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Anime You Should Watch: Python GUI App

Out of thousands of anime out there, are you confused about what Anime to watch next? This application can help you find random anime to watch based on different genres.

Here is how you can create your own anime recommendation GUI application. So that you can watch the anime that you randomly get to watch.

Anime Genre List

When it comes to Anime, there are many genres to take into account. One difficult question is, Which genre should I watch? Some of the best anime genres are Action, Adventure, Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Detective, and Horror. Well, there are more as well. One of the best genres has to be Shounen, this genre is a combination of many genres. Shounen Jump anime entertains us by giving Action with amazing animated fights, comedy, and also takes us on an amazing adventure. 

Every Genre has one MVP anime that everyone should watch at least once. Here is the MVP of every anime genre. One Piece is a masterpiece you need to watch One Piece if you are into Adventure and Mystery. One Piece is one of the best Shounen Animes. Then when it comes to Comedy, then it definitely has to be Gintama, with never-ending comedy. Death Note is the most loved anime based on crime. One such anime that even non-anime fans can’t hate but love. Dr.Stone has made quite a name for the amazing science experiments that is been showcased through a series.

Mushishi is the best to pick for the slice of life genre. Now comes the detective genre. Every audience would love to watch something related to Sherlock Holmes or at least close to it. Hyouka is one of the best detective-based anime. There is not many Horror anime but we have got a handful of anime that are worth a watch, one such anime is Another. Wondering why I haven’t still mentioned Romance anime, watch Oregairu for amazing school-based Romance anime. Last but not least is Haikyuu if you are so into Sports.

Anime Recommendations GUI Application

Now that we know one anime from each genre, of course, one is not enough. Many fans have watched more than 100 anime or even more. Before creating a GUI application, create a dictionary with the genre as keys and anime names listed as values. I have taken the most loved animes from different genres, there are much more anime that is missed out, you can create a pull request on GitHub.

Tkinter GUI

Anime recommendation generator

Now you can randomly choose any one anime from a different genre using a random module. Once you have created the dictionary, create a GUI using Tkinter. Check out the installation and documentation here. You can check more innovative Tkinter GUI applications here.

Create various buttons with different colors for better UI. Once you create multiple buttons, name these buttons with genre names. Now, why do we usually use Buttons? Of course to trigger some function. Here all the buttons are named after the anime genre list which makes sense that these buttons are used for anime recommendation. On clicking the button a pop-up window appears recommending random anime. To enable the clicking function in Tkinter uses the command attribute inside the Button widget.

This pop-up window will recommend just one anime to watch, so there are more chances that you might have already seen the anime. This pop-up window asks you whether you watched it or not. If you have watched the recommended anime, it will display another anime name but if you haven’t watched, another pop-up window appears which will display a message for you to watch the recommended anime. Now, How come this pop-up window appears?

Now, How come this pop-up window appears?

Tkinter Messagebox

Messagebox which is one of the Tkinter features. Using messagebox you can perform many operations that include the show error messages, show information, ask yes or no questions, and many more. In this GUI you will use a messagebox to display anime names.

The tkinter.messagebox module provides a template base class as well as a variety of convenience methods for commonly used configurations. The message boxes are models and will return a subset of (True, False, OK, None, Yes, No) based on the user’s selection. Common message box styles and layouts include but are not limited to: check more details about messagebox here.

from tkinter import messagebox as mb

answer = mb.askquestion("Recommendation","Have you watched One Piece?") #(title,message)
if answer.lower().startswith('y'):
    mb.showinfo("To Watch","You Need Watch it")

Now now, let’s make this more exciting. Add pyttsx3 python module to convert text to speech. Why do you need text to speech here? This is used to make machines tell the anime name that is randomly generated. In this GUI first the machine will read out the anime name and then the pop-up window will appear.



You never have to be confused about what anime to watch. Create this Anime Genre Recommendation GUI application and watch whichever anime you get. Since it is randomly selected, many times the name will be repeated, so just select next. So have an amazing time watching new anime.

Let me know if you need this application, request here

Download the source code for the above GUI.

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