violet evergarden

Violet Evergarden: Best-Written Female Anime Character

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is the lead protagonist of Violet Evergarden Anime. An Anime that symbolize the meaning of love. In a world engaged in war, Violet strives to understand the actual meaning of love. The story is based on the hardships, emotions, and loneliness of the young girl raised as a War Weapon. The journey of Violet Evergarden from War Weapon to the Doll makes her one of the finest-written Female Anime Characters.

This article is a brief character analysis of Violet Evergreen.

“I will run as fast as I can to wherever my customer desires. I am the Auto Memories Doll, Violet Evergarden.”

– Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergraden Character Analysis

violet evergarden

A War Machine

A Warfield is the worst place for young people. Violet was raised as a War Weapon by the Leidenschaftlich Army. Dietfried Bougainvillea, Naval Captain found Violet on a certain deserted island. The young girl had no name and was treated as a slave by her comrades. She is nothing but a War tool, blessed with stamina, speed, quick attack, and so on. She had all the skills that a perfect soldier should possess. This poor young girl couldn’t speak or understand any words. Not that she was deaf, she just never perceived what to speak. Besides, the only thing that she could think of his to kill or be killed.

Seeing her actions Diefried orders a few of his men to annihilate her. But in return, she was the one who slaughtered everyone except him. To get rid of her he trades Violet as a gift to his younger brother Gilbert.

A numb and lonely soul needs a kind-hearted person who can understand them. Gilbert Bougainvillea, the major was the only person who cared for Violet. He consistently tried to keep Violet away from war and wanted her to lead a happy life. Gilbert was that kind-hearted person who taught Violet the importance of life. But unfortunately, he shortly sacrifices his life in the ongoing war.

Violet Evergarden and Major Gilbert

Gilbert was the one who named her Violet. Violet accepted that name and kept protecting Major Gilbert during the War period. Gilbert’s presence gave us a sense of freedom; she felt like expressing herself but could never do it. Slow progress builds a character, and she is one such kind. Major Gilbert finally makes a decision to close all the War conflict and help Violet to lead a free and happy life. In the conclusive battle, Gilbert sacrifices his life.

After the war, she was traumatized waiting for Major Gilbert to return. But the truth of his death was kept secret from her. She recollects her memory of Gilbert’s final word. “I love you”, Violet sets on a journey to understand what his last word signifies.

“I Want To Know What I Love You Means.” 

– Violet Evergarden
best written female anime character

Auto Memories Doll

Everything changed after the war was over. Claudia Hodgins, a close friend of Gilbert was the former lieutenant colonel of the army. He runs a Postal Company and watches over Violet as the last task assigned by his friend. Claudia tries to cheer up Violet after all that happened, and he requests her to join the Postal Company as a doll.

Writing letters to clients is a job that Auto Memories Doll does. Violet becomes one of them. In the initial days, it became difficult to understand what people are trying to convey. She makes some close friends and tries to help them to overcome their anxiety. Talking to many people by realizing what they go through made her understand what I love you means.

In summary, the overall character development of Violet Evergarden has been heartbreaking. It’s not easy to deal with people who are depressed, anxious, and lonely. Violet’s character proved that talking and trying to understand people leads to less stress and depression.

“A letter can sometimes be short and sweet, and still, express important feelings.”

-Luculia Marlborough
- Kana Akatsuki,  Akiko Takase and Kyoto Animation

- Fandom

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