Bartholomew Kuma

Bartholomew Kuma: The Most Selfless One Piece Character

Bartholomew Kuma

In the vast world-building One Piece anime, we have met different breeds of characters. Among them, Bartholomew Kuma is one of the most selfless One Piece character.

Bartholomew Kuma Is One Of The Shichibukai

Bartholomew Kuma

A Shichibukai along with the Admirals and Emperors forms the three great powers. With the existence of Three great powers, there is balance maintained between Marines and Pirates. Kuma has been in the position of Warlord of the sea for a very prolonged time. Before being a part of Shichibukai, he earned the title “Tyrant”. His devil fruit Nikyu-Nikyu, a Paramecia-type that gave him paw pads on the palms of his hands. His abilities have the power to repel anything that comes in contact with the paw pads. During Thriller Bark Arc, he was able to repel Zoro’s and Sanji‘s attacks.

Additionally, he could even repel the entire pain and exhaustion from a human body. Paw Pads enabled him to repel air itself causing him to create a shock wave. Apart from repelling powers, he had one ridiculous power of teleportation. Before fighting, Kuma had a tendency of asking his rivals their favorite place they could like to go on a trip. With his powers, he could send them flying away. I need these powers, just kidding.

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Bartholomew Kuma A Secret Revolutionary Officier


Kuma is one of the trusted Revolutionary officers, who was also a former king👑 of the Sorbet Kingdom. A Revolutionary is an organization that works against World Nobels, whose leader Dragon is regarded as the world’s most wanted criminal💀. During the ASL trio flashback, was the first time Kuma was seen with Revolutionaries. He was seen on a ship alongside Dragon and Ivankov. Gray Terminal was targeted by World Nobels and Dragon resued Sabo during this time. Sabo❤️‍🔥 who later becomes 2nd commander of the Revolutionary Army. Despite being a part of Revolutionary, Kuma’s relationship with Dragon is unknown. But judging by the fact that Kuma knew about Luffy and Dragon’s relationship, where Ivankov had no clue about their relationship. Until Luffy said that he is Dragon’s son, Ivankov thought of Luffy as some random Pirate.

Kuma joining Revolutionary Army clears one thing his kingdom might have been targeted by Celestrial Dragons. To save his people and his kingdom, he would have joined hands with Monkey D Dragon. Revolutionary Army wanted to have a closer eye on World Government’s actions. Kuma being the most trusted officer had to step up for this secret job to become a Warlord. This shows how loyal and selfless Kuma is. Kuma is regarded to be kind and gentle according to Sabo. Sabo’s blood boiled when he witnessed Kuma as a slave of Celestrial Dragons, and he was about to attack them. We still don’t know what happened next.

What Deal Kuma could have made with World Government?🤔

In order to gain immense strength, World Government desired to experiment on Humans to turn them into Cyborgs. Kuma struck some deal with WG to become a participant in the Pacifista project. Dr. Vegapunk perpetrated this Pacifista project by adjusting Kuma’s gigantic body into a Cyborg. Initially, before the time skip, it took Straw Hats monster trio to take down one Pacifista with great difficulties. Pacifista was able to withstand Sanji‘s dominant Kicks and Zoro’s powerful “Shishi Sonson”. After the modification, Kuma lost all his memories and was said to be mentally dead.

Kuma is an intelligent and calm character who is always seen carrying Bible in his hand. With a character like that there must have been a reason. One possibility that every fan could have guessed might be that his identity might have been revealed. If Kuma’s identity was revealed to WG, they could have come up with some dirty trick to lure him in. There might be a prospect that WG could have known the location of the Revolutionary Army. In order to avoid war Kuma might have struck the deal to become a Pacifista. A King could always think for the people and by sacrificing himself he fulfilled his role.

Moreover, due to his emotionless and inhuman state, he was heavily abused by Celestial Dragons. The World Nobels in MarieJois treated him as a top-rated slave.

Bartholomew Kuma Tests Straw Hat Pirates

Monkey D Luffy the captain of Straw Hat Pirates is the biological son of Dragon. Kuma is one of the most loyal crewmates of Dragon and he wanted to test his son’s crew. During the Thriller Bark, when Straw Hats were already exhausted by defeating Oars and Moria, Kuma appeared in front of them. Alongside Kuma, Gecko Moria is also one of the Warlords of the Sea. Facing two Warlords in the same place was too much for Straw Hats. Luffy was already teared up with his fight against Moria, being unconscious he couldn’t face Kuma. With the absence of Luffy in terms of strength, Zoro takes the lead and attacks Kuma. Kuma exhibits his strength and indicates that Straw Hats in their current situation were no match for him.

Kuma must have felt proud when both Zoro and Sanji were ready to sacrifice their dreams for their captain’s sake. With his Devil Fruit ability Kuma repeals all the pain from Luffy’s body and asks Zoro to accept his captain’s pain. A huge paw-looking bubble forms when Kuma repels Luffy’s pain. Even if you touch a small part of this bubble a shock wave is caused inside the body. When speaking about Zoro, this scene will always be spoken when he accepts all of Luffy’s pain. Nothing happened, these two words give One Piece fans a chill every time and there is no denying it. Kuma departs Thriller Bark acknowledging Luffy and his loyal crew.


Bartholomew Kuma’s Last Wish😭

Kuma earned every fan’s respect by the time of Sabaody Arc. Kuma saves Straw Hat Pirates’ escape from Marine Admiral. It’s true that Dark King Rayleigh was present right there but he had his hands full with Marine Admiral Kizaru. However, apart from Kizaru, Sentomaru alongside Pacifista were present in Sabaody. It was very difficult for Rayleigh to save Straw Hats at that moment. Kuma appears right in front of Kizaru and teleports every Straw Hat at different locations. Once he sent every Straw Hats flying away, he whispers to Dark King Rayleigh that he works for Revolutionary Army. Kuma had to face serious consequences for letting Straw Hats slip away from Kizaru. Maybe the result of this might have cost him slavery to Celestrial Dragons.

As mentioned already, we know that Kuma had a negotiation with World Government. Before he volunteered for the scientific experiment, he urged to install one last wish to be fulfilled. Before transforming Kuma from a human to a cyborg, Vegapunk granted him his last wish to protect the Straw Hats’ ship until their return. In order to reach their next destination to Fishman Island, the ship had to be coated. For that reason, the ship was left behind. But with the absence of Straw Hats, their ship was in danger. Kuma reminded loyal to Dragon until the end and saved his son’s crew and ship.


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