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Tomodachi Game Review

Is Tomodachi Game Worth Watching?

Dark Fantasy Anime works well in brainwashing audiences and dragging them deep into the storyline. Tomodachi Game is one such Anime, that manipulates both audience and cast by playing multiple games. The main highlight of the Tomodachi Game is it’s main protagonist Katagiri Yuuichi. His evilness, IQ, last-moment strategies, and manipulation skills are out of the world.

Tomodachi Game Plot

School decides on a fun trip giving students some time to relax and enjoy. The trip cost 70,000 Yen per head. Pretty huge amount for a school trip, never mind that. Katagiri Yuuichi, the main protagonist comprehends the difficulties of not having enough funds. Just like every student, even he wanted to go out with his friends. He works hard to save up in order to go on the high school trip since he had no parents on whom he could rely on.

tomodachi game

This is where things get interesting.

The money collected by the volunteers gets stolen from the locker, i.e., 20,000,000 Yen in total. Obviously, the traitor belongs to the same class. The actual story begins from this point on. The traitor cashed in the entire stolen amount in a game famously known as Tomodachi Game.

The Actual Game Begins

Tomodachi game is a game played among a group of friends to test their loyalty towards each other. Mainly organized as a business, for debtors to pay their own debts. The game consists of different levels, on each level their friendship is tested. The amount paid for Tomodachi Game acts as debt to the players. The players who play the game are: Yuuichi, Tenji Mikasa, Yutori Kokonogi Makoto Shibe and Kei Shinomiya. The debt initially is divided equally among them. One of them is the traitor who applied for Tomodachi Game. The anime goes smoothly brainwashing the audience during the final moment of every round. I won’t lay out the rules of Round 1, instead, I recommend you to watch this Anime or read Manga. In Season 1 we totally see three rounds of the game taking place. And all three rounds of the game are insane.

Here is one short sentence that will hype you to watch this Anime: “The main character of Tomodachi Game is in a league of Light, L, Lelouch, and Ayanokouji”. He is evil, a genius, and a complete freak. I hope that is enough motivation. The Anime genre is Dark Fantasy, Drama, and Mystery.

Main Character


Talking about the main character. As already mentioned Katagiri Yuuichi follows in the footsteps of Light, L, and Lelouch and when it comes to manipulation he is better than everyone. The story introduces him as a poor boy who values friendship the most. But in his past, his father taught him, “The only thing that matters the most in this world is Money”. Later in the story, it is revealed that Yuuichi has killed three people in his past. The Tomodachi Game Management team deems Yuuichi to be a Monster.

During the small flashback of Yuuichi, we see a woman (Yuuichi calls his aunt) on a Hospital bed. Yuuichi admired and loved her a lot, she was the one who tells him, “There is something that is valued more than that of money and it is friendship”. Obeying her, Yuuichi tries to make some friends by not telling them anything about his past. Yuuichi could go to any length to protect his friends and in Episode 11 we see the amount of torture he tolerates to keep Yutori Kokonogi safe.

Katagiri Yuuichi is one hell of a character and this makes him worthy of comparing with the likes of Light Yagami from Death Note. Don’t believe me? Watch the Anime and find out by yourself.


If you are looking for Dark Fantasy and Mystery type Anime, Tomodachi Game should be at the top of your watchlist. Tomodachi Game is worth the binge, once you finish Episode 1, you are already under its genjutsu. Don’t forget to grab a snack/popcorn. This is going to be a great ride.

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