shanks meets gorosei

Shanks Meets Gorosei Theory

Who was the certain pirate Shanks was talking about?

After the release of Chapter 1043, One Piece has ultimately entered into the next phase, maybe the final phase of the story. With the Wano Arc reaching its Climax, Oda-sensei is taking One Piece to the very next level. One Piece Chapter 1044, hints at why Shanks meets Gorosei (Five Elders).🤔

The certain pirate who Shanks wanted to talk about is most certainly Monkey D Luffy👒.

One Piece Chapter 1044 Spoilers ahead…

Luffy’s Awakening And His New Powers

luffy's devil fruit

Luffy’s Devil Fruit Name Revealed😗

It’s finally time to bid farewell to Gomu Gomu no mi. The legendary Mangaka Eiichiro Oda proves why is the GOAT🐐. One Piece Chapter 1044 reveals the true name of Luffy’s devil fruit. Gomu Gomu fruit all this time was a Human-Human fruit a Mythical Zoan type. However it is not a normal fruit, this fruit is the Human-Human Fruit Model: Nika, named after the Sun God Nika

The user of Human-Human fruit is granted rubber properties in combat. Moreover, there is no limit to their strengths. With the awakening of Nika, the user brings a smile to their face and senses the tremendous joy of freedom within them. They are the embodiment of “The Warriors of Liberation”. 

Well, even though Luffy’s devil fruit is Human Human fruit he shall basically name his attack with Gomu Gomu as the prefix.

// For Luffy
const prefix_attack = "Gomu Gomu no"

Sorry for this one👆, I sometimes get out of character.

Luffy Gear 5🔥🔥

It’s time to gear up for the new Luffy Gear transformation. We shall see the most awaited gear transformation in Chapter 1045. 

Luffy was badly struck by Kaido’s Thunder Bagua in chapter 1043. In the same chapter, Zunesha hears “Drums of liberation” indicating the return of Joyboy. Even after being badly beaten Luffy was feeling Joy within himself and he could still battle Kaido. This is the sign of Gear 5 and the awakening of Nika. After the awakening of Human-Human Fruit, it shall amplify Luffy’s rubbery body. In addition, it provides even more freedom to him. Gorosei states Nika is the most ridiculous power in the world.

Luffy was filled with laughter and joy, he even says that his heartbeat sounds funny. Luffy welcomes Gear 5 by using Supreme King or Conqueror’s Haki. Gear 5 is his peak of powers. He pulls up Kaido to the rooftop and resumes their half-finished fight. With the gear 5 transformation Luffy is as powerful as Yonkou. Maybe even stronger, that we shall find out in next chapter 1045.

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Shanks Meets Gorosei Theory: The reason why Luffy is certain Pirate🤔

shanks talks about certain pirate
[Just A Fanart by Author and not be confused with real one]

It is most likely possible that Shanks knew about the true nature of Gomu Gomu no mi. In spite of being a Yonkou, he came all his way to Mariejois to meet Gorosei. Shanks has a strong instinct, he somehow predicts what is about to come. He did alert Whitebeard to stop Ace from confronting Blackbeard. And this time he is in Mariejois to alert Gorosei to not underestimate Straw Hat Luffy. World Government never targeted Luffy for his fruit. The reason why WG was after Luffy, is because of his recklessness caused in Enies Lobby, Impel Down, and Marineford and not for the fruit.

But why did Shanks meets Gorosei and why was the certain pirate Monkey D Luffy. To answer that, why do you think Gorosei suddenly started to talk about Gomu Gomu Fruit’s true nature or Nika. There can be three possibilities: First maybe because Zunesha is approaching Wano Kuni where Luffy is. Second, maybe Shanks warned Gorosei to not underestimate Luffy’s Powers. Lastly, maybe Imu-sama might have ordered them to eliminate Straw Hat. The first time Imu-sama was shown she was standing in front of Giant Straw Hat. Moreover, she even had Luffy’s Bounty poster. (Imu-sama gender is unknown). 

In Chapter 1042, we see that Gorosei assigned CP0 to eliminate Straw Hat Luffy immediately. Reverie and the Onigashima incident are happening simultaneously. As soon as Shanks talks about Luffy and the power he possesses through Gomu Gomu. He might have alerted the World Government to stop Luffy at once. Shanks whose primary goal is to maintain balance, with Luffy’s Awakening there might be instability in powers.

Did Imu-Sama order Gorosei To Eliminate Luffy?

eliminate straw hat luffy

In One Piece there are only a few characters who know about Void Century and the World History. Gorosei is one such group that is knowledgeable about World History. Imu-sama is the commanding leader of Gorosei, in particular the World Government. By predicting Imu-sama’s first appearance, the giant straw hat in that scene might have belonged to Joyboy.

World Government were seeking Human-Human for about 800 years. But they never succeeded in acquiring it. Gorosei in chapter 1044 stated that all Zoan Type have a will of their own. Besides this fruit carries the name of Sun God Nika. What powers and how Imu-sama become the leader of the World Government are still obscure. Imu-sama arguably knows many things about Joyboy. It also knows the danger Luffy possess after coming in contact with Shirahoshi.

During Oden Flashback, Sea Kings were waiting for their kings to arrive. With the confirmation of Luffy being Joyboy and Shirahoshi being Poseidon, these two are the ultimate enemies of Imu. Imu definitely wants Gorosei to eliminate both Luffy and Shirahoshi. Imu is the king of the empty throne and Gorosei was summoned to extinguish a light from the history of time. Five Elders asks Imu to share the name that needs to be eliminated. Luffy, Princess Shirahoshi, and Princess Vivi are more likely to be direct targets of the World Government.


CP0 was basically supposed to capture Nico Robin. But now they are ordered to eliminate Straw Hat Luffy. This proves why Luffy is a certain pirate and dangerous threat he poses to the World Government. The power of Nika is the key to the Void Century. Can’t wait for Wano Arc Climax and more importantly Gear 5 transformation. Till then Thank You Oda-sensei and…

To be continued

One question to you, Do you think Blackbeard knows about Nika? Comment👇


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