one piece red in India

One Piece Red Release Date in India

One Piece Red in India

The most awaited One Piece film has greatly impacted the Box Office collection. With Shanks getting more screen time, Film Red becomes the highest-grossing movie in the One Piece Franchise. Indian fans can’t wait to watch One Piece Red in India. One good news for Indian fans is that One Piece Red is officially confirmed to hit theatres in the month of October.

Here are a few spoiler free reflections on One Piece Film Red:

Film Red becomes Highest Grossing Movie in One Piece Franchise

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One Piece is popularly known for its long-running sequence with crazy world-building. With both Anime and Manga being successful, One Piece is predominantly regarded to be the Peak Fiction Anime. One Piece Manga also set a Guinness World Record for the “Comic Book Series with the Most Copies Published by a Single Author”. Amongst the copies sold, 416,566,000 are sold in Japan with 100 million copies sold in areas outside of the origin country in 60 countries and regions overseas. One Piece surpassed Batman’s sales and becomes the second best-selling comic book in the World, only behind Superman.

In this journey, One Piece released many movies like One Piece Strong World, Film Z, Stampede, and Gold. One Piece Red successfully surpassed all the previous franchise movies. The main X-factor of One Piece Red is Red hair Shanks. Film Red required an adrenaline rush to target huge audience and Oda-sensei brought Shanks at the perfect time to hype the movie. In One Piece chapter 1054, Shanks arrives near the border of Wano and returns back after flexing his Conquerors Haki.

One Piece Film Red performed well on Day 1, as the movie made a descent collection of 1.06 billion Yen. In the total two days, One Piece Fim red collected more than 2.25 billion Yen worldwide.

Is One Piece Red Canon?

is one piece red canon?

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Shanks is one of the mysterious One Piece characters. One Piece Red gives a small glimpse about Shanks and subtle detail about his past on Roger Ship. Leakers have already leaked the information about the Red Hair Pirates, don’t worry this article is spoiler free and shall contain no spoilers. As of the One Piece 1029 Anime episode, we know that Uta is a musician of Red Hair Pirates and Shanks’s daughter. She is not biologically related to Shanks but rather Shanks and his crew find Uta inside a pirate ship. In the same episode, Uta and Red hair Pirates meet Luffy for the first time.

One Piece Film Red is a Canon movie, as most of the information is already confirmed. Red Hair Pirates crew stealing Gomu-Gomu Fruit from Marine Ship, Shanks 1B bounty 12 years ago. Since Film Red reveals some information about Shanks and also his crew mates it safe to say that One Piece Film Red is Canon. Speaking of Uta, is she a canon character? the answer to this is maybe. Some of the spoilers claim that Uta in the later part of the movie is said to be a canon character and actually has a real connection with Shanks and Luffy.

One Piece Red in India: Anime Movies in India

Let’s take Demon Slayer Mugen Train into the account. In the United States it had a box office collection of 44.9 million USD, and in India, it didn’t create a great level of buzz because Covid caused theatres to be half-filled. And the main problem was that it was released after a long time from its initial release everywhere else. But it sure did capture a lot of Indian audiences and many including me were glad to watch such an iconic movie in theatres. Further Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Movie had a huge collection of 5.6 crores INR in its first week in India.

One Piece Red in India is confirmed to hit theatres in the month of October. Two more months to avoid One Piece Red spoilers and then we are good to go. Alike Jujutsu Kaisen 0, One Piece Film Red will definitely have a good first-week box office collection in India.

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With Film Red officially confirmed, it is a good time to be an Anime Fan in India. Furthermore, we Indian fans will also look forward to seeing Makoto Shinkai’s new movie: Suzume no Tojimari. And we are confident enough that it will release in India after seeing all the craze of Anime in India.


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