Mysterious One Piece Characters

8 Mysterious One Piece Characters To Look Out In One Piece Final Saga

One Piece Anime has a massive amount of side characters. Here are the Top 8 mysterious One Piece characters that deserve more screen time.

8. Blackbeard aka Marshal D Teach

blackbeard one piece

A Human with Three Souls

Marshal D Teach aka Blackbeard, the main antagonist of One Piece Anime shifted the tide of the complete One Piece storyline. Betraying Whitebeard Pirates, handing over Ace to the Marines, and assembling Impel Down Level 6 prisoners as crewmates. After he arrived at Impel Down, he proclaimed to exhibit a great show in Marine Ford that he truly did. Teach was flawless with his timings to arrive at Marine Ford. BB Pirates foresaw the show to the entire world by stealing the Devil Fruit of the Strongest Man in One Piece.

Blackbeard’s personality reveal will be one of the biggest reveals in One Piece history. Like Doflamingo, even Teach could have faced a crisis where he had to give up on his dream. The reason why he claims People’s Dreams Never End… is because this way he can try to overlook his past. Besides being a powerful character, Marshal D Teach has a “D” in his name. He is destined to learn about the Will Of D. To find his fate Teach chooses the path of Dominion over Freedom, opposite of Luffy. With the Jolly Roger, it is also rumored that Teach possesses Three Souls and he shall possibly be the first character to eat three Devil Fruits.

7. Gorosei: 5 Elders Mysterious One Piece Characters

mysterious one piece characters

The secret and mysterious five elders have been plotting all the strings behind the scenes of the World Government. Gorosei(Five Elders) are the ones who operate the World Government and few among those who know about Void Century. The truth about Void Century remains hidden from the world.

The Truth Of World Government Existence remains a secret

Little what we know about Gorosei is that this group is endeavoring to retain World Government’s existence secret for centuries. During Robin’s past, we learned that 800 years ago World Government was formed by vanquishing certain race(maybe D Family). This certain race engraved text on hard stone(Poneglyph) in an attempt to deliver a message to the future. Gorosei fears their existence to be revealed to the world. Thus they value powerful soldiers that fight for them, and hence Marines formed. Gorosei ordered Marines to eradicate the entire Ohara village, a village of archaeologists. So that there shall exist no people that could decipher the Poneglyph.

The worst news for Gorosei was that one archaeologist survived and more importantly that archaeologist joined the Pirate crew with its captain having D in his name. Poneglyph and Void Century holds the key to “Ancient Weapon” a major threat to World Government.

6. Shanks


Red Hair Shanks, this man needs no introduction. But still, I shall give one. The captain of the most balanced Pirate crew in One Piece and arguably one of the strongest Conquerors Haki users is the man who we are eagerly waiting to make a move. Shanks has been a huge mystery ever since he meets Gorosei in person at reverie. Shanks appears at Marineford to stop the war and Sengoku readily accepted his wish just because it was “Red Hair Shanks”. Some people and theories acknowledge Shanks to be a Celestrial Dragon. And this may turn out to be true.

What is Shanks up to?

Shanks is someone who doesn’t pick up a fight unnecessarily. He is exceedingly serious when someone hurts his close ones. In the last two decades, the only information we have on Shanks is that he is trying to maintain balance in the world. Shanks predicts the upcoming danger well in advance and alerts associated people to not overlook events in front of them. He clashes with Whitebeard in a negotiation to stop Ace from confronting Blackbeard. Later he also meets Gorosei to not underestimate this certain Pirate as he may soon bring chaos to the world.

Whether Shanks is a foe or a friend is crucial to tell. Since there are multiple theories that hold valuable significance in both statements. And we have to know Oda sensei was a long time now, he always comes up with something unexpected. We are in the Final Saga and we shall soon discover who exactly Shanks is and what he is up to.

5. Rocks D Xebec

mysterious one piece characters_rocks

Is Rocks D Xebec’s soul alive?

Rocks D Xebec is arguably one of the strongest One Piece characters and the captain of the mightiest crew. Rocks D Xebec has been mentioned a lot after Blackbeard acquired Yami Yami No Mi. The Emperors of the sea Edward Newgate, Kaido, and Big Mom were all once a part of the same crew under the wing of Xebec. Xebec’s true goal was to conquer the entire world and be known as King of the World. To achieve this goal he had to bring down World Nobels and Imu/World Government.

With a motive to become King of the World, Rocks Pirates attack several World Nobles and their slaves on the island God Valley. Monkey D Garp gains the title “Hero of Marines”, as he brutally defeats the Rocks Pirates. Moreover, Garp tags with Pirate King Gol D Roger to defeat Rocks D Xebec. Every fan would die to see the battle of three powerful D characters. Just imagine how strong could a guy be when it took Strongest Marine to team up with a Pirate King.

The legendary incident that happened 38 years ago in God Valley is still a mystery, as the island named God Valley was removed from the One Piece world map.

4. Dr. Vegapunk


Where is Vegapunk and what is he up to?

The genius scientific mind behind various inventions. Vegapunk operated numerous experiments to strengthen the World Government defense. He is also the first Scientist to create an artificial devil fruit that grants the powers just like an ordinary Devil Fruit, but he failed in this experiment. Later he started working on developing a Humanoid aka Cyborgs to strengthen World Government defense. He successfully accomplished this feat by negotiating a deal with Kuma. Kuma despite being a Revolutionary spy allows himself to be a part of Vegapunk’s humanoid experiment.

During 3D2Y, Franky was sent to Vegapunk’s hidden lab. Kuma knew exactly where Franky could utilize the best opportunity. It was during this time, we discover the outrageous experiments Vegapunk was involved in. In One Piece traveling across Redline is considered dangerous, as one might encounter Sea Kings. It was Vegapunk who discovered a technique to coat Marines Ship bases with Sea stone. Sea stone is the weakness of Sea Kings and Devil Fruit eaters.

3. Monkey D Dragon


What made Dragon go against Celestial Dragons?

The leader of the Revolutionary and the Most Wanted Criminal Monkey D Dragon is the biological father of the main protagonist. A Revolutionary is an organization that opposes World Nobels and their morals of living. By analyzing Logue Town and Gray Terminal situation, Monkey D Dragon may possess a Wind-Wind Devil Fruit. Moreover, during Marineford War, Garp mentioned Luffy inheriting Conquerors Haki this points out that Dragon has all three types of Haki. The name Dragon is feared all over the One Piece World, the name everyone has heard at least once. Dragon first appears in 100th One Piece Chapter, with a large hoodie and he saves Luffy twice in the same arc.

We have no idea who Luffy’s mom is, and Luffy’s mother may be the reason why Dragon leaves his hometown and become a Revolutionary. Unlike Luffy and Garp, Dragon seems to be a serious person and he may have listened to Garp and could have become a Marine Admiral. With this position, Dragon learned on how the World Government works from the inside, and it is highly possible that Dragon may have discovered about Imu.

During the Goa Kingdom incident, we see Dragon so frustrated with what a World Nobel did to their own child (Sabo). Dragon takes Sabo and trains him to become the 2nd commander of the Revolutionary Army. After the Reverie incident highlighting Sabo, we may soon get to see Dragon in action.

2. Imu-sama

mysterious one piece characters imu

Who is Imu-sama?

In One Piece there are only a few characters who know about Void Century and the World History. Gorosei is one such group that is knowledgeable about World History. Imu-sama is the commanding leader of Gorosei, in particular the World Government. By predicting Imu’s first appearance, the giant straw hat in that scene might have belonged to Joyboy. Imu is probably the final antagonist of One Piece anime.

During Oden Flashback, Sea Kings were waiting for their kings to arrive. With the confirmation of Luffy being Joyboy and Shirahoshi being Poseidon, these two are the ultimate enemies of Imu. Imu definitely wants Gorosei to eliminate both Luffy and Shirahoshi. Imu is the king of the empty throne and Gorosei were summoned to extinguish a light from the history of time. Five Elders asks Imu to share the name that needs to be eliminated. Luffy, Princess Shirahoshi, and Princess Vivi are more likely to be direct targets of the World Government.

1. Joyboy

mysterious one piece characters joyboy

Return of Joyboy

One of the most mysterious One Piece characters is none other than Joyboy. The man who left One Piece behind and was indirectly responsible for initiating the Great Pirate Era. Joyboy is a legendary figure that lived 800 years ago in a kingdom popularly known as Void Century. Joyboy’s name was mentioned on many Poneglyph and one such Poneglyph on Fishman Island was an apology message to Mermaid Princess. Joyboy makes a promise to the princess to unite the Fishmen with Humans. The outcome of this promise will eventually fulfill Jimbei’s dream. Noah’s main purpose is to help the Fishmen sail on the land surface. Joyboy was not able to fulfill this promise and he was waiting for Luffy to be born. Luffy is the light who shall destroy Fishman Island with help of Poseidon aka Shirohoshi and will set sail with the entire Fishmen.

Zunesha, aka Zou, confirmed the Return of Joyboy. With Zunesha approaching close to Wano Kuni hears the Drum of Liberation indicating the Return of Joyboy. With this, it is confirmed that the Joyboy’s will resides within Gomu-Gomu Fruit now known as Human Human Fruit Nika Model. The World Government was constantly in pursuit to get their hands on this legendary fruit but Shanks steals it and gives it to Luffy. It is said that Zoan devil fruit has its own will and it waited 20 years of the true King to be born.

Conclusion: 8 Mysterious One Piece Characters

Sit tight and get ready for the Final Saga, because Oda sensei is all set to blow our minds. Can’t wait to see the Mysterious One Piece Characters into action. Well, there are two more to add to the list of Mysterious One Piece characters, and these two are Dracule Mihawk and Zunesha.

Before you jump somewhere else, here is Eiichiro Oda’s message to fans to kickstart with Final Saga:

“When I was a kid I thought to myself: man I would love to draw a Manga with the most hyped final stage! I wonder if I am up to it. Now, we have only a tiny bit of Wano arc left, the preparations are almost done. Took me 25 years lol. That said it’s fine if you start reading from this point on, because from this point on… it’ll be… the ONE PIECE!! The mysteries of the world, I will draw all of them!! It’ll be super interesting. Fasten your seatbelt! And please stay with me for a bit longer.”

– Eiichiro Oda(One Piece Creator and Foreshadowing God)

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