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Uranus One Piece Theory

Does World Government possess Uranus- The Ancient Weapon?

Uranus One Piece

Ancient Weapons in One Piece are destructive powers capable of destroying an entire kingdom. When one alone weapon can cause soo much destruction, imagine three of them. Poseidon, Uranus, and Pluton are the 3 Ancient Weapons introduced in One Piece Anime. We already know the whereabouts of Poseidon and Pluton, and Uranus has remained secret all the time. So let’s dive deep into One Piece Theory based on Uranus.

Uranus Ancient Mythology

According to Greek Mythology, Uranus is considered as Father of the Sky. An Ancient personification of the heavens and also known as the ruler of the Universe.

“Uranus was considered an offspring of Gaea, Mother Earth, who as stated by Hesiod created him “equal to herself, to cover her on every side, and to be an ever-sure abiding-place for the blessed gods.” However, according to later authors, Uranus did have a (rather obscure) father by the name of Akmon, which can explain why he was sometimes called Akmonides, meaning both “the son of Akmon” and, with a little imagination, “the tireless one.” At an even later stage, Uranus’ father was identified as Aether, the Upper Air.”


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Uranus Ancient Weapon in One Piece Theory

ancient weapon

Let’s talk about Poseidon and Pluton first. Pluton was first revealed in the Arabasta arc, Robin betrayed Sir Crocodile by not letting him know about Pluton’s whereabouts. Sir Crocodile believed Pluton was hidden somewhere within Arabasta but it turns out to be hidden in Wano Kuni. We know for a fact that Pluton is a battleship whose blueprints were burnt by Franky.

Up next we have Poseidon. Poseidon is a living Ancient Weapon in form of a Mermaid Princess. 800 years ago during Void Century there lived a Mermaid Princess by the name of Poseidon. Poseidon holds the power to command over Sea Kings and use them to destroy the world. It’s acquired only by mermaids born in the Ryugu kingdom. 

At last, let’s talk about Uranus. Uranus is named after the Ancient God who is known as the Father of the Sky. The first hint here is Sky. Also if we look at other ancient weapons, Poseidon is a Mermaid Princess that lives underwater. Pluton being a battleship lives on the ground(sea). We are left with the sky, and Uranus fills that place. With the release of One Piece Chapter 1060, we got a piece of solid evidence to prove Uranus’s existence.

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One Piece 1060 Spoilers

World Government has feared the existence of Ancient Weapon for centuries. They tried multiple ways to eradicate very evidence that leads to their past. The Reverie had many upside-down events. The World Government under the orders of Imu killed King Cobra, The King of Arabasta. Vivi went missing after this incident. Revolutionary Army Captains who happened to be in Mary Geoise to save Kuma, were held responsible for King’s murder and disappearance of Vivi. During this causality, Sabo saw something unbelievable. The throne in the Pangea Castle is a place that belongs to King the World. For many centuries that throne has remained empty. Sabo reported to Dragon that he saw something inside Pangea Castle, before he could answer what he saw, Imu showed its destructive power.

uranus one piece

Does Imu have control over Uranus?

After Revolutionary Army captains saved Kuma, they went back to the Kamabakka Queendom in absence of Sabo. Marines traced Sabo’s hideout and reported to Gorosei. Sabo was in the Lulusia Kingdom, one of the eight-nation that rebelled in recent days. As soon as Gorosei finds out his location, Imu cross-marks Lulusia on World Map. And we see giant shadows in the sky. The beam of light falls on Lulusia and the complete Kingdom is destroyed in an instant. This might the ideal reason for what happened to God Valley and Void Century.

Since the attack was from the sky and had the power to destroy the entire kingdom we can predict Uranus is in the hands of Imu. This is just a shred of solid evidence, though not confirmed officially. Fans couldn’t be surprised if they find out one Ancient Weapon is under World Government. Since they have pursued Ancient Weapons for centuries, it is valid for them to have one during the final war. I wonder who and all are gonna team up for Final War, until then


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