Attack On Titan Realistic Ending

The ending of Attack on Titan is one thing every anime-only fan is hyped and eagerly waiting for. Shingeki no Kyojin illustrated by Hajime Isayama has strongly focused on Freedom, Slavery, Humanity, and Sacrifices. In the initial stage of the story, we were told that humanity exists only within the wall. Moreover, we had no clue from where Titans emerged. As the story proceeded the mystery behind the walls started to unravel. Freedom becomes the key part of the ending, which shows how realistic the ending is.

What Makes The Ending Important?

Eren wakes up from a bad dream at the beginning of the story. Later in the series, Eren’s Founding Titan powers were unveiled. Eren could look into the past and future and upon that he could even have all the freedom in this world. This explains why he had tears while waking up from a dream.

The Royal Blood can use the power of Founding Titan. But, they are constrained to attack the Titans due to the vow to renounce the war. Grisha Yeager stole the Founding Titan power from Frieda Reiss to save humanity. Grisha Yeager then entrusted Founding Titan powers to Eren, saying that one day he could understand the powers given to him to save humanity.

The mystery of Titans identity makes a huge impact in the story, which adds an original essence to the plot. Eren, after learning the truth about the history of Titans, decides to end humanity outside the walls. He causes the rumbling of Titans which was the only way to end Humanity. Due to Rumbling the Titans inside the walls were freed. This was a very important part, as someone had to save humanity and remove the war vow of First King Fritz. Eren in order to gain freedom takes the freedom from the world.

Why Attack On Titan Had The Most Satisfying Ending?

A better anime needs a better ending, and we did get one. Attack On Titan throughout the series focused on Humanity, Slavery, and Freedom. In the last few chapters, we got to see the power of Love and friendship. Eren sacrificed himself to save humanity, his love Mikasa and his friends. Due to the curse of Ymir, Eren had only 4 years left before he could die. Eren wanted to spend the rest of 4 years in peace with Mikasa. The rumbling was unavoidable and Eren had to do it so that his friends could live a happy life.

It was Love itself that caused the Founder Ymir to continue to submit to King Fritz. She was in love with King Fritz and was waiting for a certain person to come and save her. It was Mikasa who she was waiting for. Ackerman’s had the power to oppose the King and their strength matched that of Nine Titans. Eren shows the memories of the past to Armin in the world of Paths, where neither life nor death exists. Ymir choosing Mikasa led the rumbling to the end. The way Eren shows the memories to his friends at the end makes it a most satisfying ending.

One last thing that exists in Humanity other than Love is Revenge. Revenge is what started Rumbling in the first place. Marleys had to take revenge from Eldians, Eren wanted revenge for his mother’s death. Even after Rumbling had stopped Marley’s wanted proof from Eldians if they could turn into Titan.


The author used the concept of Revenge, Sacrifice, Humanity, Love, and Freedom very well, which makes Attack On Titan one of the best anime of this generation. The masterpiece anime did get the ending that it deserved.