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Peak Fiction Anime: One Piece

One Piece Roof Top

The long-awaited One Piece episode is trending and hyped every fan for the rest of the Roof Top battles. One Piece is trying hard to bring back their old fans by scripting the fierce battle between Worst Generation and Yonkou. One Piece Episode 1015 is the adoption of One Piece Character 1000, so obviously, it had to be intense. People are about to witness why One Piece is a genuine Peak Fiction Anime.

What Makes One Piece Peak Fiction Anime?

A Solid Entry To Roof Top

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Roof Top is finally being animated and the hype is real. Whether you are Anime only or a Manga Reader everyone was inadequately waiting for Roof Top to be Animated. Megumi Ishitani, the Lead Animator, has done it again. She never fails when it comes to captivating storytelling through animation. Thanks to her, One Piece Episode 1000 was a grand success. Everything about One Piece 1015 was perfect, the Animation color switch to portray Roger and Luffy, The iconic walk of Luffy, Samurai’s Trust, Red Roc, and last but the least Luffy saying his usual dialogue.

Toei Animation and Megumi Ishitani have alerted the fans to get excited for Roof Top Fights. I want to keep this article spoiler-free, so I won’t mention the Roof Top battles. One Piece is already a Peak Fiction Anime. Not being biased or anything, we Manga Readers have witnessed how epic the Roof Top combats are. We were hyped for every single chapter. If still someone disagrees, then the end of Roof Top Arc will make them agree.

One Piece 1015 Review: Peak Fiction Anime Episode

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When it comes to Episode 1015 it was worth the wait. One Piece Anime had a long break for a month and fans had to wait for Roof Piece to get animated. 

One Piece 1015 first half of art is a pure masterpiece. The animation color used to describe the parallelism of Roger and Luffy is Top notched. Tears in eyes of Yamato explain how great Luffy and Roger’s fantasy is. We do have a small clue that the unuttered words may be related to freedom. But at one point of the story, Luffy does tell Rayleigh that Pirate King is the freest person in the sea and this was not muted. Apart from freedom, there might be one additional quote added to those words which Yamato could badly relate to. Yamato wants to set sail and live freely. She truly admires Luffy’s dream and waits for him as he is the one who has inherited Ace’s will. 

One Piece 1015 second half art is next level. The animation of the second half is a blessing. The way Luffy walks ignoring two Yonkou shows why he is the King. Luffy warns both Big Mom and Kaido, by knocking Kaido with Red Rocc. The way Red Roc was animated, fans will remember One Piece 1015 for a long time. Every time Luffy says “I will become Pirate King” gives a different vibe. I can’t believe there are still a few people who disagree with One Piece being Peak Fiction Anime. 

Straw Hat Luffy The Man Who Will Become The Pirate King

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The entire episode was dedicated to Straw Hat Luffy. The man who Roger and Oden waited for for 20 years. Oden believed a group of powerful pirates shouldering the burden of the New Era will advance into the new world. They will be the ones to take down Kaido and open Wano country. 

Oda doesn’t miss when it comes to his main character. What a nostalgic feeling to see how One Piece has progressed so quickly. From Episode 01 “Gonna be Pirate King” to Episode 1015 “Will Become Pirate King” we all grew up. Luffy in a very short time stands toe-to-toe with Yonkou which makes him the greatest protagonist of all time. Luffy has finally mastered the advanced Armament Haki Ryou that helped him knock the strongest creature Kaido. 


This is PEAK FICTION, This is ONE PIECE. Gear up because RoofTop has just begun. The battle of the beasts is on the way. Once RoofTop ends, Wano will reach its climax and major mysteries will be unveiled. Wano is the key to the next big thing in One Piece. To conclude One Piece Episode 1015 is a Pinnacle of perfection. Till then enjoy Roof Top and…



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