true desire and dream. This shows how respectful Zoro is towards his captain’s orders even though it’s causing great pain to himself and Luffy.

The Three Swordsman


Every One-Piece fan loves Zoro’s “Santoryu” ( Three Katan fighting styles), he holds a Katana in each hand and another one in his mouth. Usually, he uses just two of his katana to defeat mele opponents and brings in the third one when the opponent is not a casual one. But OMG when he wears that Bandana over his head, with Santoryu that’s when the enemy should start shivering. He has an immense amount of physical strength, endurance, speed, and power to stand out courageous in the battle.

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Top 3 Battle Of Zoro

Zoro vs Ryuma

Zoro fought Ryuma who is one of the legendary Wano Samurai. The fight was over quickly but it was very immense and the intensity was so much. Zoro became victorious by using one of his single sword attacks and defeated Ryuma. Ryuma admired him and gifted him one of the legendary katana of Wano used by Ryuma himself “Shusui”. Zoro was a bit upset as he couldn’t fight Ryuma in his prime. The surprise isn’t over yet because we are yet to witness what mystery Zoro holds in Land of Wano. There is obviouly some connection to his past and the fact his real name is “Shimotsuki” and not “Roronoa

Zoro vs Kaku

Robin was imprisoned and the crew was determined in rescuing her. Zoro had to face Kaku a member of CP9. And this was one of the most intense matches where he blesses the audience by showing his new power up “Asura”. This was truly a visual treat for the audience and a hell of punishment to the enemy. With one single deadly blow of Asura’s Ichibugin, Kaku was on the ground.

Zoro vs Daz Bonez (Mr.1)

Daz Bonez was the toughest foe he faced in Albasta Arc. While fighting him Zoro was able to recall his master’s teaching of hearing the breath. He had to better himself mid-fight as his enemy was far more superior than him. But Zoro was finally able to defeat with a single sword by using his move The Lions Song. This was the time when he learned how to chop steel in half. This fight was the turning point for Zoro as he was able to learn new things and better himself.

Can’t wait for King Vs King Of The Hell. Manga readers know what it means. The reason his battle against Mihawk and Pica is not included because this fights were single handedly won. Ofcourse it was fun to watch but the above battles are most precious ones. The rematch of Mihawk Vs Zoro will top every charts for sure.

Captain And Vice Captain Of Straw Hat Pirates

luffy and zoro duo

Luffy is cranky, does things at the instant without considering the outcomes, and attacks the enemy directly without relying on any plan or anything. Who else can be a better partner for Luffy than Zoro? Both of them share the same brain cells. Even he just wants to attack the enemy directly and clear the path for his captain. When it comes to battle they understand each other, very well. At Wano when Luffy saw Zoro for the first time after such a time gap, the sheer look on Luffy’s face and Zoro’s big smile when he heard Luffy’s voice is pure bliss.

When a captain is unable to take right decision, it is the role of Vice Captain to bring him to his senses. Zoro might be carefree but he is extreamly cautious in terms of team unity. It was Zoro’s harsh words that brought Luffy to his senses to let Usopp apologize before joining the crew again. After sailing to New World, Zoro was frustrated on hearing Luffy’s defeat vs Caesar. It was the start of New world and they couldn’t let their guard down.


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