one piece chapter 1043

One Piece Chapter 1043

One Piece Chapter 1043 Review

The latest One Piece Chapter 1043 brings the biggest twist to the One Piece storyline. As the story advances One Piece is getting better and better and now we are very close to catching many One Piece mysteries to be unveiled. The new One Piece Chapter gives a hint on the most prominent hidden strength of Straw Hat Luffy.

Let’s dig deep into this chapter review.

Luffy vs Kaido

The heat-up battle of Onigashima has been interesting so far and soon it is leading to be even more intriguing. Kaido the strongest creature/beast has been unbeatable throughout the battle he fought. After facing a head-on battle with  Akazaya Nine, Worst Generation, and Yamato, he still is retaining a strong lead against Straw Hat Luffy. Luffy is at his limits by giving the last try to his Gear 4 transformation to defeat Kaido.

op chapter 1043

In previous chapter 1042, CP0 distracts Straw Hat Luffy. As the spin-off, Luffy had to take a tremendous blow from Kaido’s Bagua. Luffy is insentient and is assumed to be dead. Momonosuke and Law could sense the disappearance of Straw Hat’s voice. The beast pirates down the rooftop of Onigashima are filled with ecstasy on hearing the defeat of Straw Hat Luffy. Kaido demands samurai to surrender and hand over Momonosuke. Zunesha who is near the doorstep of Wano said something which has hyped every One Piece fan out there.

Return of Joyboy In One Piece Chapter 1043

The mysterious One Piece legend is going to make his debut soon. As we already know that Zunesha is closely approaching the land of Wano. Zunesha says it takes back time when it hears Drums of Liberation for the first time in 800 years. Zunesha is said to be a companion of Joyboy and it was able to recognize what the Drums of Liberation implied. The moment Zunesha says “He has returned” this marked the One Piece Chapter 1043 to be the greatest chapter in manga history. The “HE” who has returned is none other than Joyboy.

chapter 1043 joyboy

Joyboy is a mysterious One Piece character who is believed to exist 800 years ago. Additionally, the mysterious treasure One Piece was left behind by none other than Joyboy himself. For him to make an appearance shall explain the true dream of Straw Hat Luffy very soon.

Kaido has always been curious about knowing more about Joyboy. The beast tried to kill himself many times so that he can test his true awakening. Now we might easily predict why was Kaido trying to kill himself all this time. He desired to comprehend if there stood any chance to awaken Joyboy when one is on verge of death. On his first encounter with Luffy, after defeating Luffy he assumes Luffy may not be the one.

But Eiichiro Oda played the right card at perfect timing.

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Is Luffy the reincarnation of Joyboy?

Monkey D Luffy the main protagonist of One Piece has a dream to become Pirate King. The one said to have an inherited will. Kaido pushed Luffy way too much to his limits that Joyboy had to return. And there is a good reason for Joyboy to return as a reincarnate in the land of Wano. During the Zou arc, we were enlightened that Kozuki Clan is the clan that is said to engrave writing in form of Poneglyph. With Joyboy being the main reason for the creation of some Poneglyphs. Since Zunesha is arriving towards Wano Kuni, it reveals how important Wano is as a part of ancient history.

one piece chapter 1043

Devil Fruit Awakening

Besides, the Luffy devil fruit awakening has been a huge topic of discussion. The way his attacks are developed recently shows his fruit has more than just rubber abilities. If Joyboy/Nika is the true awakening of Luffy devil fruit then it links perfectly to Luffy being the chosen one. But understanding Luffy’s nature he shall not depend on such powers which are not his own. But when he is pushed to his limit and when there is good reason for him to protect something then using Joyboy/Nika power will be his last escort.

In the present scenario, there is good reason to awaken his devil fruit power as he needs to protect Wano from slavery. Kaido is one of the Yonkou and it is too soon for Luffy to defeat him in a 1vs1 battle. Kaido has already defeated Luffy thrice and now that Luffy has completely lost consciousness, Kaido’s theory of Joyboy’s awakening comes to be true. Joyboy/Nika being Luffy’s Gear 5 may be high chances. I can’t wait to see Kaido’s reaction when Luffy will bounce back again.


The way One Piece is leading right now, we might soon get to see Kaido’s backstory and why he is so much interested in Joyboy. Moreover, Wano is the key to the biggest mystery in ancient history. Zunesha crime, Joyboy’s return, Sun God Nika, Luffy’s awakening, and Zoro leading Samurai of Wano being a member of Shimotsuki Clan. The long-running One Piece arc is reaching its climax, we shall soon witness the true history of Wano Kuni and the danger it may possess to the World Government. Oda-sensei deserves huge respect for such an amazing chapter.

I know you may not read this but still Thank You, Eiichiro Oda, you are the GOAT.

To be continued


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