Sakata Gintoki: 7 Reasons Why He Is One of The Best Main Character

The Shiroyasha

Gintoki is the main protagonist of the Sci-Fi genre anime Gintama which is filled with intense Comedy and Emotions. He is one of the most notable and fascinating Shounen Main characters who is loved by all and hated by none.

There are many Shounen Main characters who are ambitious and compulsive to achieve their dreams. But Sakata Gintoki is completely distinct from them, yet he is deemed to be one of the best Main Characters, and here is why…..

7. Gintoki Never Cared About Money


Gintoki does desire to earn money but doesn’t care to work hard for it. To pay out his bills he started an Odd Jobs Agency named Yorozuya, a group of good-for-nothing people. Yorozuya could take up any job request to earn a penny. Sakata Gintoki being the boss of Yorozuya either spends most of his time snoozing on his couch reading the latest Jump Comics, drinking, and gambling. Due to his bad habits and unnatural behavior, Kagura and Shinpachi working for Odd Jobs always complained about their share in Money. In spite of not being paid properly, Kagura and Shinpachi always stayed by his side like a family.

Basically, every Shounen main character is careless when Money is the subject. We got infamous Naruto and Luffy, who could spend all their money on eating Ramen and Meat respectively. Gintoki spends it on gambling and Pachinko. And Shounen Anime proves that you can have a better life, even without caring about money. And of course, the reality is often disappointing, life is tough without money. But seeing these characters, one thing concludes that you have enough reasons to stay happy, and it doesn’t have to be money all the time. This is one main reason why I watch Anime and why you should start as well.

6. Badass Swordsman


Sakata Gintoki earned the title of Shiroyasha (a.k.a. White Demon) for a reason. During the great Joui War, the three Samurai who were feared the most were the Disciplines of Shouyou. He is super skilled in Sword Fighting, and he used a Wooden Katana to battle his opponents. With Wooden Katana, Gintoki has accomplished many feats by withstanding powerful foes. Since it is a Wooden Sword, it is not invincible, it has been broken 8 times throughout the series. 

Lake Toya is inscribed on his Wooden Katana, which describes the place he bought the sword while his class trip. The sword is created from a ten-thousand-year-old tree from another planet. Moreover it is embedded with Tana, the power source system in Gintama. The Sword is soo powerful that it can cut through almost anything. 

Being lazy all the time, Gintoki has been the opposite in a real fight. Gintoki is a complete badass in battle when he has to protect something that he holds precious in his life. In terms of Sword, Fight Gintoki had a heat-up battle with foes like Takasugi, Oboro, Utsuru, Kamui, Jiraiya, Housen & Jirochou. Based on these fights you would never guess Gintama is comedy anime 90% of the time.

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5. Super Chilled


Anime Main characters train hard to achieve their dream. Getting stronger and stronger is what they hope for the most. But as said earlier, Gintoki is built different. Gintoki is super chilled all the time and spends most of his time goofing around and reading Jump Comics. His perspective of life is super simple just do stuff you enjoy doing. Where people strive for Love and Dreams, Gintoki pursues Calcium. According to Gintoki, “If you have Calcium then everything will go well”. Strawberry Milk is the love of life to Gintoki, and he could never waste a single drop of it.

The Gintama author Hideaki Sorachi (aka Gorilla Sensei) has created an amazing cast of characters. Almost every Gintama characters are super chilled. There are very few characters who are ambitious and have a dream to achieve. The author speaks up when he was subjected to creating a loser-type character in Gintama who has no ambition in life. To which he had a perfect answer:

“I often hear that Gintama is very kind to losers. The thought that “a failure like me can still keep living when I read this manga.” But I didn’t intentionally draw losers. I’ve been told that it’s because I’m a loser too. Well, fine. But honestly, I think everyone’s a loser. The only difference is the skin we put on. Once you open the lid and look inside, everyone’s the same.” – Hideaki Sorachi.

4. Life Lessons By Sakata Gintoki

“The night is darkest just before the dawn, but keep your eyes open. If you avert your eyes from the dark you’ll be blind to the rays of a new day. So keep your eyes open, no matter how dark the night ahead might be”

Sakata Gintoki

There is more to the Gintama Anime than Comedy and Badass Fights. And that is Take Away Life lessons after every Arc. Gintama has been life-changing Anime to many fans. Every Arc concludes with a major motivation lesson for the losers. And most of such quotes have been delivered by the most mature character in the series. And that is non other than Sakata Gintoki himself. By keeping his bad habits aside, Gintoki is the most respected character. And fans enjoy his part of Gintoki the most. 

Tomokazu Sugita has done a terrific job voicing Gintoki. Whether it is comedy or a serious moment, the voice variation has been a perfect suit to the character like Gintoki.

3. Gintoki Has The Best Comic Timing


Gintama without any doubt is the best comedy Anime ever made. And it is all thanks to Yorosuya, Shinsengumi, Zura and Madao. Oh yes, I forgot “ZURA JANAI KATSURA DA”. Whether it is combating or serious moment, the duo Kagura-Gintoki has delivered perfect comic timing all the time. And it is impossible to choose any top 10 best comedy scenes from this series. Despite being one of the powerful characters, Gintoki is scared of Ghosts and just like Devil fruit users, he can’t swim.

Be it small or adult humor Gintoki has made us laugh hard. The Gintama has paid tribute to much popular Manga/Anime by recreating a parody of iconic characters. Hedoro is one of the toughest antagonists in the series, but instead of fighting him, Gintoki started playing with him. Apart from the Gintoki-Kagura duo, Gintoki has a good history with Katsura, Tsukuyo, Madao and Hijikata. There is no way possible to pick one best moment comic scene from Gintama. But I could try to commit this crime. Gintoki is very scared of Ghost and when left alone, he had to sing Doremon’s song to cheer himself up. And also the entire Excalibur Arc is unforgettable.

I will never forget Gintoki singing Doremon opening. NEVER.

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2. Overcoming Tragic Past


Corpse Eating Demon was the title given to Gintoki in his childhood. In order to survive the rotten world, he had to kill the samurai on the battlefield. He was a skilled Swordsman ever since his younger days. But things started to turn upside down ever since he meet Yoshida Shouyou. Gintoki obeys and respects his sensei the most. Katsura and Takasugi joins up Shouyou dojos as well. This was the very first family where Gintoki belonged to.  

Gintoki has been through a lot. After Yoshida Shouyou was kidnapped, his students had gone Berserk, and they joined the war. Unfortunately, they were defeated by Amanto. When it had come to protect his comrades, Gintoki had to behead his sensei with his own sword. And it was the only moment when we saw Gintoki with tears. Takasugi, who had a strong connection towards his sensei, could never forgive Gintoki. After their enemies left, the trio buried their sensei’s head and then went their separate ways, leaving the war

1. Protecting His Loved Ones


After his sensei death and the end of the war, protecting his loved ones became his life purpose. Yorozuya is his new family, a place where he truly belongs. Gintoki could never deny the request for help. As mentioned earlier, Gintoki bought himself to kill Yoshida Shouyou, so that Takasugi and Katsura could be safe. Gintoki tries to protect what Yoshida had tried to protect, on another hand Takasugi simply wanted to destroy everything. Gintoki is easygoing and takes his fight very calmly and in a Comedy way. But that isn’t the case when he is serious, Gintoki enters into White Demon mode when anyone hurts his valuable people. 

By protecting his loved ones, it is not just restricted to humans. His loved ones even include A Dog, A Robot, and A Sword. Sadaharu is a pet and also a member of Yorozuya. Gintoki may always joke about spending money on dog food. But he could always find a way to get food to Sadaharu. He indirectly has taken good care of Sadaharu. Tama is a Robot that works as a maid at Otose’s Snack House. And we have also seen Gintoki go all out in a battle to protect a Robot as well. 

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Whenever you have a terrific day go watch Gintama. The Gintama characters will never fail to make you happy. And it is not just Gintoki who is skilled in fighting and comedy. We have a bunch of badass weirdos like Hijikata, Zura(I mean Katsura), Kagura, Sogo, and many more. Among them, Kondo and Madao are different level freaks to look out for. 

Gintoki is sort of a role model to those people who have no ambition in life and yet manage to stay happy all the time. You might admire Luffy and Naruto, who consistently aims to achieve their dream. Just assume the worst case, what if you don’t achieve your dream. What then? Watch Gintama get your answer.

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Image Credits: Sunrise Studio [Gintama was adopted by Sunrise]