Why Is Sanji The Best Written One Piece Character?

Black Leg Sanji From Straw Hat Pirates

Vinsmoke Sanji is one such One Piece Character, who knows how to steal all the smoke. With his utter calmness and coolness, he is arguably one of the best written male characters.

Hard times teach a valuable lesson. Disgruntled by his siblings and father, Sanji takes a big step towards his dream. The Black Leg becomes the 4th Straw Hat Pirates. He set off to find All Blue by becoming a Chef in the ship of Future Pirate King.

Black Leg Sanji Ultimate Battle IQ And Strategies

Sanji is not a genius but definitely the smartest One Piece Character. Having an amazing IQ with unpredictable strategies, Sanji has made many sudden appearances throughout the show.

Being a proactive thinker and chilled all the time, he has saved his crewmates many times. Fighting a Fishman inside the water to save his captain, is the very first battle he fought as a Straw Hat. It was during the Alabasta Arc, our Mr. Prince actually came into the spotlight. Rescuing Luffy and his crew from Crocodile’s trap, he introduces himself as Mr. Prince. Mr. Prince made quite a scene to save his crew from drowning.

sanji battle iq

Furthermore, he destroys Enel’s dream by destroying his Ship in Skypiea Arc. He knew he was no match to Enel in a battle. But he knew exactly what he had to destroy.

The Hunter

Sanji is always prepared before entering into a battle. He knows where he has to be at that specific time. One such scenario is the Bingo episode. The Bingo scene from Water 7 Arc, ohh damn😍. It could be fair enough to call him Hunter while discussing Water 7 saga. The Hunter reaches the sea train platform, where CP9 arrives with Robin. Upon that he enters the train alone without any fear to rescue Robin. I will remember that classic Hunter walk for the rest of my life.

If you noticed and watched Enies Lobby closely. It was because of him, Going Merry and Straw Hats were able to escape the Marines. When other Straw Hats were indulged in a battle with Marine, our Prince was one step ahead. He opens the Gate of Justice, which causes the whirlpool. Marine ship gets distracted by the whirlpool meanwhile Going Merry sails through the whirlpool.

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Watching Mr. Prince’s quick decisions moments has always been like Woahhh, my man’s cool. Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece might be a Sanji stan as well. Without any doubt, Sanji has a better Battle IQ among the Straw Hat Pirates.

I just wonder what turn the story would have taken if the entire Straw Hat had gone to Marineford. Well, never mind that🙄

Germa 66- Vinsmoke Family: Mr. Prince’s Backstory

Germa 66 is portrayed as the evil military army led by the Vinsmoke Family. Vinsmoke Judge in order to acquire powerful technology tries the experiment on his own children. Sanji was born with kindness, though he belonged to the Royal Family, he served food to rats. Whereas his siblings- Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji were emotionless. They had no emotion, and they always used to beat the hell out of the poor kid. As being the elder Sister Reiju always treated Sanji properly, but not in front of his brothers.

Sanji has a strong passion to cook, he could even cook food for rats. Watching this Judge locks up Sanji, and treats him like a slave. Germa 66 belongs to North Blue, and to sail East Blue one must cross the Red Line. On one such occasion, Sanji abandoned Vinsmoke Family. He then ends up in some pirate ship, where he first meets Red Leg Zeff. The onboarded pirates laugh at Sanji when he mentions All Blue. All blue is believed to be just a legend that doesn’t exist. But Zeff and Sanji strongly believe it does exist.

sanji backstory

Sanji And Old Man Zeff

In order to save Sanji from drowning, Zeff dives into the sea. Both of them further gets drift to a mountain, with no ship passing by. Sanji and Zeff spend 85 days on such an island with a handful of food. Zeff keeps the high amount to himself and gives a small bag of food to Sanji to survive. Both of them sat opposite the island to look for the ship. When Sanji ran out of food he tries to kill Zeff, who still had a large bag. Sanji pierce through the large bag, and all that he found inside was a treasure. Zeff gives all the food to Kid Sanji, and in order to kill his hunger, Zeff eats his own leg. Indirectly Zeff taught many lessons to Sanji, so that the crybaby Sanji may turn into a Man.

Our Starboy has a pure heart filled with kindness. Despite being ill-treated by his siblings and father, he holds no grudge against them. Vinsmoke Judge, the head of Germa 66 tries to join hands with Big Mom, One of the Yonko. By forcing Sanji to marry Pudding, the 35th daughter of Big Mom. But at the Tea Party, Germa 66 were betrayed by Big Mom Pirates. Sanji wanted to help them, even after what they had done to him.

What Is Sanji’s Dream?

Every Straw Hat has a dream to fulfill. The Ultimate dream of Sanji is to find the All Blue. One Piece has too many mysteries to be unveiled. Out of many mysteries, one such mystery is where on earth is Legendary Sea All Blue located? By far what we know about All Blue is that it is a paradise world for all the chefs. It’s a sea that any skilled cook would dream of visiting at least once. All Blue is a legendary sea that is said to have the world’s best foodstuffs. Fish from all over North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue can be found in All Blue.

all blue sanji

Being a pervert cook himself, Sanji has one hilarious perverted dream as well. And he successfully accomplished his dream in Wano Arc. Ever since the child, he wanted to be invisible. With the power of invisibility, he could peep into the Women’s Bath. In order to become invisible there exists one Devil Fruit named Suke Suke no Mi. But unfortunately, Sanji couldn’t eat that Devil Fruit, as that devil fruit was already eaten by Absalom. Currently eaten by Shiryu after Absalom.

Suke Suke No Mi was the only Devil Fruit Mr.Prince wished to eat. But Eiichiro Oda sure loves Mr. Prince. Germa 66 is well known in the comics as the evil army which possesses high-tech devices. Being the Third Son of Judge, Sanji gets his Germa Raid Suit, Stealth Black. One amazing power of Stealth Black Raid Suit is invisibility. And Mr. Prince finally gets the taste of Nami’s happy punch.

Even Though every Straw Hats have a dream to achieve. But one dream they share in common is to help their Captain become Pirate King.

Sanji’s Unbreakable Resolve

There are two things Sanji respects the most: Women and Food.

Respect Towards Woman

Black Leg Sanji will be beaten to death, but will never kick a woman. In Ongoing Wano Arc, Sanji was literally tortured to death by Black Maria, yet refused to fight a woman. When Sanji lost the first battle in Enies Lobby, Nami was sure that his opponent would have been a lady. Sanji sure has an amazing observation haki skill when Women are crying for help.

He saves a Marine Lady Tashigi, from Vergo. Vergo being a Marine had betrayed his subordinates. Tashigi couldn’t help to hold her tears back, and this triggered Sanji to come to rescue her despite the fact she is a Marine.

Importance Of Food

Sanji could never see anyone starve for food. He could sincerely serve food with kindness be it foe or friend. Gin, the right-hand man of Don Krieg who was starving to death, was helped by Sanji. When Gin ends up at Baratie, no chef wanted to help him. And the man who serves him food was Sanji. Gin later pays his debt, when he was unable to fight Sanji. As Sanji was the first person to show kindness and serve food to him.

Sanji is the kind of chef who could make a tasty meal with the leftover food. He very well understands the importance of food. Besides it’s not just about the food, but also about the cleanliness. Sanji is well-disciplined enough to keep the kitchen clean with utensils properly arranged. He is very much concerned about his crewmates, as it is his job to keep them healthy by providing better Nutrition food.

One major thing he can’t stand is people wasting food and disrespecting a woman. Sanji shows his anger towards his brother Niji when he didn’t finish his food. Niji calls Cosette, a head chef, and throws the dish on her, as he didn’t like the sauce. Sanji couldn’t just sit watching and save the head chef before the plate hits her. Moreover, he picks the dish from the floor and eats it by praising the head chef on how delicious it was made.

The Yonko or The Four Emperors of the Sea are considered to be the powerful Pirates in the New World. Bege, one of the notorious pirates from Worst Generation had a golden opportunity to kill Big Mom by adding poison to her Wedding Cake. Since Sanji was the main chef to bake the cake, he didn’t allow Bege to poison it. Big Mom is the major threat to Straw Hat Pirates as well, even though he is well aware of that fact, he can’t poison food. The Sweetness of the cake was enough to faint Big Mom.

The Most Loyal Crew In One Piece

We all agree that the Straw Hat crew is the most loyal crew in One Piece. And to be accurate it’s the most loyal group in Anime History as well. Moreover, it would be unfair to compare who is more loyal in Straw Hat Crew. Of Course, we witnessed, Zoro sacrificing his dream for his captain. But not to forget that even Sanji volunteered himself to protect both Zoro And Luffy’s dream. Furthermore, this is not the first time Sanji sacrificed his dream. During Skypiea Arc in order to save Nami and Usopp, Sanji takes a high voltage of Enel to himself.

sanji's loyalty
Sanji and Kuma

Usopp always tries to run away or tries to play safe. But during Alabasta Arc when Mr.4 laughed at Luffy’s dream. Usopp couldn’t stop his rage. Instead of running, he defeats Mr.4 with sheer hard work. Talking about Chopper, in spite of having disadvantages in his monster form, he had to turn into a monster to save his friends. Robin was ready to surrender herself to World Government in order to keep Straw Hat safe.

Straw Hat Pirates is like a family. We fans are a part of this family too. And we shall eventually see Luffy becoming the Pirate King.

Sanji’s Real Family

But to focus on Sanji Loyalty, it doesn’t just stick with Straw Hat alone. Besides Straw Hat, he has his precious staff in Baratie. Baratie is an ocean restaurant, where he used to work as a chef before joining the Straw Hat crew. Yes, the place Baratie is the real family of Sanji. Baratie is the place that made Sanji grow as a man. Zeff the owner of Baratie, is the father-like figure to Sanji. One moment Sanji could never forget the rest of his life is Zeff’s sacrifice to keep him alive.

With the treasure which Zeff preserved for 85 long days, he finally opens up Baratie. The old man Zeff is a role model to Sanji. Old Man teaches Sanji everything he needs to know before entering the grand line. Sanji just couldn’t leave Baratie behind. The relationship among the Baratie chefs was very powerful. Sanji’s Farewell to Baratie was very hard to watch.

Sanji was ready to leave Straw Hat Pirates when Germa 66 blackmailed to kill Old Man Zeff and his staff. He knew very well, Big Mom and Germa 66 possess a greater threat to Straw Hat Pirates but they can handle such a group. But this was not the case with Baratie. He badly wanted to protect his people and thus negotiate with his Vinsmoke Family to marry Pudding in order to keep his Old Man safe.


Thank You Eiichiro Oda for creating such a valuable character. Sanji might not be the strongest Straw Hat. He might not even be badass like Zoro or Law. But this will not change the fact that he definitely is the best written One Piece Character. And undoubtedly he got better character development.

“No matter how long it takes, I will find All Blue. “

-Vinsmoke Sanji

And I can’t end the One Piece related article without saying….

To Be Continued