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Orange Anime

Well, where should I start? Orange anime has been a roller coaster ride. A simple theme-based slice of life anime, with blissful music and a strong friendship zone.

Naho Takamiya a 16-year-old high school girl receives a letter from herself 10 years into the future. She start feeling anxious after reading the letter, everything written in the letter was exactly correct. The letter stated everything she did that morning, for e.g., forgetting to set alarm and she was surprised to see when a new transfer student entered the class, just as written in the letter.

Kakeru Naruse, a new transfer student about whom the letter was about. Through the events written in the letter, Naho along with her friends tries to save Kakeru from committing suicide. Naho, Suwa, Hagita, Azusa, and Chino becomes friends with Kakeru in order to save him. along with Kakeru, they all write a letter to themselves, so that 10 years in the future from the present day, they could meet and read it out.

How amusing isn’t it? But Kakeru commits suicide before that and his friends couldn’t save him. When they meet 10 years in the future they realize what happens to Kakeru. Then they decide to send a letter to 10 years past in order to save his friend.

But how is this possible?🤔

Parallel World Paradox: Send A Letter To 10 Years In Past

Well, this website is based on Fusion of Coding and Anime, then how could I miss this chance. However, before proceeding, Is it really possible to send a message 10 years into the past in real life. In the Orange anime in certain episodes, the professor explains about Time Travel. Basically coined as “Parallel World Theory”, with multiple futures.

If you try to change your past, it simply creates a parallel world with a different future. You might have sent a letter to your past and changed your future according to it but to present you, it will absolutely have no influence. In simple terms, when you change the past, the past you now will have a different world. So there is no way to change the past in the world you presently live in. This is the Parallel World Paradox explained in Orange Anime.

Geez, that was a headache.

Python Datetime

Seeing Orange Anime, what message could you send to the past. Well, this definitely sounds stupid, but fun trying to write a program for it. You can alter the year, and receive a message 10 years back using the Python Datetime Module.

What are you waiting for, try it out by yourself:

Using the Python DateTime module, you can get the present date with time.

from datetime import datetime
import random

now =
#return date format mm/dd/yyyy
present_date = now.strftime("%x")        
#return time format time hr:min:seconds PM/AM
time = "{} {}".format(now.strftime('%X'),random.choice(['PM','AM']))

Since we are dealing with 10 years in the past, create a year variable and subtract with 0 for the present year and subtract with 10 to get 10 years from the past. Here is the complete code followed by comments:

# in orange anime a friends group send a later to themselves 10 years to the past
import time as t
from datetime import datetime
import random
def travel(year):
    #consider year=0 for present/current year
    #consider year=10 for 10 years past
    now =
    present_date = now.strftime("%x")        #return date format mm/dd/yyyy
    time = "{} {}".format(now.strftime('%X'),random.choice(['PM','AM'])) #return time format time hr:min:seconds PM/AM
    years_ahead = int(present_date[-2:])-year #subtract year on current year
    #e.g., current_year = 21, so subtracting year=0 will be 21 itself
    #e.g., 10 years past, so subtracting year=10 will be 11
    past_date = present_date[:-2]+(str(20)+str(years_ahead))
    return (past_date,time)

#input your message to send 10 years ahead of time
message = input("What message do you want to send to 10 years younger you? \n >")
present = travel(0) #year=0
print("Message sent on {} {}".format(present[0],present[1]))

for i in range(1,11):
    print(i,'years to the past')

print('New Message Received sent by Older you.............')

present = travel(10) #year=10
print('Message Received on {} {}'.format(present[0],present[1]))

How Orange Portrayed Depression

If you have watched Slice of Life-based Animes, you should have noticed that it mainly focuses on how lonely the character has been. Many Anime is very painful to watch seeing the trauma and stress the characters are going through. Shounen Anime characters have tragic pasts and whereas Slice Of Life characters are always loners for starters.

Why write Depression-based anime in the first place? Everyone likes to watch Fun based anime despite that we get much depression-based anime. The authors know their audience very well. There are tons of people who go through different traumas. Through Anime, authors try to connect with such people and try to solve their issues even without meeting physically.

Moreover in Orange, Kakeru despite having his friends around him was suffering from severe trauma. To be precise Kakeru was never open to them. Dwelling on past mistakes and wondering what could happen if done differently will always lead to misconfusion and stressful situations.

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One big mistake Kakeru committed in the Orange anime was to keep his problem to himself rather than burdening others with it. There is a quote, Sticking to the Past, can eat humans alive. He blamed himself for his mother’s death, these past memories haunted him forever. Upon that he refuses to smile assuming that it could hurt his mother as she might be watching him from somewhere. Kakeru enters into a mentality state where he only blames himself for whatever happens around him.

We don’t mean to force you to smile when you’re hurting yourself, but when you’re actually having a good time, it’s okay to smile.

Hiroto Suwa

Always be in touch with your close ones and let them know how you feel. Be open so that it makes the relationship stronger. Spend more time and try to understand them. In the end, Kakeru realized all the good memories he had with Naho, Suwa, and others. He thought about how could they feel when he die. He came to the realization that you can’t take friends for granted. A decent ending, that was predictable. After all power of friendship is never to be underestimated in Anime.


Though the storyline of Orange was not that amazing, in the end, it did deliver an important message. Try to be open with your friends, you will always find the solution. It’s never too late, so try to avoid worrying about past experiences. Now don’t get me wrong here, it is really difficult to avoid them, but at least you can stop being obsessive about it. In time, everything will be daijoubu.

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