akame ga kill death game

Akame Ga Kill Death Game

Akame Ga Kill Death Order

Akame Ga Kill the anime, a dark humor anime with harsh reality and emotional moments. A complete Dark Fantasy genre-based anime that had major deaths in the entire series.

Have you seen Akame Ga Kill and Do you remember the order of Characters Death?. Then why don’t you try out this game, where you need to enter the order of Character’s Death from the beginning of the series till the end.

What is Akame Ga Kill about?

Akame Ga Kill hyped every one of us, since the first episode. The inhuman behavior of the Government/Empire towards its citizens leads to an amazing plot. An assassin group called Night Raid fights to bring revolution within the capital by taking down the corrupted Empire.

It all started when the three villagers came to town to earn some money and return back to the village with good turnovers.

If only it were that easy.

Two out of Three Villagers were brutally tortured by the Empire underdogs. After this incident the third villager aka Tatsumi, the main protagonist joins the Night Raid. Tatsumi on joining Night Raid had to carry out dangerous tasks. All these tasks were like do-or-die.

Relic i.e., Teigu (帝具, “Imperial Arms”) are the concept of the supernatural powers used in Akame Ga Kill. They are so rare that only 48 of them exist, and only the strongest of warriors are able to wield them.

Check out more on Imperial Arms.

Akame Ga Kill Game

Akame Ga Kill had many heartbreaking deaths throughout the series. Now what you need to do here is enter the character names one by one. The list of character names is given. Of course, the list will be shuffled. By using the entry box enter one character name which dies first and then the other.

akame ga kill death game
akame ga kill death game

Once u have entered all the names in the correct order you will receive a message saying “Sugoi, my Besto Friend”. You will receive the Sugoi message window only when you enter the character’s death in the right order You need to re-enter if you miss some names or the order is incorrect. On spell check, you will have entered the same name again, which is not an issue over here. Make sure you check the result only when you have entered all the names.

def submit(self):
        #once you press the next button, clear the entry box and enter new character
        received = enter_name.get().upper()
        #received data name should be in characters list

        if received not in self.proper_order:
            mb.showerror("Name Unknown","Check name")

    def result(self):
        #once you have entered all names
        #check the result

        if self.proper_order == self.deaths_list:
            mb.showinfo("Sugoi","Besto Friend")
        elif len(self.deaths_list) != len(self.proper_order):
            mb.showerror("Didn't match","You missed to enter \n Character names")
        elif len(self.deaths_list) == 0:
            mb.showerror("Enter names","No Name entered")
            mb.showinfo("Try Again","Check names properly, Ganbatte \n start over")
        self.deaths_list.clear()   #its good to clear the death order list, for trying text time

How to play background Music in Python?

Akame Ga Kill has a blissful soundtrack that will make you listen to it in a loop. Now creating a game and not adding a soundtrack, could make it incomplete. How do you add audio as the background using Python?

pip install pygame

Pygame is a Python 2D gaming library that provides a wide range of attributes. You need to import pygame and initialize pygame.music attribute. Here is the syntax to do that:

import pygame


Le chant de Roma, the original soundtrack from Akame Ga Kill is used here. You can also choose Night Raid Theme, which is one of the best OSTs from the series.

Note: Mp3 is not supported by Pygame, check this tweet to convert .mp3 to. ogg/.wav

Akame Ga Kill Major Deaths

Akame Ga Kill is well known for its heartbreaking deaths. Here now, you can skip this paragraph to avoid spoilers. This 24 episodes long anime had many character deaths throughout the season. Though the manga ending was different. However, this anime took the depression to a whole new level. Well if you are already spoiled on end then this shouldn’t bother you. The first episode had two major deaths of Sayo and Ieyasu, the two other villagers who came to the Empire with Tatsumi. This was the very moment that triggered Tatsumi to join Night Raid.

Night Raid may be an assassin group but the members of the group were all cheerful and friendly. Since you have to enter the names in order I won’t be mentioning the further names of the characters. As the Night Raid became famous it created fear among the Empire. To take the caution steps Empire summoned The Jaegers, a special Police Squad led by Esdeath. Esdeath is the main female antagonist in the series, the villain you can’t hate but love. On the other hand Night, Raid had Akame, the main female protagonist who is the strongest assassin in the entire series.

Once the Jaegers were appointed, one after another characters had to say their farewells. Both Jaegers and Night Raid had powerful Imperial Arm wielders. Before the final battle, both the group were completely wiped off excluding one or two.

The final battle is something you can’t remove from your brain.


This game is only for those who have watched Akame Ga Kill. Since the game is to enter the death order of the characters from first to last episodes.

You can watch Akame Ga Kill and try on this code. You can code this by yourself. Check out the previous article on Python Tkinter: Naruto Quotes, Anime Recommendations, to get used to the syntax.

Download the Source Code of the game.

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Here is the final output.

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