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Blackbeard: The Best Written One Piece Villain

Blackbeard One Piece

One Piece Anime has introduced a prominent cast of antagonists. And most of them belong to the Top tier. Doflamingo, Katakuri, and Crocodile have been fan favorites for their superiority. And then there is Blackbeard who is hated by many fans for his monstrous nature. But you can’t deny the fact that he is the best-written villain in One Piece. I will prove that why👇

Is Blackbeard Best Written Villian?

blackbeard one piece

One Piece Antagonists

Animes have made fans love villains more than heroes. And the reason is because of the realistic nature. Talking about the One Piece antagonists Akainu and Blackbeard failed somewhere to be loved by every One Piece fan, despite being well-written. But let’s mainly focus on Blackbeard’s character. When it comes to choosing the best villain in One Piece, it is an arguable topic between Blackbeard and Doflamingo. Doflamingo had a terrific past despite being born as a Celestial Dragon. The way he transformed his life makes him a complete badass.

Marshal D Teach aka Blackbeard on other hand brought a major twist to the One Piece storyline. Betraying Whitebeard, handing over Ace to Marines, and making Impel Down Level 6 prisoners is crewmates. After his arrival at Impel Down, he proclaimed to display a great show in Marine Ford that he actually did. Teach was perfect with his timings to arrive at Marine Ford. BB Pirates pictured the show to the entire world by stealing the Devil Fruit of Most Strongest Man in One Piece.

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Blackbeard Is One Of The Most Calculative Character In One Piece


The flashback of Oden was the first time we saw Teach begging Whitebeard to let him join his crew. Blackbeard very well knew that if he stayed with WB Pirates he could get close to his dream. But in order to achieve his dream, he had to eat Yami-Yami-no-mi. Teach kills Thatch and betrays Whitebeard pirates. Blackbeard fulfilled his major mission by staying onboard with WB pirates in a disguise. He wanted to onboard the deadliest crewmates that he could find only in Impel Down. And a pirate has to go with trouble to open the Gate Of Justice to get inside Impel Down. To get close to Impel Down he tries to become Warlord of the sea. In order to become one, he plots to capture Luffy, whose crew created havoc at Enies Lobby. But before he capture Luffy he crossed his path with Fire Fist Ace.

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Fire Fist Ace Vs Blackbeard Teach

This fight turned the entire One Piece storyline upside down. Blackbeard defeated Ace with his outrageous devil fruit. Instead of capturing Luffy he captured Ace and turned him down to the Marines. All the events took place as if Blackbeard was playing a game and had a consistent of victories.

The major twist was when he says he was going to put a show in Marineford. Blackbeard setting free Impel Down Level 6 prisoners benefitted him to have one of the most powerful crews in One Piece. On departing his ways with Luffy and his team at Impel Down he was soo confident with his plan to rock the world with his appearance in Marineford.

A Pirate With Three Personality

blackbeard-devil fruit

It has been rumored a lot that Blackbeard can possibly eat the third devil fruit. He is the only pirate who has already eaten two of the powerful Devil Fruits. What we know about Devil Fruit is that “Every Devil Fruit has its own will”. The previous devil fruit eater of Yami-Yami-no is hinted to be Rocks D Xebec. Xebec was the strongest pirate who had 3 Yonkous as his crewmates. And it took both Pirate King Roger and Marine Hero Harp to take down this monster. You can imagine how strong Yami-Yami no fruit user can be.

As we know Devil Fruits has its own will, why did Yami-Yami choose Blackbeard? Moreover, BB pirates’ current territory was previously Rocks territory. One more similarity is that both Teach and Rocks have D in their initial. Moreover, Blackbeard has also eaten Gora-Gora. By looking at Jolly Roger of BB pirates, it can be predicted that he will definitely possess the third fruit. Why could there be three devil fruits choosing the same person? Maybe there is a high chance that there are three wills associated with Blackbeard. And all these wills seek power. We might see if this is true or not in the coming years. Oda has hinted to us on 2 occasions that shows why Blackbeard can possess three wills:

  • Zoro and Luffy doubted Teach’s personality when they first meet in Jaya.
  • The Jolly Roger of the Blackbeard Pirates.

To write a character with three personalities takes the sheer dedication of the writer. This shows how much effort ODA-sensei has put in for a character like Blackbeard.

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Blackbeard’s Obsession With Dreams


Whenever it comes to Blackbeard it would be unfair to not mention about the dreams. The most famous quote “People’s Dreams Never End” holds the greatest meaning. In One PIECE dreams have been given a vital role for many characters. And we have a dedicated article for that one: Straw Hats Pirates and Their Dreams. In One Piece the bad guys are misunderstood before their backstory. For instance, considering Doflamingo’s character. I liked the craziness of Doflamingo and how much he respects his family. Doflamingo was born as Tenryuubito(World Nobel) he could have utilized all the freedom but due to his father down to earth nature, they were removed from the position of Tenryuubito. We all love Doflamingo for his character development. And this same shall even apply to Blackbeard.

Blackbeard’s personality reveal will be one of the biggest reveals in One Piece history. In the kid picture of Blackbeard and during the fight of Roger Pirates vs WB pirates, Blackbeard looked like a demotivated guy. Just like Doflamingo, even Teach could have faced a crisis where he had to give up on his dream. The reason why he claims People’s Dreams Never End… is because in this manner he can try to forget about his past. Apart from being a powerful character, Marshal D Teach has a “D” in his name. He is destined to learn about the Will Of D. In order to find his destiny Teach chooses the path of Power over Freedom, completely opposite of Luffy.

Monkey D Luffy Vs Marshal D Teach

Why did Blackbeard have to say the quote “People’s Dreams Never End” to Luffy in the first place? Teach was able to sense the Haki of Luffy and he probably knew that they were both very destined to fight each other in the future. Luffy is the ultimate rival of Blackbeard with him being Sun and Teach being Darkness. Both Luffy and Teach have D in their name. They even share the same dream but have a different points of view to achieve it. Blackbeard believes to become Pirate King by onboarding strong pirates. Whereas Luffy enjoys freedom and trusts blindly in his companions.

In Jaya, Teach and Luffy appeared first time together. Both have different tastes in the same food. Luffy found Cherry Pie nasty but Teach found it tasty. No matter how right Blackbeard is he shall always be opposite to Luffy. Blackbeard himself has misunderstood his fate. The day he tastes defeat from Luffy he will release that he was wrong and choose the wrong path to achieve his goal.

Monkey D Luffy vs Marshal D Teach aka Straw Hat vs Blackbeard is the battle every ONE PIECE fan is badly waiting for. Till then…

To be Continued


Blackbeard is bad and that’s what makes him great. I mentioned in the article that in One Piece Anime the bad guys are misunderstood before their backstory. This is only applicable to Akainu and Blackbeard. These two characters are hated by many fans. However Celestial Dragons don’t belong to this category, they deserve the hate they get. This is where One Piece Anime/Manga shines by portraying hatred, slavery, freedom, and power perfectly. I could motivate you all day to watch One Piece, watch now or regret it later.

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