Anime Episode

How often has it occurred to you that you need to calculate the amount of time to finish Anime Series? Using this code you can save your time. I use this GUI application before watching every Anime.

October 10 Birthday

Birthday Countdown Timer

A simple Counter Timer GUI for Birthday It’s October 10, the birthday of Anime Legends Let’s dig to the Countdown Timer Using Python. Create Countdown Timer Using Python Python Tkinter is the best way to create a basic GUI application. With help of widgets and basic function callback syntax, you can create a Clockwise Timer. …

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Create a Music Player Using Python

Creating your own Anime Player using Python is quite simple. Before getting into it, you need to install the required Python libraries. Since this project is based on GUI music, you will need to install Python Tkinter and Pygame. Anime Openings, endings, and soundtracks are something you shouldn’t skip.

Akame Ga Kill Death Game

Have you seen Akame Ga Kill and Do you remember the order of Characters Death?. Then why don’t you try out this game, where you need to enter the order of Character’s Death from the beginning of the series till the end.

Anime Recommendations

Out of thousands of anime out there, are you confused about what Anime to watch next? This application can help you find random anime to watch based on different genres. Here is how you can create your own anime recommendation GUI application. So that you can watch the anime that you randomly get to watch. …

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Create a Weeb Profile

Do you watch Anime? If yes, Then you are a weeb. Every weeb have their own favorite anime, manga characters whom they think very highly of.  Do you want to get a QR Code for your Weeb Profile which is based on your favorites? Here is how you can do it by yourself.  QRCode of …

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