ancient weapon

Uranus One Piece Theory

Ancient Weapons in One Piece are destructive powers capable of destroying an entire kingdom. When one alone weapon can cause soo much destruction, imagine three of them. Poseidon, Uranus, and Pluton are the 3 Ancient Weapons introduced in One Piece Anime. We already know the whereabouts of Poseidon and Pluton, and Uranus has remained secret all the time. So let’s dive deep into One Piece Theory based on Uranus.


100 One Piece Mysteries

100 One Piece Mysteries: Part- 2 Continuing the list of 100 One Piece Mysteries from where we left behind. Make sure you check out part 1: One Piece Mysteries fans can’t wait to witness before you proceed with this article. 21. Luffy’s Mother Luffy’s mother is an unusual case, which doesn’t need much attention. When …

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logistic regression

Logistic Regression Clearly Explained

Logistic Regression Without Sklearn Library With the ongoing 100DaysOfML in this article, you will dive deeper into Logistic Regression and its working. Further, we will build a Logistic Regression Model with and without using the Sklearn Library. What is Logistic Regression? Just like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression is a Supervised Machine Learning algorithm that is …

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