why is wano borders closed

Why Wano closed its borders?

Kozuki Oden’s dream to open the borders of Wano Kuni

In this brief One Piece theory, I will break down why Wano closed its borders and everything about the Wano Past. Recent One Piece Chapter 1055 gave a glimpse of Wano Past and the whereabouts of the legendary Ancient Weapon Pluton. Let’s dive into it…

Wano Past: Why Wano closed its borders?

wano past

Long ago Wano was much larger and located at sea level on the land around the base of Mount Fuji. 800 years ago, the Shogun of Wano decided to close the country, and walls were erected all around enclosing the island. As a result, rainwater started occupying the base of Mount Fuji, and the whole town was eventually submerged and abandoned.

Further, the builders and countrymen built the land up the mountain and that grew into a new country, the one we are familiar with today. The ruins of Old Wano are well preserved causing less damage to the kingdom. Moreover, Kozuki Clan is known to inscribe the text on Poneglyph. Poneglyph is a hard stone block that is unbreakable and can withstand any damage. In One Piece chapter 1055, Sukiyaki guides Robin and Law to the place where they find the third Road Poneglyph leading them one step close to Laugh Tale.

Now answering on why Wano closed its borders maybe because the ancestors of Wano Country wanted to keep the Ancient Weapon Pluton safe from enemies.

Location of Pluton

Nico Robin is the only human alive in One Piece Anime, that can decipher Poneglyph. During Arabasta Arc, when Robin partnered with Crocodile reached the place where she found out the real location of Pluton, An Ancient Weapon that bears the power to destroy an entire Kingdom. Robin requests Sukiyaki to tell her everything he knows about Pluton.

pluton ancient weapon

Sukiyaki reveals about Pluton as soon as they reach near Road Poneglyph. Road Ponegylph is located near the foot of Mount Fuji. If they continued to trek a little deeper it is said that they could find the sleeping Ancient Weapon Pluton. Retrieving Pluton would require the expulsion of walls that surrounds Wano Kuni. Opening the country requires a powerful defense to set loose one of the Ancient Weapons. And this is where Zunesha comes into the play.

Despite knowing what danger Pluton possesses Oden wanted to open the Wano country. In his journey with Roger Pirates, he learned the truth about history and how World Government was formed. To fulfill the promise of Joyboy awakening of Ancient Weapon could be one of the possible outcomes.

Will the Wano borders be destroyed?

Wano has remained an impregnable fortress for over 800 years, at some point in the story the country will open to the outside world. Zunesha approached Wano on purpose, which was to destroy the walls and open the country. As mentioned in chapter 1055, retrieving Pluton would require the removal of the walls that surrounds the Wano. Zunesha returns after Momonosuke decides to keep Wano close for time being. On the return of Zunesha, Gorosei predicts that Wano still wants to remain close.

Here is my take and theory on how Wano walls will be destroyed…



The day Momonosuke decides to open the Wano Country, Zunesha will make its move to Wano. With the force of Zunesha, the walls surrounding Wano will be destroyed. And it all makes sense why Momo delayed the process of opening the country. Eventually, Momo will master his Voice of all Things to awaken the sleeping Ancient Weapon Pluton. This might take place during the Final War when Luffy will go up against the World Government. Lastly, I guess the Ancient Weapon Pluton is gonna be a battleship since we already have a clue of Franky burning the blueprint of the Pluton.

Roger and Oden were waiting for the King to arrive, and Luffy has finally awakened his fruit. Luffy is the one who shall bring the dawn and destroy Fishman Island with help of Shirahoshi- Poseidon, another Ancient Weapon. Poseidon will help in destroying the Red Line and making the way for Noah to carry every Fishmen people.

I wonder how Oda-sensei will bring up all the Ancient Weapon in action. The only thing we can do is to wait. Untill then…


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