luffy loses an eye

Luffy loses an eye: Mysterious Eyepatch Character In One Piece

One Piece 1050: Straw Hat Luffy loses an eye

One Piece Chapter 1049 has confirmed that Luffy loses an eye. With Kaido vs Luffy battle being ended both dealt with considerable wounds. As always Luffy yells for food and party after his heroic victory. Samurais of Wano Kuni are overwhelmed with Kaido’s defeat. Let’s look back to 2007 when Oda sensei revealed a panel with an Eye patch Luffy design. But before that let us appreciate Oda Sensei for his amazing work behind Luffy’s gutsy victory.

Kaido Vs Luffy: The Conclusion


Ever since Roof Top began, all the battles have been worth the hype. A few months ago it was impossible to predict on how Luffy could defeat Kaido but Oda sensei had answers for everything prior. The truth behind Luffy’s devil fruit is the next big thing in One Piece. Moreover, the reason behind Joyboy’s return is still a mystery but we shall soon get to know the true cause. As we know that Zunesha is approaching close to Wano, many untold stories will be revealed.

Luffy vs Kaido fight was dragged throughout the Wano arc. In the conclusive moment of the battle, Luffy trusts Momo to hold Onigashima. Luffy then prepares his final move to take down Kaido. Kaido didn’t flinch for a moment and he welcomes Luffy’s punch by awakening into a “Flaming Drum Dragon“. Oda sensei connects the final moment of Kaido vs Luffy to Chinese and Indian mythology. Luffy names his final attack “Bajrang Gun“. Bajrang aka Hanuman is a Hindu Mythology God who is popularly known for his courage, fearlessness, and devotion to Lord Ram. In Chinese Mythology, there is a story behind Monkey King and Monsterous Dragon. And Eiichiro Oda paid a perfect tribute by portraying Future Pirate King as Monkey King and Kaido as Monsterous Dragon.

Luffy Finally Defeats Kaido

Kaido asks Straw hat “What kind of world do you wish to make?” To which Luffy replies “A world where his friends can eat as much as they like”. And during this scene we see Luffy’s left eye closed. This indicates that Eyepatch Pirate is about to make his entry. And it is none other than Monkey D Luffy, the rookie who shall bring the world to his knees.

Eyepatch Pirate in One Piece

luffy loses an eye

In 2007, Oda sensei shared a panel with Eyepatch Luffy design. Oda said he is etching to introduce an eyepatch pirate in the final moments of One Piece. Wano arc ending is around its corner, and a few untold mysteries will be disclosed soon. History of Wano Kuni, Return of Joyboy, Zunesha’s crime, New Strawhat member, Zoro’s past, and Momo opening Wano fans can’t wait to see what’s next. One Piece Manga might get over in the coming 3-4 years. With the new appearance of Luffy as an Eyepatch Pirate, the story will pace up drastically.

One Piece has no eyepatch pirate throughout the storyline. The appearance of Luffy as an eyepatch will add naturalistic meaning to being a powerful pirate. In the real pirate Era, pirates wore eye patches so that they could fight in the dark.

Why Pirate Wear Eyepatch?

“It takes an average human eye about 25 minutes to fully adapt from bright sunlight to see in complete darkness if a pirate was fighting on deck in the sunlight, then had to continue the fight under the deck where it is usually pretty dark, it could take too long for their eyes to adjust and for the pirate to be able to see.  The eye patch could be used to prepare one eye to see in the dark, so when they would go below deck they could swap the eye patch from one eye to the other and see with the eye that has already adjusted to low light conditions. This would allow them to instantly see in the dark.” Source: []

Is One Piece end near?

eyepatch pirate in one piece

My mind can’t stay calm with One Piece theories.  As I mentioned earlier “Pirates wear eyepatch so that they could fight in the Darkness”. With darkness, I can only think of Blackbeard. We have never witnessed a One Piece battle that is fought in the dark, Is Eyepatch Luffy the hint for the future war? Well, it may be possible, Oda sensei is unpredictable, all we can do is assume things.

If you notice closely the left eye has been a great mystery in One Piece Anime. Luffy loses an eye(left), Zoro’s left eye, Sabo’s face mark, Shanks scar, and Jaya’s island map has a missing left eye. Oda pointing out eyepatch and left eye shows only one thing Straw Hat Pirates are close to One Piece.

Speaking about the future path of Straw Hats, they might learn about the Void Century and the Past of Wano Kuni through Zunesha. And the second possible outcome might be Reverie Conflict. There are many theories that tell what can be the next challenge for Straw Hat Pirates. Here is my take: Straw Hat will set sail to know what happened to Sabo and in midway, they shall encounter Red Hair Pirates. Whether Shanks is friend or foe, can’t wait to see what Oda sensei is up to next.

It is difficult to answer when and how will One Piece end, but one thing is for sure, One Piece is at the next level now. Till then as always…


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