Month: December 2021


Tuples In Python

Like Eren Yeager let’s move forward. Next up in Learn Python Tutorials is Tuple. The actual definition of Tuple is “The collection of values that are separated by a comma, and are enclosed with parenthesis[which is optional]”


Learn Python Through Anime: Lists

Is It possible to store different types of value into one? I mean can String, Integer, and Float values can be stored into one variable. Lists can help us to store multiple data types into one single variable. List variable is enclosed within square brackets []. Check out this article to know more about Lists.

part4: strings

Learn Python Through Anime: Strings

You already know what strings are. Anything enclosed within double/single quotes in Python is considered to be String. The actual definition of Strings is “The sequence of characters enclosed within quotes”.  In Learn Python Through Anime: Part-4 learn moreabout Strings.