markdown language

Markdown Language Guide

A Complete Markdown Language Tutorial In this article let us break it down into Markdown language. A new GitHub user might have noticed a file extension .md in many project directories. For example-,, and so on.  Let’s explore more on Markdown Syntax. Markdown Language Syntax Markdown files are lightweight markup language. HTML is a …

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Pokemon EDA

An adventurous based story, that mainly focuses on 10-year-old Ash Ketchum, a young Pokémon Trainer from Pallet Town. Using Pokemon Dataset let us play around with EDA by performing Data Analysis and Data Visualization on given dataset.


Morse Code Translation In Python

If you ever want to try fun Python Program, then you definitely need to try this. Convert A Normal Text/Anime Name to Morse Code with Python. And also know What is Morse Code and how to use enumerate function.


Anime Episode

How often has it occurred to you that you need to calculate the amount of time to finish Anime Series? Using this code you can save your time. I use this GUI application before watching every Anime.

anime hangman

Anime Hangman

Revoke memories of your childhood days when Hangman was very famous. Can you guess the Anime character names playing Hangman? Let me know your streaks in comments. Come on try this on.

word cloud

Word Cloud In Python

We are talking about Anime Word Cloud here. Obviously, it will be created using Python. Using the Word Cloud Python module our task becomes easier than expected. How To Create a Word Cloud Using Python? What Is A Word cloud? A Word Cloud is a bunch of shuffled words. The simple term which can be …

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