QrCode Using Python: Create a Weeb Profile

QrCode Using Python

Do you watch Anime? If yes, Then you are a weeb. Every weeb have their own favorite anime, manga characters whom they think very highly of. 

Do you want to get a QR Code for your Weeb Profile which is based on your favorites?

Here is how you can do it by yourself. 

QRCode of your Weeb Profile

QRCode is a two-dimensional version of the barcode, typically made up of black and white pixel patterns. Using QRCode you can store any information within it. With help of this technology, you can create your weeb profile data into a QR Code. The data which QR Code will contain is your name, country, favorite anime, manga, characters, waifu, favorite anime movie, and voice actors who entertained you the most.

The most difficult task is to choose just one of your favorites. It is easy to choose your top anime and manga but what confuses you the most is your favorite main character, side character, and female lead character.

The most important MVP when it comes to anime is the voice actors. Do you know the name of the voice actors for your favorite characters? You should know their names. Once you enter all this information you can now make a QRCode.

How to generate QR code using Python

You can now use Python and generate a QRCode to create a Weeb profile. Creating QR Code is quite simple, you just need to install the python QRcode library that is, Open terminal/CWD, and install this module.

pip install qrcode

Python QRcode module is a python library that generates QRcode. The module automates most of the building process for creating QR codes.

import qrcode

You should see a newly generated QR code saved locally in “.png” image format.

How to create GUI application using Tkinter

Now that you know how to generate a QR code, implement it using a GUI application. You can check the previous GUI application for the installation and documentation for Tkinter. Since you need user input you need to create the application, Tkinter provides an Entry box widget for such occasions.

Create an empty entry box for each label used in the profile. You can use the set() function for any default value for the entry box. Once you fill in all the details inside the entry box, you can generate a QRCode. The button to generate QRcode triggers the get() function of the entry box using which this information is used within the qrcode.make().

qr = qrcode.make("Name:{}\nCountry:{}\nFavourite Anime:{}\nFavourite Manga:{}\nFavourite Main Character:{}\nFavourite Side Character:{}\nWaifu:{}\nMovie:{}\nFavourite Male Voice Actor:{}\nFavourite Female Voice Actor:{}".format(name_entry.get(),country_entry.get(),anime_entry.get(),manga_entry.get(),main_entry.get(),side_entry.get(),waifu_entry.get(),movie_entry.get(),male_va_entry.get(),female_va_entry.get()))

#check complete source code on GitHub

Here is the QRcode of my weeb profile


If you are not into anime, you can modify this code and generate a QRCode of anything using this logic. If you want your Weeb profile QRcode but don’t know how to program it using Python, send a request here. Later instructions will be provided on receiving a request. You can update your profile if you find any new favorites and generate a new QRcode as well.

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