Month: April 2022


Tkinter Geometry Managers

Python Tkinter Tutorial: Tkinter Geometry Managers Tkinter Geometry Managers is a critical concept that is very important in understanding how the Tkinter widgets are placed on GUI applications. Understanding Tkinter Geometry Managers Geometry Management mainly deals with how the widgets are inserted in the GUI application. We have already seen the pack() method. Aside from …

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blackbeard one piece

Blackbeard: The Best Written One Piece Villain

One Piece Anime has introduced a prominent cast of antagonists. And most of them belong to the Top tier. Doflamingo, Katakuri, and Crocodile have been fan favorites for their superiority. And then there is Blackbeard who is hated by many fans for his monstrous nature. But you can’t deny the fact that he is the best-written villain in One Piece. I will prove that why👇

build machine learning model using streamit

Build Machine Learning Model Using Streamlit

A Machine Learning model is undone if it just remains in Jupyter Notebook. Streamlit provides a faster way to build and share data web apps. It turns Jupyter Notebook Python Scripts into a great-looking Web App. And still, it just takes a few minutes. The only pre-requisites to build machine learning model using Streamlit is Python Programming. And we got you covered. Check the detailed Anime Vyuh Python Tutorials Series, Python made easy.