rock paper and scissor

Rock Paper And Scissor

Rock Paper And Scissor In Python

You vs Kazuma. Kazuma has never lost in Rock, Paper, and Scissor. So, Can you defeat Kazuma?

To those who don’t know who Kazuma is? Kazuma is the main protagonist of Konosuba. Konosuba is one of the best comedy-based Isekai Anime. Isekai is an Anime genre where the main character is reborn or Teleported in another dimension/world. Most of Isekai is based on Fantasy and Adventure.

Now then, it’s time to play Rock, Paper, and Scissor against Kazuma.

How To Create Rock, Paper And Scissor In Python?

Relive your childhood days with the most popular game Rocks Papers and Scissors. This game needs no introduction and the rules are very simple. Rock is superior to Scissors but inferior to Paper. In the same way, Paper is superior to Rock but inferior to Scissors.

Next, let’s come to the coding part. It is a simple program. The main thing that matters here is how well you use if and elif statements. Try to defeat Kazuma, try out the game.

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import random

def play(rock_paper_scissor):
    while True:
        player_choice=input('Enter Rock/Paper/Scissors: ').capitalize()
        if player_choice not in rock_paper_scissor:
            return player_choice

def winner(player_choice,kazuma_choice,kazuma_score,player_score):
    if player_choice==kazuma_choice:
        print('Draw')   #the winner is rewarded by 2 points but on draw both player and kazuma gets 1 point
        print(f'Player Choice:{player_choice} || Kazuma Choice:{kazuma_choice}')
        print(f'Player score:{player_score} || Kazuma score:{kazuma_score}')
    elif (player_choice=='Rock' and kazuma_choice=='Paper') or (player_choice=='Paper' and kazuma_choice=='Scissor') or (player_choice=='Scissor' and kazuma_choice=='Rock'):
        print(f'Kazuma won')
        print(f'Player Choice:{player_choice} || kazuma Choice:{kazuma_choice}')
        print(f'Player score:{player_score} || kazuma score:{kazuma_score}')
    elif (player_choice=='Rock' and kazuma_choice=='Scissor') or (player_choice=='Scissor' and kazuma_choice=='Paper') or (player_choice=='Paper' and kazuma_choice=='Rock'):
        print(f'Player won')
        print(f'Player Choice:{player_choice} || kazuma Choice:{kazuma_choice}')
        print(f'Player score:{player_score} || kazuma score:{kazuma_score}')

def permission():
    ask=input('Are you ready?(Y/n)').lower()
    if ask.startswith('y'):
        return True
        return False

def play_again():
    again=input('Do you want to play again?(Y/n)').lower()
    if again.startswith('y'):
        return True
        print('Thank You for playing')

player=input('Enter Your Name:')
if permission():
    while play_again():
    print("Thank You for playing")
kazuma vs you

What is Konosuba Anime About?

Isekai Anime is loved by every weeb out there. Upon that Comedy, and Fantasy is a full package Anime. Konosuba is one such anime with cute characters and a related main character. Kazuma Sato, the main protagonist, a NEET, spent most of his time playing online video games rather than going to school. Kazuma Sato meets in an accident while buying a new video game. He died miserably and got reincarnated into a fantasy world.

Before entering the fantasy world, he was given a choice to choose a weapon of his choice. Aqua, a Goddess, asks him to choose a weapon of his choice. Our main character Kazuma chooses Aqua herself to accompany him to defeat The Devil King. Later he realizes that she is useless.

Kazuma Sato and Aqua enter the Fantasy world having a goal to eradicate the Devil King. We are talking about Isekai Anime here, which makes it obvious we are on an adventure. This duo takes on a quest to unlock new skills which might be useful to defeat The Devil King. If only it were that easy, we are talking Comedy based Anime here as well. The fun begins when two new members join Kazuma and Aqua. Megumin, an Arch Wizard, and Darkness, a Knight Crusader, join their party. Thus begins an amazing journey of this quartet.

Konosuba Season 2 and Movie was a good time, can’t wait for Konosuba Season 3 to come out.


You can play the Rock, Paper, and Scissor game vs Kazuma Sato of Konosuba, by clicking here. It’s an Online Python Compiler link, so it’s safe to open, you no need to worry about that. Since Kazuma has never lost in Rock, Paper, and Scissor, why don’t you try yourself and defeat him?

You can even create this game on your own, check the source code.

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