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Top 5 Battles From Roof piece aka RoofTop Arc

Roof Top has finally been concluded by Luffy defeating Kaido and Kozuki Momonosuke to be named Shogun Of Wano Kuni. But there are still many mysteries to be disclosed in Wano Arc. But before that let us appreciate Eiichiro Oda for giving us the best battle moments in the Roof Piece/ RootTop Arc.

One Piece Spoilers Alert

5. Sanji Vs Queen


What kind of Pirate does Pirate King want?

Queen, a second division commander of Beast Pirates, is a Technology freak. He is obsessed with the Scientific Technology inventions of Germa 66. Marco was initially battling both King and Queen, but it was about time for real stars to shine. Sanji takes on Queen by greeting him with Diable Jambe. Sanji being the third son of Vinsmoke Judge was the golden opportunity for the Queen to witness Germa 66 technology. Queen kept forcing Sanji to use his Raid Suit to transform into Stealth Black.

Sanji didn’t want to transform into that thing as it reminded him of his siblings and past. As a result, he faces many casualties and bone breakage. Despite all the fractures Sanji’s body was as hard as solid. Experiencing such hardness he feared that he might as well turn into a heartless being just like his siblings. Germa 66 performed experiments on human bodies by turning them into hard and emotionless men. Sanji didn’t want to become like that.

He breaks his Raid Suit and battles Queen seriously with some courage left in him.

4. Nico Robin vs Black Maria


Robin Proofs on why she is called “Demon Child”

A one-on-one female battle in One Piece is numbered less. But Roof Piece aka Rooftop increased the number by one. Nico Robin vs Black Maria by far is one of the best one-on-one female combat in One Piece Anime. Black Maria had her research done on the Straw Hat Pirates and she targets Black Leg Sanji. Sanji has a soft side towards ladies and he could never fight/kick a woman even if it means death. Being brutally tortured by Maria, Sanji cries for Robin’s help. Everyone was able to hear Sanji and his crew mates knew that his opponent is a Woman.

Brook tags along with Robin to protect her, as she was the only one who can read Poneglyph. Maria forces Robin many times to join Beast pirates and to leave behind the Weak Straw Hat crew. Maria further adds that Robin will be better protected under Kaidothan Luffy. But Robin refuses to leave Straw Hat Pirates. Maria shows no mercy and keeps attacking Robin with help of her Spider webs. Robin was called Devil Child her entire childhood. She awakens her “Devil Child” form and defeats Black Maria single-handedly without any help from Brook.

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3. Kidd and Law Vs Big Mom


Captain Kidd and Law destroy Big Mom

The battle of Yonkou vs Worst Generation has been a major highlight of Rooftop. Captain Kidd and Law take on one of the Yonkou Big Mom. This battle is the battle of strong devil fruits. Big Mom exhausts all the strength from Kid and Law. The only way for them to be victorious was their devil fruit awakening. The devil’s fruit awakening gave them the results they badly wanted. With their awakening of fruits, they finally were able to damage Big Mom’s body coated with Haki.

Big Mom is a Yonkou and she had to show Kid and Law what she was capable of. She uses the extent of Soul Soul fruit and captures all the Weak Souls from Beast Pirates. But this didn’t stop Kid and Law. Kid did most of the damage to the external body, whereas Law destroyed the internal organs of her body. Law’s awakening and his final move “Silence” cancels all the sound for his opponent within the targeted room range. Law tributes this technique in memory of the person he loved the most(Corazon). He warns Big Mom that their era is now over. And Kid uses “Damned Punk” on Big Mom again which sends her flying.

2. Zoro vs King


The King Of Hell appears

It was quite a disappointment for the Zoro fans to not witness ZKK i.e., Zoro Kills Kaido. But Oda-sensei never fails to amaze the audience. Zoro vs King was a pure battle to watch for in RoofTop Arc. Both Zoro and King are loyal vice-captains who will sacrifice their lives to protect their captain’s dream. King had the upper hand at the beginning of the battle. King belongs to the rare race named “nigh-extinct Lunarian Race” from the Red Line”. Zoro had to undergo shear force and strength to breakthrough King’s armor. He failed a few times until Enma’s powers went out of control.

Lord Of Underworld

Enma is one of the top graded swords that was wielded by Kozuki Oden. Zoro gets Enma in replacement of Shisui. Hiyori insists Zoro let go of Shisui because that sword is the Treasure of Wano. Enma was referred to as the “Lord of Underworld” also known as the God of Hell. In Japanese Mythology Enma is the God/Ruler of hell who judges right and wrong after a human dies and falls into hell. With the awakening of the sword, King stands no chance against Zoro. In order to become World’s Strongest Swordsman, Zoro is willing to take the path of hell and emerge as King of hell.

The dark truth about the King of the hell has to do something with the Lord Of Underworld Enma. During the LogueTown arc, we witnessed that swords choose their masters. So in that way was Enma waiting for Zoro to show up? The Wano arc is still incomplete. Some part of Zoro’s past has to be revealed, especially considering his last name is Shimotsuki.

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1. Luffy Vs Kaido


The Return of Joyboy

The main battle of the Roof Piece aka Roof Top has to be between Straw Hat Luffy and Beast Kaido. To begin with, Luffy was no match for Kaido. Luffy trains hard and improves his Armament Haki after his first defeat against Kaido. Not just once Kaido defeated Luffy thrice and nearly killed him on the fourth try. Many theories came into the picture talking about Luffy defeating Kaido, Gear 5 and all. But Oda-sensei is Mr.Unpredictable, as he did something unexpected again.

Throughout the Wano Arc, Oda-sensei hinted at many hidden uses of Gomu Gomu Fruit. It all started with Who’s-Who as he cursed Luffy to have eaten Gomu Gomu Fruit. Gomu-Gomu fruit’s actual name is Human Human Fruit model Nika. This fruit was protected by the World Government but Shanks stole it from them. All things were clear when Gorosei suddenly started to talk about the fruit and also Zunesha confirms the Return Of Joyboy.

Luffy Defeats Kaido: Roof Piece Concludes

Monkey D Luffy transforms into Gear 5 which gives him ridiculous freedom and strength. His devil fruit awakening turns the surroundings into Rubbery surface. Besides his appearance changes into White just like Zoan-type. Kaido had no clue what was going on, and how Luffy was still alive. Still, Kaido wanted to play around with Luffy, as he never felt this amused in a battle. But it was time for the reverse card, it was Luffy’s time to shine out.

Luffy expands his hand as much as an island and prepares to take down Kaido with his final move. Kaido didn’t flinch for a moment and he welcomes Luffy’s punch by awakening into a “Flaming Drum Dragon“. Oda sensei connects the final moment of Kaido vs Luffy to Chinese and Indian mythology. Luffy names his final attack “Bajrang Gun“. Bajrang aka Hanuman is a Hindu Mythology God who is popularly known for his courage, fearlessness, and devotion to Lord Ram. In Chinese Mythology, there is a story behind Monkey King and Monsterous Dragon. And Eiichiro Oda paid a perfect tribute by portraying Future Pirate King as Monkey King and Kaido as Monsterous Dragon.


This is PEAK FICTION, This is ONE PIECE. Roof Piece aka Roof Top has been finally been concluded. The Ninja-Mink-Samurai-Pirate alliances won the Onigashima war. Wano has reached its climax and major mysteries will be unveiled. Wano is the key to the next big thing in One Piece. To conclude Roof Piece is a Pinnacle of perfection. Till then have patience and…



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