which haikyuu team are you on

Which Haikyuu Team Are You On?

What Haikyuu team could you be in? There are many websites available that show you in which category you belong. These categories may be which Harry Potter Character you are, Which Celebrity you look like, and many more. I hope you can relate. Here in this article, I will show you How to make such a website easily.

What are you waiting for? Haikyuu Team Selection begins, check out where you belong to.

Haikyuu Team

No matter which Haikyuu Team you end up with, almost all Haikyuu Teams are loved by fans. But the major ones are Karasuno, Aouba Jousei, Shiratorizawa, Nekoma, Inarizaki, Fukurodani and many more. Since anime is still way behind, no need to spoil anime-only fans with MSBY Black Jackals and Schweiden Adlers.

Besides, things should get pretty bad, when you want to try this code but haven’t watched Haikyuu. Don’t worry, I will summarize Haikyuu Teams in short.

which haikyuu team are you on

Popular Haikyuu Characters From Different Haikyuu Team

First Karasuno, the prodigy team of Haikyuu. Hinata Shoyou joins Karasuno to become the Little Giant, there he finds Kageyama. Kageyama was nicknamed King of the Court. Names can be deceiving sometimes, Kageyama was known as King for his harsh behavior towards his team. He changes after joining Karasuno.

Next up, Nekoma and Fukurodani teams with Badass Captains and Coolest Setter. Aouba Jousei has one trump card on their side, which is Toru Oikawa. The Best Setter in Haikyuu. There will always be a debate when it comes to choosing the best setter from Haikyuu.

Since I mentioned Best Setter, that reminds me of Team Inarizaki. Inarizaki, a complete gentleman team, with Calm Captain, Handsome Twins Miya Brothers, and badass middle blocker. Ahh again, the middle blocker position reminds me of Team Date Tech. Date Tech is a team that completely acts as a wall for their opponent’s team Ace. Oops not again, Ace huh, that reminds me of Team Shiratorizawa. The team that is considered to have one of the three best Ace from Japan, Ushijima.

Well now I have given very little information related to the Haikyuu Team, but sufficient for us to move ahead.

Create A Haikyuu Team Selection Web App Using Python Flask

Flask is a lightweight web framework written in Python. Frameworks make it easier to reuse code. First, you need to design the front page using HTML and CSS.

Once you design the front part of a Web app, you can generate one random Haikyuu Team. With the help of Session, you can stop the redirecting of the user. So that once the user gets to know which team he belongs to, there is no turning back.

if 'username' in session:
    haikyuu_team = random.choice(team)

Session and Flash make the web app even better. As Session is already mentioned, the major use of this is to store the data in the server for a temporary time. You need to provide a session key, which can be anything.

from flask import Flask,session
import os

app = Flask(__name__)
app.secret_key = os.urandom(16)

Next Flash, is used to provide feedback to the user. Here we do require Flash to send a feedback message when you get selected in any of the Haikyuu Team.

#inside app.py
flash("Congrats {} you got selected into {}".format(name,team))

{% with messages = get_flashed_messages() %} {% if messages %}
<div class=flashes>
    {% for message in messages %}
    <span class="selection-message">{{ message }}</span> {% endfor %}
{% endif %} {% endwith %}

In addition, download the Source Code and check which team you get into.

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