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Bungo Stray Dogs

Bungo Stray Dogs is a well-written crime-based Anime with an amazing character cast. The power ability concept of Bungo Stray Dogs is unique and well described. Here in this article, you can play Bungo Stray Dogs Game i.e., High Or Low was played between Ace and Fyodor.

Have you watched Bungo Stray Dogs?

If yes, then you might have come across the showdown between Ace and Fyodor Dostoevsky. Ace was the Port Mafia Executive and Fyodor was the leader of The Rats in the House of Dead.

In Season 3 Episode 4, we witness a simple game played between Ace and Fyodor. A simple game to guess High or Low cards♠️.

As this website is based on Fusion of Coding and Anime, How could I miss this chance?
Here are the Rules of the Game🃏.

High or Low Deck Card Game Rules

Ace dictates the Rules of the game. One card is taken at one time from the deck, face down🎴. Then the player should guess high or low than the previous card. It’s a simple game to play, but it gave me a hard time coding. If player1 guessed high or low correctly, player2 draws another card. If wrong, it is player2 turn to guess. In the end, the winner will be the one with the most cards.

For example, say the first card is 7, now you need to guess whether the next number will be High or Low than 7. In addition, say you guessed Low. If it is less than <7, then you have another chance to guess, as your guess was right. If you are wrong then it’s the opponent’s chance to guess.

How will be the winner be decided?
If you the player1 guessed correct, then player2 card is incremented. If you are wrong then your card is incremented. At last, the player with fewer cards is the winner.

Let’s code the game.

First, take two user inputs, and choose one player to guess first. Before jumping in, if you don’t know to code but still want to try the game, then try and run the code here: https://www.online-python.com/RDNUQHFbao. You can run the code and play. Source Code:

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import random
import time

def game_rules():
    rules = """
    Rules: A simple 2 player game [Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3 Episode 4]
    1. Inially open one card, i.e., display one card from shuffled deck
    2. Now player1 takes a card from the deck
    3. Now it begins, the other player:[player2] should guess if the taken card is higher or lower from than the previous card
    **[ say the first card is 9, now one player should guess if the next card is high or low
    i.e., if 1-8 appears it is low, 10-12 and A appears then it is high
    now player1 reveals the next card, say it is 10.
    Now 10 is the previous card, now guess high or low based on number 10.
    4. If the player2 guessed correctly then player1 is again suppose to take another card
    5. Now when player2 guessed correctly, that drawn card is added in player1 penalty.
    6. If the player2 guess is wrong, then player2 will take the card and player1 will guess
    7. Since player2 guessed wrong, that card will be counted as player2 penalty.
    8. The game continues till all 51 cards are revealed [1 card will be opened in beginning so 51]
    9. At end who as more penalty cards loses, and player with less penalty cards win.
    10. Penalty card calculation:
    if player1 guessed wrong, player1 gets penalty, now player2 have to guess
    if player1 guessed correctly, player2 gets penalty, since guess is correct player1 itself should guess again
    return rules

def deck_52_cards():
    deck = list()
    suits = ['H','S','D','C']  #Hearts, Spades, Diamond, Club
    for suit in suits:
        for card in range(1,14):
    return deck

def winner(guess_cards,p1_name,p2_name):
    base=first_card = random.choice(guess_cards)
    print("First Card:",first_card)
    player1_penalty_scores,player2_penalty_scores = 0,0
    turn = p2_name
    no_turn = p1_name

    while True:
        if len(guess_cards)==0:
            print("\n\t Match Over \n")

        guess=input("{} guess High or Low:".format(turn)).lower()
        if guess not in ['high','low']:

        next_card = random.choice(guess_cards)
        print("Previous card:",base)
        print("New Card:",next_card)

        correct = "low" if(int(base[1:])>int(next_card[1:])) else "high"  #correct is low for True if condition else correct=High
        if guess==correct:
            print("{} Correct {}".format('*'*10,'*'*10))
            if turn==p1_name:
            print("{} Wrong, Next {}".format('*'*10,'*'*10))
            if turn==p2_name:


    return(p1_name if(player2_penalty_scores>player1_penalty_scores) else p2_name)

def play_again():
    ask = input("Do you want to play again(Y/n)? ").lower()
    if ask.startswith('y'):
        return True
    print("Thank You ")

def main():
    #guess high or low
    game_details = input("Do you want to see the rules(Y/n)? ").lower()
    if game_details.startswith('y'):
        print("Game will start in 5 seconds .....")

    print("\n\n\t Let the Game Begin \n\n")
    cards = deck_52_cards()
    player1 = input("Player 1 enter your name: ")
    player2 = input("Player 2 enter your name: ")
    winner_of_the_game = winner(cards,player1,player2)
    print("Winner is",winner_of_the_game)

if __name__ == '__main__':

Ace vs Fyodor


During the end of Season 2, there appeared a Mysterious Man responsible for the fall of Moby Dick. The executive organization of Port Mafia under Ace kidnaps Fyodor. Fyodor is the Leader of The Rats in the House of the Dead. The Port Mafia Leader Mori Ougai wanted to show the Rats how vigorous Port Mafia retaliates. Ace volunteers himself for this task. Ace is a gambler who had made a mess of Port Mafia’s casino. Then he brought his way and becomes one among the five executives.

Fyodor appears to be a soulless man, like Vampire. Ace then plays Poker with Fyodor. Port Mafia doesn’t Trust Ace nor does he trust them. Ace wins the poker and hands down a collar to Fyodor. Ace has the ability to exchange the lifespan of his subordinates and turn them into gems of equal value. On other hand even after losing, Fyodor offers to play another game, and then Ace decides the rule of High and Low. If Fyodor loses he could wear the collar, if he wins he was free. Besides that, Fyodor is an Intelligent Rat you memorize the cards and win the game and later kill Ace. Fyodor was a gifted ability user, his ability is named Crime and Punishment💀. 


Though the game takes place between Port Mafia Ace and The Leader of Rats Fyodor. It could be unfair not to talk about Dazai Osamu while discussing Bungou Stray Dogs. Watch Bungo Stray Dogs, it is one of the best crime-based anime.

Non-Programmers Open Online Python Complier: https://www.online-python.com/RDNUQHFbao. Open this link and Run the code.

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