the new emperors of the sea

The New Emperors of the sea One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1053: The New Emperors of the Sea

One Piece 1053 drops the biggest twist in the One Piece storyline. The news of the New emperors of the sea is running wild throughout the One Piece world. Oda sensei astounded everyone by making Buggy the new Emperor of the Sea.

The New Emperors Of The Sea

the new emperors of the sea

The alliance of Luffy and Law along with Eustass Kid takes down two Emperors and announces the beginning of the new era. The news spread rapidly around the world, and the captains responsible to end their era were issued bounties of 3 Billion each. Every fan expected either Kid or Law to become the emperor. But as always Oda sensei did something unpredictable. Most of the fans were not surprised, since we have known Oda sensei for a long time. For him scripting the historic moments is equivalent to child play.

The new emperors are the Red Hair Shanks, Blackbeard, Straw Hat Luffy, and The Bombastic Clown Buggy. Apoo passes the newspaper to Kidd revealing their bounties and announcement of the new emperors. Kid gets excited and rushes to Flower Capital to show him the latest news.

One Piece is known for World building and foreshadowing and Oda sensei is a master of portraying even the diminutive details. We need to appreciate him for choosing the new emperors of the sea in a unique way. The announcement of new emperors was already foreshadowed in the Volume 25 cover image. A small reminder, Volume 25 was issued in 2002.

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Luffy’s New Bounty

Luffy new bounty

Fans were eagerly waiting for Luffy’s new bounty to be 5 billion. But the main catch here is not the bounty amount but the wanted poster. The Return of Joyboy and Human-Human awakening is showcased as the final Gear transformation of Luffy. His final transformation as Nika was captured in his new wanted poster.

The World Government over the decades hide the real name of Model Nika fruit and constantly failed to acquire it. Gorosei gets frustrated seeing the new wanted poster of Luffy. They bark at Marine soldiers to reprint Luffy’s wanted poster and remove ‘D’ from the name. The D bloodline is the swore enemy of World Government and Celestial Dragons. Gorosei can’t afford the spread of news to the entire world, this is a alarm to the Final Saga/War.

Buggy is a new Yonkou

buggy new emperor

The unexpected twist before the final saga was the announcement of Buggy as the Yonkou. In One Piece Emperor/Yonkou is someone who holds tremendous power and commands over a powerful crew. And Buggy has showed no such trace of power. Buggy was a former apprentice of the Roger Pirates. Even more he is the best friend of Red Hair Shanks. Throughout the journey Buggy has always maintained high profile but never did he proclaim to be a part of Pirate King crew. Buggy have a strong sense to humor to fool normal people and make them his apprentice.

Its still hard to digest that Buggy the Clown is a Yonkou. In terms of strength we have no idea about his awakening. Buggy is the only pirate who took zero damage from both Zoro and Mihawk. Jokes apart, we are waiting for the day when Buggy comes back to spotlight.

For Oda sensei to give him such a position might only indicate the devil fruit awakening of Buggy. If not Buggy must have stolen a valuable treasure from the World Government. Let’s just believe in Oda sensei about the Buggy thing and move on to Final Saga.

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Final Saga


One Piece Manga has announced a month break to plan for final Saga. The long running arc Wano reached its conclusion and the doors of the Wano Kuni are still closed. World Government knows the amount of treat Wano holds. Kozuki Sukiyaki, the father of Oden was alive all this time in the disguise of Tengu-san. Tengu-san reveals his true identify to Nico Robin. The poneglyph in Arabasta mentioned the location of Pluton and Robin knew that the Ancient Weapon was hidden somewhere in Wano. And as the former shogun of Wano, Sukiyaki assent to Pluton location in Wano.

Now that we have the clue of all the three ancient weapon location, it is perfect time to enter into Final Saga. One month is short break that Oda sensei deserve till then…

To be continued.

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