conquerors haki explained

Conquerors Haki Explained

Haoshoku Haki aka Conquerors Haki Explained

In One Piece the power scaling of a character depends on two factors: Haki user and Devil Fruit eater. Both the powers were foretold in the first episode. We got a clue of what a Devil fruit is all about but the word Haki was still a mystery. Shanks uses a mysterious kind of power that scares away the Sea Monster just by looking at Shanks’s stare. Later in One Piece chapters, Haki was revealed and the mysterious power Shanks used to save Luffy from Sea Monster was Conquerors Haki.

Haki is deemed to be the gutsiest power in One Piece Anime. It is a form of spiritual power that bestows users potent stability in different forms. Haki has three different forms: Observation, Armament, and Conquerors.

One Piece Power Scaling: Haki

luffy and zoro duo

Observation Haki allows its user to predict the future, to be precise it acts as the 6th sense enabling the user to sense the incoming danger.  Enhancement of Observation Haki can tell its user where his invisible opponent might attack from. Advanced Observation Haki skills also allow sensing the presence of others at a far distance, the first time Observation Haki was shown in Skypiea Arc called Mantra. Enel was able to sense the presence of any activities within Skypiea through Mantra.

Armament Haki uses spiritual energy to form invisible armor around their body providing them with offensive and defensive support in battle. Logia Devil Fruit users are difficult to counter directly, hardening the fist with Armament Haki is the only way to deal with Logia DF. Armament Haki also acts as a shield to protect one from other Armament Haki users. Moreover, it can also be transferred into a Weapon, for example, Kuja’s arrows. Advanced Armament Haki can damage the user’s opponent even without any physical contact.

Both Observation and Armament Haki can be advanced by immense training and heavy concentration. But then there is one last Haki form that can’t be earned through training or concentration. It is born with a decisive will, an ambitious dream, or a strong desire to protect loved ones.

Rare and Powerful Haki Form

Conquerors Haki is the rarest Haki found among the chosen ones. They are one in the million people who are born with Kingly ambition and strong willpower to live a life. This power grants them to dominate over weaker will people/creatures. It is the power used to intimidate the enemy. When the chosen one uses Conquerors, the people with weak willpower are left unconscious and laid out. Whereas people with fair willpower are frozen and are too afraid to make a move.

Conquerors Haki can’t be achieved by training, it is something you are born with. On some occasions, we have witnessed Conquerors Haki getting activated while protecting closed ones. Ace used it at a very young age when Luffy was about to be stabbed by Blue jam pirates. Luffy also used it unconsciously when Ace was getting executed. Since Hancock is a confirmed Conquerors Haki user, she may have achieved it while safeguarding her sisters from slavery.

Why does Law have no Conquerors Haki?

law conquerors haki

Trafalgar Law one of the coolest One Piece characters hid his real name from everyone. He was born in a D bloodline family. In One Piece the D clan are considered the “Enemies of God”. The mystery of the D clan continues as we still have no idea about ” Will of D”. Trafalgar D Water Law has revealed his real name only to three characters- Corazon, Sengoku, and Robin. Corazon, his father-like figure requested Law to never reveal his real name in front of Dofflamingo.

Law’s primary goal was to avenge Corazon’s death by defeating Dofflamingo. His desire/will was not powerful enough to own Conquerors Haki. He lacked confidence in his mission to ruin Dofflamingo’s career. Law developed belief after he allied with Luffy. Law wanted to take down a Yonkou, but it wouldn’t be possible without Straw Hat pirates.

Will Law Attain Conquerors Haki in the future?

After ruining Dofflamingo, he also defeated a Yonkou by teaming up with Eutass Kidd. Law’s new mission is to know who exactly are D members and why are they the major threat to World Government. Law may not have Conquerors Haki now but eventually, he shall inherit it. Since we are in Final Saga, we may not get to see Law using Conquerors Haki. By the end of the season, Law will be one of the confirmed Supreme King Haki aka Conquerors Haki users.

Don Chinjao vs Monkey D Garp: How can Don Chinjao use Conquerors Haki?

don chinjao vs garp

One Piece fans were surprised to see Don Chinjao use Conquerors Haki. One reason why we were surprised is that he quoted a disrespectful and demotivated sentence on the Worst Generation of Pirates to become Pirate King in the Era of Yonkou. He proclaims that no one from Worst Generation except Blackbeard holds a chance to become Pirate King. A random Pirate to be a chosen one or one in million to use Conquerors Haki was weird at first.

It was a thoughtful reflection by Eiichiro Oda to give Don Chinjao Conquerors Haki. When it comes to writing, Eiichiro Oda is the best. Don Chinjao set his goal to beat “The Strongest Marine” Garp. His hunger to defeat Garp never faded even after his humiliating defeat to Garp. He holds a grudge to defeat Garp or his bloodline and satisfy his hunger. Throughout his very long career, he had only one purpose and it makes perfect sense why he can use Conquerors.

Does Garp Have Conquerors Haki?

Talking about Garp, I think he has no Conquerors Haki. Garp’s main strength is his physical power achieved through massive training. He has mastered Armament Haki to a very advanced level that he needs no Conquerors Haki. Considering Garp’s character even if he has Conquerors Haki he would never use it. Garp is a character who wants to have freedom without any ambition. He did have the ambition to make his grandchildren’s Marine but he failed.

Now one might question Why Ace was able to use Conquerors Haki at his young age but couldn’t Garp? It’s because Luffy was on verge of death and Ace wanted to rescue him. Whereas when Ace was on verge of death Garp adhere to his duty rather than defend him. Garp knew that Luffy and Whitebeard would save Ace and escape but things didn’t go well.


Conquerors Haki is a rare and unique power in One Piece and explaining its power scaling is very difficult. Since the One Piece is entering into the Final Saga, we may see the advanced level of Conquerors Haki. And since Conquerors Haki can’t be achieved through training fans can’t wait to see how Luffy will master it.

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