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Mushishi Anime: 7 Reasons To Watch Mushishi

Mushishi Anime Review

Mushishi is an Anime quite unlike any other, the plot seems like a storybook teaching the importance of nature, deities, and living creatures. A constantly moving adventurous Anime, focusing on the cure of the living creature Mushi. Their existence and arrival are obscure to many and only a limited number of humans are aware of them. Ginko is a “Mushi-shi (Mushi Master)” who travels around to research and discover more about the “Mushi”. In his journey, he also lends a helping hand to cure people who are affected by Mushi.

7. Mushishi has limited Side Characters


Throughout Anime, you will rarely find any repeated characters. Ginko the main protagonist of Mushishi is the only character who appears in every episode. Each episode is the journey to a new village a course to discover new Mushi. Ginko never allows himself to settle too long in a particular village. Being a Mushi master he has an aura to attract Mushi around him, which can cause trouble for people living there. Ginko understands the importance of observation, he remains calm while he discovers a new Mushi. He knows very well when he needs to target the Mushi and heal people affected with it. Ginko not only heals them but also educates them about the existence of that certain Mushi.

Besides Ginko, Adashino is the only character who is been cast in considerable episodes. Adashino is the doctor of a seaside village who Ginko visits occasionally to sell Mushi-related items because his hobby is collecting such items. At first, it seems very odd of having no side characters in the Anime. But Mushishi did pretty well by just using Ginko and random villagers.

6. Calm Music and SoundTracks

mushishi soundtracks
Mushishi Soundtracks

In a world of peace and love, Music would be a universal language. The calm composed tales of Mushishi are incomplete without a blissful soundtrack. Mushishi delivered the perfect music that fits its story. The soundtrack is composed by Toshio Masuda, who is famously known to compose soul-touching music. His masterpiece includes Sadness and Sorrow(Naruto), Hinata vs Neji Theme(Naruto), Mushishi Zoku Shou, and many more. The best part of Mushishi is the way it uses sound to assist its storytelling. In most of the episodes, when Ginko is traveling you will hear no music but low sound describing the atmosphere. The background visuals will make you feel teleported to Mushishi world at times of snowfall, rain, and Sakura no Hana, which is so relaxing to watch.

5. Realistic Narrative Style

Mushishi has a realistic narration style. Major traits of Mushishi are: Slow paced, Simple Animation style, Lofi soundtracks, and beautiful visuals. None of the characters are portrayed as good or bad guys, just normal people trying to live their simple lives in peace. Mushishi storytelling is more like a flow, where things happen just like it happens in normal day-to-day life. Further teaching the importance of how to live the lives given to us.

Another realistic example of the series is the main character itself. Ginko is not perfect. He may be late sometimes in curing the Mushi and may be wrong in some places. Not every episode ends with the positive outcome. Some of the episodes might turn out to have happy ending, while most of them end with heartwarming moments. If the person is afflicted with Mushi for a long time, they end up dead causing Ginko to be helpless. He accepts the reality and moves on. In many cases Ginko takes good care of his patients, he re-visits their village for regular checkups and medicine supplies. This allows Mushishi to be unpredictable and unique.

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4. Concept of Mushi- One of the Best Storytelling Anime

mushi kouki
Kouki, the Sake of light

“They are kept at a distance… Coarse and mysterious… They seem to be completely different, from the flora and fauna that are familiar to us. This group of strange-looking creatures… has inflicted fear on humans since long past, and have come to be called Mushi. ” Mushi is picturized as the essence of life, at its most basic its most pure. Not all people can see them, but if they do they become Mushi master and tries to learn more about them.

Mushi are available in multiple forms. They can be found in any form of nature, residing within oceans, hidden in mist, mountains, non-living objects, and so on. For all the harm Mushi inflicts on the world of humans, we see just as much pain flowing in reverse. Every story introduces us to a new Mushi, and storytelling about the Mushi’s behavior is what makes this Anime very special. One of the best Mushi concepts in the series is Kouki, the sake of light. Kouki is a living entity, it normally dwells deep in the darkness and forms an enormous stream of light. If one can manipulate it, then that person can use it for immortality and resuscitation. In other words, it’s the water of life.

3. Mushishi: Perfect “Iyashikei” Anime

best relaxing anime mushishi
Best Relaxing Anime to watch

Iyasikei in Japanese means Healing and this genre refers to those anime that are designed to ease your dreadful day. Every Anime Fan loves Slice of life anime and could binge it in a day. Iyashikei is a subpart of Slice of life and is regarded as the best relaxing anime genre. The deciding factors for an Iyashikei Anime are Peaceful Music, Calm background drawings/visuals, Smooth storytelling, composed Adventure, and uniqueness. Mushishi has it all, and to be precise, it is much better than any other Iyashikei Anime.

While one might enjoy Mushishi, there are people who might find it boring. Mushishi is slow-paced Anime, and people who are addicted to Action and Mystery may find it boring. The perfect time to watch this series is when you are feeling low or stressed. No matter what type of series you are addicted to, Mushishi is a remedy for troublesome days.

2. Unique Slice of Life Anime

mushishi review

The eye-catching part of the journey is the method to cure the Mushi, you will never see a similar thing repeated. Mushishi is a tale of loss and hope, man’s foolishness versus the cruelty of nature. It narrates stories of how best to live the lives given to us. Mushishi could have easily been perceived as sad, a collection full of adventures of tragedy. Each story leads to a different perspective on life, nature, and living creatures. After the end of the sad episode, it never makes its audience unsettled but rather leaves us wistfully thoughtful.

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1. Amazing Adventure Vibes

mushishi best adventure anime
Mushishi is one of the best adventure Anime

One of the things Mushishi excels at is being able to demonstrate atmosphere through its adventure as well as immersing the audience into that atmosphere. Mushishi’s narration is like poetry in motion. The adventure of Mushishi is soo realistic and it feels like you are traveling alongside Ginko. And as you continue to travel with Ginko the wonderful ride to the journey to the unknown. The music and sound effects make the adventure much more composed.


Anyone looking for Adventure, Slice of Life, and Iyashikei genre-based recommendations should add Mushishi in their watchlist. Mushishi is one such Anime you should not binge in a day, instead watch two-three per day as a distraction from your daily events. For 100% sure this Anime will cure your depressing and stressful day just like Ginko cures Mushi.

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