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What are Straw Hat Pirates Dreams?

Straw Hat Pirates is a famous pirate crew in One Piece. One Piece is an adventurous Anime with mind-blowing world-building and a crazy main character with the most loyal friends. Each crew member of Straw Hat has a dream to achieve. No matter how hard or impossible it is, they never lose sight of their goal. Even though each character has different dreams to achieve, they share one common goal to make Luffy, The Straw Hat captain, become The Pirate King.

One Piece

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One Piece is a GOAT anime created by Eiichiro Oda, a true genius and the best author who loves playing with words. It’s been more than two decades since One Piece was released and it’s still running successfully. You will be stunned to hear that even after 980+ episodes it has many mysteries to be unveiled. Luffy’s crew is going to unveil those secrets and learn the secret the world has to provide. This series of events will turn the world upside down again.

Know more about Straw Hat Pirates Dreams and Role using a piece of code.

Straw Hat Pirates Role and Dreams using Flask

Introduction to Flask

Flask is a Python Framework used to create Web apps, this is one of the most popular Python web application frameworks. Using the Flask application you can even implement HTML and CSS.

Minimal App Syntax of Flask

#flask syntax
from flask import Flask
app = Flask(__name__)

@app.route('/')  #redirect to home url
def home():
    return("First Application")

if __name__=="__main__": #debug=False during production

Prerequisites to get started with Flask:

Here is the syntax and use of Jinja in our web app.

As mentioned you can use HTML and CSS code and use it in the Flask application, here is how you do it.

Click here for Flask documentation.

How to create One Piece Web App

Now back to One Piece. What is this Web app all about? This web app gives a small introduction to Straw Hats Pirates about their Role, Dream, Nickname, and Bounties. There are different roles in pirate ships: The Captain, Vice-Captain, Navigator, Chef, Musician, Doctor, Helmsman, ShipWright, and Sniper. Well, Straw Hat pirates are unique, they even have an archaeologist in their crew which is a major plus point of this crew. In addition, there is only one person right now who can read Poneglyphs and that is Nico Robin and she is a part of Straw Hat.

In order to become a Pirate King, you need an archaeologist who can read the Poneglyphs. Poneglyphs are large cube-shaped stones, these stones hold many secrets. An ancient language is prescribed upon Poneglyphs which are the key to many mysteries. There are a total of 4 Red Poneglyphs, with help of this you can locate the Last Island where One Piece is located. I ain’t linking to other sites for reference here, so Watch One Piece to know more, you won’t regret it. One Piece is the best show of this era, you are missing a lot if you haven’t started yet.

What are Straw Hat Bounties

Bounties are price rewards that are issued by the world government or marines on wanted pirates either Dead or Alive. In this web app, you can see the bounties issued on each crew member, the Captain of Straw Hat Luffy has the highest bounty in his crew with 1.5 billion berries, berries are One Piece Currency.

Haki and Devil Fruits are supernatural powers in One Piece. To start with Devil Fruits, these are the rarest treasures in the sea, which on eating grants its eater supernatural abilities, and in return, the eater loses the ability to swim. You can check more about devil fruits here.

Now the most powerful power in One Piece is Haki, which is based on spiritual energy. There are three types of Haki:

  1. Kenbunshoku Haki aka Observation Haki: You can see a bit in future(a min ahead) or predict the next move of the enemy.
  2. Busoshoku Haki aka Armament Haki: This forms an armor which acts as a shield.
  3. Haoshoku Haki aka Conqueror Haki: The characters with very strong will power or only chosen ones are capable of using this Haki.

You can check more about Haki here.

Now that you know about roles, dreams, bounty, and power, you can create an API of Straw Hat Pirates Profile. You can check this web app API here. API is an application program interface that is in JSON format.


With help of all this data, it’s easy to create a Flask Web app on Straw Hat Pirates. In order to know more about Straw Hat Pirates watch One Piece and enjoy an amazing adventure.

Check out the Web app of Straw Hat Pirates, view the Webapp in Desktop view

To Be Continued

Download the source code of the Straw Hat Pirates Web app.

Image credits: Created using Carbon

Info credits to One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda

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