Kakegurui Anime: Indian Poker

The gamble fetish Jabami Yumeko joins Hyakkaou Private Academy. Hyakkaou Private Academy where students are evaluated based on their gambling skills. Kakegurui Indian Poker Game will be implemented in Python in this article.


Quiz: Ultimate Anime Quiz

Don’t tell me you’re an Anime fan if you can’t answer this quiz. An ultimate Anime Quiz that every weeb/otaku should try once. In addition create your own quiz app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

rock paper and scissor

Rock Paper And Scissor

Rock Paper And Scissor In Python You vs Kazuma. Kazuma has never lost in Rock, Paper, and Scissor. So, Can you defeat Kazuma? To those who don’t know who Kazuma is? Kazuma is the main protagonist of Konosuba. Konosuba is one of the best comedy-based Isekai Anime. Isekai is an Anime genre where the main …

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