One Piece

All you need to know about One Piece Live Action

Netflix has planned to release a new Live action show for the legendary Manga and Anime One Piece. So today I’ll be going through the leaks, risks, and necessities for doing a project like this.

Let’s Talk about ONE PIECE

One Piece is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by the 🐐 Eiichiro Oda. The man is the literal definition of “The man, The myth, The legend. His writing and his way of describing are out of the world. The kind of world-building and wordplay makes the reader go head over heels to his manga.

The story is about a boy named Monkey D Luffy👒 who ate a magical fruit called “Gomu Gomu”. This magical fruit is the rarest treasure of the seas. Due to this fruit, Luffy got the ability of rubber and become a Rubber Man.

He desires to become the greatest pirate of all time and to find the hidden treasure of One Piece. He and his teammates go into an amazing adventure filled with happiness, horror, sad and thrill to achieve their captains’ desire and to fulfill their own individual dreams as well.

Why One Piece is so loved?

One Piece is also noted as one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time. WeAreOne is running successfully and One Piece has sold more than 1million manga copies of Volume 100.

One Piece even surpassed Batman and become the second-highest selling comic book series of all time, with Superman at first.

The manga and the anime are both an excellent hit and is loved by everyone all over the world. It has a very big fan following and people do get their expectations fulfilled, with Oda-sensei magic.

The different characters their story and their importance make One Piece extremely eye-catching and addictive. There are so many things which this manga can teach us. Any new One Piece weeb is reading this please you’re not late to this magical experience, start One Piece today and make your life even more awesome.

Now, then Netflix One Piece Live Action

On September 3 Netflix Released their first look for their Live-action adaption of our love One Piece. We were able to take a peek at their new logo and their episode name “Romance Dawn”. the stories are written by Matt Owens and Steven Maeda.

Caution: After reading the below article don’t jump into conclusion that I hate their new project or I am against the project. Its my personal opinion and I am open to respect your opinion as well. 

So, coming to the point One Piece manga and the anime series has both sets the bar at a very peak level, most of the live actions which have been adapted have not been completely successful. As the bar is a very high-level One piece fandom expects the live-action to reach the level manga has set. If not to the same level at least to be very good.

Given the track records of live-action adaptation reaching that is a hit or blow. So, Netflix has to be very careful in choosing the proper cast story and get a proper research team to gather the audience’s expectations. Netflix may have provided a high budget for this and a good team but even after all this if the audience doesn’t like it and the ratings are very low, they have no other option to pack up the show and call it quits eventually.

History of Live Action

The previous Netflix adaptation like Deathnote, Fullmetal Alchemist were a big disappointment to fans and was criticized a lot. One piece has a massive story building and it’s tough to keep up with each and every detail of it through episodes. Few of the aspects will be removed and this might disappoint many viewers because Oda’s main game is to play with people’s minds and giving them a massive mystery as they go on watching.

One Piece has a history of 20+ years and is still running. To cover all those stories anime is a good medium as it’s animation and different people can draw it. But in a live adaptation that won’t be the case, it will take a long time to cover all these stories and people who play the characters do age. So, keeping up with the same actors without aging to maintain the authentic vibe of the show is not possible. Maximum they can run for a few years and layer they would have to call quits or hire a new team and new faces.

One piece Live Action Challenges

One piece is a visual treat, Luffy showing off his rubber attacks, Zoro with his 3 Sword style, talking reindeer, Skeleton Man. Maintaining this needs a lot of work for visual teams and its not an easy job. If Brook looks unrealistic then there goes the fun in watching it.

Well keeping all this aside, the major issue can arise in picturing fights. After all, action is the peak genre of Shounen anime. Alabasta, Skypiea, Impel Down, Enies Lobby, Marineford, Dressrosa, Whole Cake, Wano as some major fight scenes. Of course, they can’t skip these scenes, can they? Well, it is easy to showcase the Haki power but what about Logia and mythical zoan devil fruit eaters. Luffy’s different gears need a lot of flashy effects. Keeping up with all of these is a big task to fulfill.

Maintaining back-to-back seasons for such a massive manga without removing few stories is quite a task that can’t be achieved easily. And if it’s not executed well then there’s going to be a ton of fans who will be crying with disappointment. There are many crazy tacky things in One Piece anime which is suitable only in Anime because it’s animation and it works doesn’t look much weird and won’t be crazy. But if you try doing the same in live-action its will definitely look weird.


Keeping all these points in mind being a fan of One Piece myself am happy that there’s a live-action of it being produced. But at the same level am extremely scared of how it might turn out.

Making this project requires a big team, time, and budget. And if it is not realistic to the main manga then there is no point in watching this. If everything works out well then we might get to witness yet another amazing journey.

One Piece is built differently and fan as faith in Oda-sensei. So there is little hope for this live-action.