Naruto Best Quotes Using Python

Naruto? You’re lying if you don’t remember this name. Probably worse than scum if you haven’t watched Naruto being a weeb(Anime Fan). So fellow normie, Naruto is one of the legendary animes ever made, probably one among the Big Three of Anime. Thanks to Masashi Kishimoto, for his amazing contribution as a Naruto author.

The Naruto franchise has the best quotes in anime history.

But here is a catch

Have you ever heard a machine recite Naruto quotes? Check out this Python code where the system repeats Best Naruto quotes.

Best Naruto Quotes

Naruto anime has the best quotes in Anime History, and there is no denying it. Some characters successfully succeed with their powerful quotes such characters includes Naruto Uzumaki the main protagonist🍥, Sasuke Uchiha the side lead⚡, Kakashi Hatake the badass Copy Ninja😉, Itachi Uchiha literally God 🙇and most loved Pervy Sage Jiraiya❤️ and not to mention Madara Uchiha😈 the name itself holds great fear. Man, sometimes I feel like watching Naruto all over again(including fillers), some fillers were literally something.

Wait, How could I miss Might Guy and Lee in the above paragraph. If anyone has motivated us throughout anime, then it has to be this duo. Whenever I look at Lee, I feel like doing something. The Naruto author, Masashi Kishimoto did complete justice to Might Guy during the war, with no spoilers for new watchers and to those who are yet to start🤐.

Special mention to other characters who were not included in the code Shikaku, probably the best Dad in anime, Iruka Sensei the underrated character, Shiro, Asuma, this list won’t end so I better stop here.

Once you question your own belief, it’s over.

Naruto Uzumaki

Best Naruto Quotes Using Python

We always argue between sub or dub, but its obvious sub is whole out another level, voice actors literally nailing every bit out there. So have you ever wondered how a machine would sound if it reads out these quotes? Unfortunately, this code displayed below makes the machine read out the quotes in dub format.

You can follow up the code with the comments used in the program, you will find the source code at the end of this article.

Introduction to Tkinter

Tkinter is a Python library that helps you to create amazing GUI(Graphical user interface) applications. Using this you can create widgets like Labels, Buttons, Checkbuttons, Frames, Scroll Bar, Entry Box, Listbox, and many more.

You can even add images using Tkinter, if in case you need to resize the image, you can do it using Python Image Library (PIL).

Installation guide

sudo apt-get install python3-tk

pip install pillow

In this code, we have used Image as Buttons, and clicking these buttons makes the system speak quotes of chosen characters and a scroll bar is used to scroll over the entire application.

These images are resized using the PIL module.

How to convert Text to Speech

As mentioned before, in this code machine will be the one to speak the quote, unfortunately in Dub but Naruto quotes sound insane in Dub and I know you will agree to this. The Python library used here is pyttsx3 and this helps the machine speak up anything assigned to it. You can also change the voices between male and female and you can even set voice range frequency.

Installation guide

pip install pyttsx3

pyttsx3 has a simple syntax, Initially, you need to create the instance of the engine and then instruct the system to say what users want to convey, and at last, by using the runAndWait command you can invoke callbacks for engine notifications appropriately. Here is a e.g.,

#python text to speech

import pyttsx3 as tts
dialouge = tts.init() #to create instance
dialouge.say("Speak Up")
dialouge.runAndWait() #invoke callbacks

This is how the final results look after code execution:

Check this video for the output: Do subscribe for more.

You can’t control your laughter once the machine recites the quotes🤣😂 I will bring a new code with an original voice in the sub.


There is a quote “Your words cut deeper than blade”, modify it I say “Naruto Shippuden Quotes cut deeper than kunai”. This Python code is one small tribute to Naruto Best Quotes. In case you are not familiar with Python, click here for Python tutorials.

Want to try out the above code?
Download the Source code for Naruto Best Quotes using Python.

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