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markdown language

Markdown Language Guide

A Complete Markdown Language Tutorial In this article let us break it down into Markdown language. A new GitHub user might have noticed a file extension .md in many project directories. For example- README.md, CONTRIBUTING.md, and so on.  Let’s explore more on Markdown Syntax. Markdown Language Syntax Markdown files are lightweight markup language. HTML is a …

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luffy loses an eye

Luffy loses an eye: Mysterious Eyepatch Character In One Piece

One Piece 1050: Straw Hat Luffy loses an eye One Piece Chapter 1049 has confirmed that Luffy loses an eye. With Kaido vs Luffy battle being ended both dealt with considerable wounds. As always Luffy yells for food and party after his heroic victory. Samurais of Wano Kuni are overwhelmed with Kaido’s defeat. Let’s look …

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pomodoro gui

Pomodoro GUI App

Python Tkinter Project Since the 3-part Python Tkinter Tutorial Series has come to an end, let us build a Project based on it. In this concluding article for Tkinter, we shall create a Pomodoro GUI App. What is Pomodoro? Pomodoro is a famous Time Management Technique that helps us focus on Work and as wells …

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Tkinter Geometry Managers

Python Tkinter Tutorial: Tkinter Geometry Managers Tkinter Geometry Managers is a critical concept that is very important in understanding how the Tkinter widgets are placed on GUI applications. Understanding Tkinter Geometry Managers Geometry Management mainly deals with how the widgets are inserted in the GUI application. We have already seen the pack() method. Aside from …

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