One Piece Mysteries: 100 Mysteries fans can’t wait to witness

One Piece Mysteries – Part 1

A long-running Anime/Manga is still a place full of mysteries. Over the past two decades, One Piece has significantly progressed in terms of World Building and Power Scaling. Eiichiro Oda officially announced that he will draw all the mysteries of this world that he has hidden so far. A quick look into Eiichiro Oda’s message to fans on Final Saga:

“When I was a kid, I had this thought, ‘I wish I could draw a manga series in which the ending is the most exciting part! I wonder if I’ll be up to it!!!’

“Now, we’re almost done with the Wano Country arc, and all the preparation work is ready. It took me 25 years to reach this point, hahaha. But it’s still fine if you start reading from here…from now on, this will be ONE PIECE!

“I will draw all the mysteries left in this world that I have been hiding until now. It’s going to be really interesting.”

– Eiichiro Oda

Let us briefly look into the One Piece Mysteries that fans are about to witness in Final Saga.

Note: This is an unordered list and Part 1 of 100 One Piece Mysteries. I repeat again, this is a random list of One Piece Mysteries. 

1. What is One Piece?

One Piece is a great treasure left by Joy Boy at Laugh Tale Island. Less we know about this treasure for a fact we know that Roger began his journey after hearing Joy Boy’s story and when he arrived at the island seeing the treasure they all had a laugh. The only people who have seen the treasure are Gol D Roger and his crew. Roger named the final island Laugh Tale as the treasure was like a “Tale full of laughs”. The Void Century holds a lot of unknown secrets the truth about Joy Boy may be buried in it. The value of the treasure is unimaginably exclusive.

2. Where is Laugh Tale?

We so far thought that Laugh tale is at the end of the Grand Line but actually it’s not. We were introduced to Road Poneglyphs. There are 4 of these Road Poneglyphs. After deciphering these Poneglyphs it shows an intersection to an island, which might be where Laugh Tale is situated. We also have to consider Rio Poneglyphs. The point shown by Road Poneglyphs can either be Laugh Tale or another final puzzle clue left over for reaching the final island.

3. Luffy’s True Dream

luffy one piece
Luffy True Dream

Luffy’s dream of becoming the Pirate King is just the tip of the iceberg. The true motive of Luffy is still hidden. We saw that Ace and Sabo were expressing their dreams and so did Luffy but his words were muted. Further on Roger also expressed his dreams to Edward and Oden even though this part was muted. But both parties’ mates’ reaction was “amusing”, which shows that their true motive is quite really large and something which we as an audience are not ready for.

4. Will of D

serious and dumb luffy
Will of D

Thanks to Corazon we got to know that people with “D” are “Natural Enemy of God”. They are the ones who oppose the Celestial dragons and the World government. The Will of D is something that is not just passed through blood but through generations of fate. So far people with D seem to have a strong mindset towards achieving their goals and have a charismatic influence of a supreme. Roger was also called Gold Roger by the government so that his “D” be hidden from the public. After reaching the Laugh Tale Roger was able to understand the true meaning. At a point, Robin asked Rayleigh about the D and he vaguely brought up the Void century. We didn’t get the answer but the idea that it’s all covered under the sheets of Void century is certain.

5. Origin of Devil Fruit

law conquerors haki
Origin of Devil Fruit

Haki and Devil Fruits are supernatural powers in One Piece. To start with Devil Fruits, these are the rarest treasures in the sea, which on eating grants its eater supernatural abilities, and in return, the eater loses the ability to swim. Devil Fruits are available in three types: Zoan, Logia, and Paramecia. After the time-skip, we get more clues about Devil Fruits.  When a Devil Fruit user dies, their ability is reborn into another fruit of the same kind. Sabo was able to produce the same attacks as Ace. Zoan Type is said to possess its own will, i.e., they choose their own eaters. And this is what makes fans suspicious about the Devil Fruit’s origin.

6. Where is All Blue?

all blue sanji
Sanji dream to find All Blue

All Blue is a legendary sea that is said to have the world’s best foodstuffs. The real location of All Blue is not revealed yet. By far what we know about All Blue is that it is a paradise world for all the chefs. It’s a sea that any skilled cook would dream of visiting at least once. Fish from all over North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue can be found in All Blue. We know that Reverse Mountain does pull water from all four seas, which later coincide at the top. This might be one of the speculations. Red Leg Zeff also points out that it’s somewhere in Grandline, to witness from his own eyes Sanji set sail with Straw Hat Pirates to find All Blue.

7. Who is Joyboy?

chapter 1043 joyboy
Return of Joyboy

Joyboy was a mysterious character who is the real owner of One Piece and the one who took over the Void Century. He is one of the most important characters of One Piece. Based on the Poneglyphs we got to know that Joy Boy will return after 800+ years of Void Century. He was the one who tried to raise Noah at Fishman Island with the help of Poseidon. But failing to keep his promise he wrote an Apology and mentioned his return. When Luffy awakened his devil fruit Zunesha heard Luffy’s heartbeat and pointed out that Joy Boy has returned. During the journey of Roger and Oden through Fishman, they both heard the Sea Kings speaking that in a few years their King will be born who will guide Mermaid Princess to use her hidden powers.

8. The mysterious Voice of All Things

wano past
Voice of All Things

Voice of all things is a mysterious power possessed by extremely rare people. It’s even rare than Conquerors Haki. One who possesses this ability can communicate with animals, people or objects without any physical communication. They can hear the message roughly. In Sabaody Arc, Rayleigh confirms that Roger possesses the ability “Voice of All Things” that leads them to Laugh Tale. So far only 5 people seem to have obtained this power Gol D Roger, Kozuki Oden, Monkey D Luffy, Shirahoshi, and Kozuki Momonuske.

9. What Crime did Zunesha Commit?

We now got to know that Zunesha was an ally of Joy Boy. But we still don’t know what crime Zunesha committed. But there is speculation that Zunesha is one of the means to rise Pluto which is submerged under the Wano kingdom. Wano has closed its gate so that Pluton can be protected. The first appearance of Zunesha was quite dramatic, an animal carrying an entire Island on his back. Despite being soo strong, Zunesha has no free will. While Zou was under attack by Jack, Zunesha was waiting for orders from his master. For one moment when Zunesha opened his eyes and it looked similar to Mihawk, Gear 5 Luffy, Imu, and Cavendish(Hakuba). One interesting hint here was Momo could see through Zunesha’s eyes.

why is wano borders closed
Zunesha connection with Wano

Gear 5 Luffy and Cavendish’s personalities proved the theory of those eyes possessing dual personalities. It wouldn’t be surprising if Zunesha has a hidden personality, things will be cleared when his crime will be revealed. Zunesha is also capable of using Voice of All Things. Sea Kings and Zunesha are kind of similar, Sea Kings follow the order of Mermaid Princess and Zunesha follows the order of Wano Shogan. Zunesha is a key to something big that shall take place in Wano, might be in the Future when Momo decides to open Wano borders.

10. The secret behind Ancient Weapons?

The ancient weapons namely Poseidon, Uranus, and Pluton are the means for mass destruction. They are named after Mythology Gods for their godly power. “PLUTON” is just mentioned in the story but we never saw it. It’s a big battleship that brings lots of destruction. It was built during Void Century. It’s currently located somewhere under Wano and is probably the main reason why Wano has closed its borders. “Poseidon” is another name of Princess Shirohoshi, an ancient weapon herself. 800 years ago during Void Century there lived a Mermaid Princess bearing the same name. Poseidon holds the power to command over Sea Kings and use them to destroy the world. It’s acquired only by mermaids born in the Ryugu kingdom. Nothing so far has been known about Uranus except a mention of its name. We might find out soon about it.

11. 3 Rarest inhabitants in One Piece according to Big Mom

Big Mom’s Totto Land consists of all races living in harmony. After Big Mom meets King in Onigashima, she immediately invites him to join her crew and fill the gap of three missing races in her family. King is the sole survivor of the Lunarian Race, a descendant of Gods. Another inhabitant is the race of Giants. Giants loathe Big Mom with hatred because of the ruckus she created from her eating disorder and when she failed to accommodate them. And the third race is still a mystery. Some theory proclaims that Sky People or the Three-eyed tribe might be the missing race in Totto Land. The Three-eyed tribe is probably the only people that can read Poneglygh apart from Ohara. Pudding is the only Three-eyed character we have seen so far.

12. Who is Im?

one piece mysteries- Who is Im?

In One Piece there are only a few characters who know about Void Century and World History. Gorosei is one such group that is knowledgeable about World History. Imu is the commanding leader of Gorosei, in particular the World Government. By predicting Imu’s first appearance, the giant straw hat in that scene might have belonged to Joyboy. Imu is probably the final antagonist of One Piece anime.

During Oden Flashback, Sea Kings were waiting for their kings to arrive. With the confirmation of Luffy being Joyboy and Shirahoshi being Poseidon, these two are the ultimate enemies of Imu. Imu definitely wants Gorosei to eliminate both Luffy and Shirahoshi. Imu is the king of the empty throne and Gorosei was summoned to extinguish a light from the history of time. Five Elders asks Imu to share the name that needs to be eliminated. Luffy, Princess Shirahoshi, and Princess Vivi are more likely to be direct targets of the World Government

13. Joyboy’s Apology to Mermaid Princess

The Poneglyph found at Fishman Island was different than all other Poneglyph. This specific Poneglyph was an apology written by Joyboy to Mermaid Princess. It was an apology because he’d broken a promise to Fishman Island. The details haven’t been passed down. But someday, somebody will come and carry out the promise in Joyboy’s place. This is the legend passed down through the Royal Family for over 800 years.

14. Dragons Power

Monkey D Dragon the Word’s Worst Criminal also the father of our protagonist Monkey D Luffy. He is theorized to possess the power of Wind Wind Logia fruit. He also saved a lot of people at Grey Terminal using his Wind power when there was a massive fire. So this probably shows that he has the power of Wind. Through his prestige and the Will of D in his name, it’s easy to say that he would have enormous power. We saw Sabo turning out to be very potent and powerful and his trainer was no other than Dragon himself, whole world government and celestial dragons are afraid of him. This just gives more value to the fact of how powerful he could be.


15. Powers of Gorosei aka Five Elders

Little what we know about Gorosei is that this group is endeavoring to retain World Government’s existence secret for centuries. During Robin’s past, we learned that 800 years ago World Government was formed by vanquishing a certain race (maybe D Family). This certain race engraved text on hard stone(Poneglyph) in an attempt to deliver a message to the future. Gorosei fears their existence to be revealed to the world. Thus they value powerful soldiers that fight for them, and hence Marines formed. Gorosei ordered Marines to eradicate the entire Ohara village, a village of archaeologists. So that there shall exist no people that could decipher the Poneglyph.

Gorosei holds the power to command the entire Marine and World Government. With such commanding power, one must definitely possess the greater force of power. Gorosei aka Five Elders have lived a long life experiencing countless battles and the scars on their bodies speak of it.

Five Elders’ True Power

16. Mysterious Mariejois Treasure

one piece mystery luffy's devil fruit
MarieJois treasure

Doflamingo was born into a Celestrial Dragon Family. Later, his father, Saint Donquixote Homing, decided to resign from the group, Doflamingo also lost his status, although he never feared them and even blackmailed them at one point. Despite losing his status as a Celestrial Dragon, Doflamingo had command over CP0 and direct link to higher-ups inside World Government. All this is because of his knowledge on Treasure hidden within Holy Land Marie Jois. Doflamingo pursued to steal Op-Op Devil Fruit, using its amazing power abilities he could easily get his hands on the hidden treasure.

17. What happened to Void Century?

Void Century is the Mysterious Ancient Kingdom whose existence is completely unknown to the entire world besides Gorosei, Im, and Roger Pirates. There was one such village filled with scholars, who were genius at deciphering Poneglyhs. World Government who wanted to remain secret ordered Cipher Pol to destroy the entire village with a buster call. During that incident, one scholar requested to talk to Gorosei, and he briefs out everything that happened 800 years ago, the moment he was about to mention the Kingdom’s name he was shot dead. All the scholars including common people were annihilated in the buster call. World governments can go to any measures to keep their existence remain secret.

18. Promise Day: Purpose of Noah

Noah is well protected on Fishman Island. Generation of Royal Family believes in the legend of Joyboy. They are waiting for somebody who will fulfill the broken promise of Joyboy. On Promise day when that certain somebody will arrive, Noah will serve its purpose. Noah is a gigantic ship that can carry an entire island onto it and is believed to be a ship of Joyboy.

The true purpose of Noah is still unknown. But there is a theory that that ship is used to bring the Fishman citizens to the land. Madam Shirley had predicted that Fishman island will be destroyed, during this process Noah will be used to take all the citizens of Fishman island safely to the land. But for that Sea Monsters are the tool for Noah to move and they won’t act by themselves. Shirahoshi has to use her powers and order the Sea Kings to pull the ship to the sea.

19. God Valley Incident

God Valley incident occurred around 38 years ago from the current time in One Piece. According to Sengoku, Celestial Dragons were present at God Valley and they had a bunch of slaves there for some reason. Rocks D Xebec and his crew were planning to attack the World Nobles. Big names like Edward Newgate, Kaido, Linlin, and Shiki once used to travel in the same pirate crew. Undoubtedly Rocks pirates are the strongest crew in One Piece. To take down a Captain with such a powerful crew, Marine Hero Garp temporarily allies with Pirate King Roger. Xebec, Garp, and Roger all three of them belong to the D bloodline which makes this battle even more interesting.

But the question is what happened to God Valley after Xebec was defeated? God Valley Incident was hidden from history and its location was removed from the World Map. The World Government vanished the island without any trace. They always silence the incident that brings humiliation to them, and God Valley is one such incident.

20. Blackbeard

Marshal D Teach aka Blackbeard, the main antagonist of One Piece Anime shifted the tide of the complete One Piece storyline. Betraying Whitebeard Pirates, handing over Ace to the Marines, and assembling Impel Down Level 6 prisoners as crewmates. After he arrived at Impel Down, he proclaimed to exhibit a great show in Marine Ford that he truly did. Teach was flawless with his timings to arrive at Marine Ford. BB Pirates foresaw the show to the entire world by stealing the Devil Fruit of the Strongest Man in One Piece.

Blackbeard’s personality reveal will be one of the biggest reveals in One Piece’s history. Like Doflamingo, even Teach could have faced a crisis where he had to give up on his dream. The reason why he claims People’s Dreams Never End… is because this way he can try to overlook his past. Besides being a powerful character, Marshal D Teach has a “D” in his name. He is destined to learn about the Will Of D. To find his fate Teach chooses the path of Dominion over Freedom, opposite of Luffy. With the Jolly Roger, it is also rumored that Teach possesses Three Souls and he shall possibly be the first character to eat three Devil Fruits.

Blackbeard- What is he up to?


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