Google Vs Anime Voice

Anime Voice Actors vs Google Voice Machine

For instance, let’s keep aside the battle between Sub and Dub. Besides, there is no need for the battle between Sub vs Dub, as we all know Sub is the next level. In addition, let’s have a showdown between Google Voice Machine vs Anime Voice Actors.

We will be creating a Python GUI Application. In this application, we will be taking 10 such dialogues with Anime Voice Actors and battle them with Google Voice Machine.

Before getting started, install the required libraries.

pip install gTTS
pip install playsound
pip install pygame
sudo install python-tk

Google Voice Actors vs Anime Voice Actors

Since we will be dealing with dialogues, the most preferred library is Pygame. On triggering the button, the dialogue will be played. On triggering the button? Yes, it is a GUI application. With help of Python Tkinter create the application with 10 labels for 10 dialogues. As we have 10 dialogues, we will require 20 buttons.

Why 20? Simple, two buttons for each dialogue one for Anime and the other for Google. For generating the dialogues of Anime Voice Actors, you will need to download it. I have got your back, I have already taken the Music and edited it. You can download it here.

Now that we have the dialogues downloaded, use Pygame to play the sound by clicking the button. You can check out this article for the syntax of Playing Music using Pygame. Moving on, one part is done.

The other part is handling Google Voice Machine. We have a Google text to speech library gTTS, that converts Text to Speech. Moreover, we will type the text in English but the Speech will be in Japanese, how cool is that. Source Code:

import tkinter as tk
from gtts import gTTS
import pygame,os
from PIL import Image,ImageTk
import playsound
from tkinter import messagebox

def speak(dialog):
    google_dia = gTTS(text=dialog, lang='ja', slow=False)'{}.mp3'.format(dialog))  ##  save audio

def character_dialog(char):
    except pygame.error as e:
        messagebox.showerror(e,"Change the folder path")

def googleVA(name):

def animeVA(name):

def main():
    root = tk.Tk()
    root.title("GoogleVA Vs AnimeVA")

    canvas= tk.Canvas(root,bg="#00ffff"),y=-1,width=650,height=330)
    canvas1= tk.Canvas(root,bg="#ff66ff"),y=330,width=650,height=350)

    famous_dialouge = ['Baka','Yowai_mo','Tatakae','Ara_ara','Ganbare_Ganbare','Nani','OKawaii_Koto','Kamona','Yamate_Kudasai','Chotto_matte']

    for i,dia in enumerate(famous_dialouge,1):
        dialouge_label = tk.Label(text="{}.{}".format(i,dia.replace('_',' ')),font=("arial",14,"bold"),bg="black",fg="white").place(x=30,y=(51+i)*i)
        g = tk.Button(root, text="Google VA{}".format(i),bd=4,command= lambda i = dia:googleVA(i.lower())),y=(50+i)*i)

        a = tk.Button(root, text="Anime VA{}".format(i),bd=4,command= lambda i = dia:animeVA(i.lower())),y=(50+i)*i)


if __name__ == '__main__':

Anime Voice Actors

The code is done, but this part is the appreciation part for the Anime Voice Actors. We always get so much attracted to our favorite Anime characters. But we hardly remember their names. Voice Actors deserve equal appreciation and love with that of characters. The variation in voices, expressing emotions, hilarious laughs, Anime voice actors are skilled and God-tier in these situations.

Not to forget most of the Main Male characters’ voice actors are female. The characters Goku, Luffy, Naruto, Gon, Killua, Edward, and Alphonse Elric(Elric brothers), all have female voice actors.

Every Anime voice actor has voiced many characters. In some cases, it is easy to identify the voice. Most of the time, it is so difficult to spot the voice of the same voice actors in different characters. This is why they are God Tier and deserve the appreciation they get.


No matter how many languages have the Dub version of Anime, the Sub will always stand out. Only in very rare cases, Dub is worth watching, e.g., Uchiha Clans quotes. Keeping all this sub and dub aside, Love anime and respect Creators, Animators, and Voice Actors be it Sub or Dub. Let’s appreciate their hard work in giving us amazing Anime.

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