Best Relaxing Anime To Watch

5 Best Iyashikei Genre Anime You Should Watch

Iyasikei in Japanese means Healing and this genre refers to those anime that are designed to ease your dreadful day. Every Anime Fan loves Slice of life anime and could binge it in a day. Iyashikei is a subpart of Slice of life and is regarded as the best relaxing anime genre. Here are the 5 such Anime that should watch to heal yourself from a stressful schedule.

5. Natsume Book Of Friends


Natsume Books of Friends is a reputable piece of artwork. The spiritual ritual, the storyline, and the characters are in perfect sync. Natsume Takashi the main protagonist possesses the ability to see spirits Youkai- A mythical beast. His parents used to scorn him when he opened up about seeing ghostly spirits. They never believed him and he slowly started to feel lonely, he kept running away from spirits until he used to find a shrine.

Moreover, he inherits an abnormal book that belonged to his deceased grandmother, Natsume Reiko. This Book of Friends is the sole reason why spirits surrounded him. Natsume Reiko used to challenge Youkai and make them her friends. Once the name of Ayakashi is entered into the Book of friends they are bound by their will. Takashi then decides to make amends and release the spirits and Madara aka Nyanko sensei protects him. Their journey makes this anime one of the best relaxing anime.

4. Hyouka


Hyouka may not fall under the Iyashiki but its slow narration style is kind of similar to this genre. If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan then Hyouka is the Anime you must watch. Hyouka also known as “Hyou-ka: You Can’t Escape” is a mystery and detective-type anime adopted by Kyoto Animation. Oreki is the least motivated main protagonist who loves to stay indoors and do nothing productive. Despite being lazy Oreki possesses a unique ability to predict how events might play out far into the future. Unfortunately due to his elder sister’s influence, he had to become part of the Classic Club. After joining Classic Club energy-conserving Oreki meets curious-fetish Chitanda Eru.

The slow-pacing Hyouka anime art style is simple and clean, utilizing a bunch of soft colors. Being a Slice of life anime, it covered the mystery part cleverly. The narrative style did a good job by not focusing much on the Detective part and giving equal importance to the drama and ambiguous relationships. The theme and splendid Animation touch make this anime one of the best relaxing anime to watch. The classiness of Hyouka Anime is in how trivially detailed it makes its mystery cases into a reality.

3. Yuru Camp


Every human deserves to take a break and should plan to take a roadside trip from their stressful life. Yuru Camp is one such Anime that motivates and highlights the benefits of Camping. When it comes to trekking or peaceful adventure Anime, Yuru Camp will surely top the list. The scenery, food, and traveling make this anime one of the best relaxing anime to watch. Moreover, Yuru Camp narrates and demonstrates the Camping Essentials demo.

Rin Shima is a solo traveler who loves to camp in a calm place close to Mt Fuji. On one of her solo expeditions, she encounters Nadeshiko Kagamihara. Nadeshiko also has a wild craze for traveling and camping. She admires Rin for traveling to many amazing places and convinces her to become a traveling friend. She later coincidentally transfers to the same school where Rim goes. Excited Nadeshiko joins Camping Club on her first day at school itself. Then starts the beautiful journey filled with enjoyment, thrill, and cuteness.

2. March Comes In Like Lion- 3 Gatsu No Lion

best relaxing anime march_comes_in_like_lion

The pro shogi player who spends his lonely time playing Shogi tournaments. After the death of Arima’s parents, he was adopted by his father’s close friend who was a Shogi player. Arima is a disciplined boy, who helped his mother with home chores and plays shogi with his siblings. For being very good at shogi he was constantly bullied by his elder sister. He started to live alone and consistently participated in Shogi tournaments to higher his rank.

March Comes In Like Lion’s soundtrack adds a remarkable gift to the beautiful story. The soundtrack, cast, and plot all together make this anime a perfect bing to watch to soothe yourselves. The presence of the side-character Soya calms the surroundings as if you are sitting alone and relishing the view of nature. The moment he appears, a lofi soundtrack starts playing that makes us feel like we are healing ourselves in some warm place and there is no one watching us. 3 Gatsu no Lion has emotion, drama, melody, life lessons, and comedy.

1. Mushishi

best relaxing anime mushishi

Mushishi brings out the true beauty of adventure. A journey of Mushi master Gintko who travels across the villages to cure Mushi. Mushi is a creature that can be in form of anything that is associated with nature. Ginko’s journey is so relaxing to watch as if it feels like we ourselves are part of the journey. The narrative style of Mushishi is unreal and so calm. There are no side characters in the Anime, just one guy traveling to different places. Each journey adds uniqueness and a proper detailed description to the new discovered Mushi. The eye-catching part of the journey is the method to cure the Mushi, you will never see a similar thing repeated. The original soundtrack of Mushishi is complete bliss to hear.

Mushishi is the best relaxing anime to watch to cure yourself of a dreadful day. Despite having a decent illustrated animation, Mushishi did an amazing job in storytelling. In the end, that is what actually matters the most. Watch one episode of Mushishi daily, you can thank me later.

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