one piece chapter 1045

One Piece Chapter 1045

Luffy Gear 5: One Piece Chapter 1045 Spoilers

One thing which was majorly missing in One Piece lately has been solved in chapter 1045. The comedy and goofiness of Luffy are back in One Piece Chapter 1045.

Caution: One Piece Spoilers Alert⬇️

One Piece Chapter 1045 Review

Luffy Vs Kaido Funny Battle Moments

luffy vs kaido

The main battle of Wano Arc is reaching its climax. Luffy is at its peak using his last gear transformation. In the initial stage of the battle, Kaido was playing around with Luffy. But the Human-Human awakening has changed the mode of battle where Luffy is playing around with Kaido. Human-Human model Nika, a Mythical Zoan type is the true name of Luffy’s devil fruit. The name of this awakening is Gear 5/ Return of Joyboy.

In Dressrosa Doflamingo’s devil fruit awakening transformed his surroundings into Strings. The Awakening of Paramecia fruit affects its surroundings, even Luffy was able to make his surroundings rubbery. But Kaido could feel that this awakening is more like Zoan Type. While Luffy was bouncing on this rubbery surface. Kaido in his dragon form eats Luffy, once he enters Kaido’s body he uses Gomu Gomu Balloon. But here is what interesting happened. When Luffy used a Balloon, even Kaido’s body expanded and acted like Rubber.

Gear 5 Abilities And Powers

giant straw hat

Luffy’s appearance has changed, Yamato confirms that his hair and clothes are turned white in color. After escaping from Kaido, Luffy uses one new technique: Gomu Gomu no Giant. He turns into a Giant that looks like GOD, this explains the theory of Giant Straw Hat. The giant straw hat was displayed in Mariejois when Imu-sama was shown for the first time. This hat definitely belongs to Joyboy, the reincarnation of Luffy.

After battling Worst Generation, Nine Akazaya, Yamato, and Luffy, we see Kaido exhausted for the first time. Luffy awakening aka Gear 5 gives him unlimited strength by strengthening his rubber body. He took Kaido’s Blast breath head-on, and still wants to fight for the sake of Kinemon, Pedro, and everyone. 

“Death will treat us all the same, our bones alone are what remain.”

From Binks Sake

The major advantage of Luffy’s Gear 5 is that his body is coated with both Armament and Conqueror’s Haki. In addition, he can influence anything around him with his ability. He fights like he is enjoying full freedom. By the end of a chapter, he lands a fatal blow through Kaido’s head.

Luffy Being Serious And Silly In Combat

serious and dumb luffy

Many fans may be disappointed by seeing Luffy not being serious after the Devil’s fruit awakening. But are we forgetting who Luffy is? Luffy has always been like that. He started every combat by being dead serious to his opponents. And then suddenly comes up with silly attacks. So Luffy acting crazy after awakening is not what we witnessed for the first time.

Against Crocodile, Luffy was pissed after visiting Alabasta, a place with no rain and water. Mr0 aka Crocodile was the first Warlord of the Sea that Luffy defeated in battle. He came up with a technique named Water Luffy, a goofy attack to counter Crocodile’s devil fruit. Even with Enel, he wanted to take down the so-called God of Skypiea. To encounter his Mantra(Observation Haki), Luffy uses instinct to doge Enel’s attack. Luffy vs Cracker the entire fight again was on basics of Comedy where Luffy was serious with his attacks.

We were waiting for old Luffy and his goofy attacks and Oda came with the right chapter. Luffy’s Heartbeat sounds funny, Roger Laugh after finding One Piece. Moreover, both Roger and Luffy laugh after they talk about their dreams. The laugh in One Piece is hilarious and as well as a Big Mystery. Can’t wait for the new chapter to reveal the secret of the God Nika.


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