Month: October 2021

which haikyuu team are you on

Which Haikyuu Team Are You On?

Haikyuu is a sports-based anime with amazing teams. Create a Flask Web App to generate a random team. Come and check where you belong? Before getting into coding part, get to know the overview of Haikyuu Teams.

rock paper and scissor

Rock Paper And Scissor

Rock Paper And Scissor In Python You vs Kazuma. Kazuma has never lost in Rock, Paper, and Scissor. So, Can you defeat Kazuma? To those who don’t know who Kazuma is? Kazuma is the main protagonist of Konosuba. Konosuba is one of the best comedy-based Isekai Anime. Isekai is an Anime genre where the main …

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word cloud

Word Cloud In Python

We are talking about Anime Word Cloud here. Obviously, it will be created using Python. Using the Word Cloud Python module our task becomes easier than expected. How To Create a Word Cloud Using Python? What Is A Word cloud? A Word Cloud is a bunch of shuffled words. The simple term which can be …

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October 10 Birthday

Birthday Countdown Timer

A simple Counter Timer GUI for Birthday It’s October 10, the birthday of Anime Legends Let’s dig to the Countdown Timer Using Python. Create Countdown Timer Using Python Python Tkinter is the best way to create a basic GUI application. With help of widgets and basic function callback syntax, you can create a Clockwise Timer. …

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