100 One Piece Mysteries

100 One Piece Mysteries: Part- 2

Continuing the list of 100 One Piece Mysteries from where we left behind.

Make sure you check out part 1: One Piece Mysteries fans can’t wait to witness before you proceed with this article.

21. Luffy’s Mother

Luffy’s mother is an unusual case, which doesn’t need much attention. When a fan asked Oda about Luffy’s mother, this is what he replied: “Luffy’s adventure began after he left his mother’s arms. I want to tell this young man’s story, so [his] mom is not part of it”. Ever since Ivankov met Luffy and Crocodile, multiple theories floated around saying Crocodile is Luffy’s mother. The true identity of Luffy’s mother will clear the doubt about whether Dragon is own son of Garp or not.

22. Who did Mihawk defeat to become World’s Strongest Swordsman?


Dracule Mihawk a.k.a Hawk-Eye Mihawk bears the title of World Strongest Swordman in One Piece. His sword skills surpass Yonkou Shanks. One Piece Film Red reveals a small secret of Shanks’s power who is known as Observation Killer. Since Mihawk is equal to Shanks, one can easily say Mihawk has the strongest Observation Haki in the franchise. To counter Mihawk’s advanced Observation, Shanks mastered killing Observation. Mihawk is one of the coolest characters who enjoys his own freedom and cut ships to entertain his boredom. We have seen Mihawk having no goal, as he has already bears the title of Master Swordsman and waiting for a worthy opponent to come and defeat him. Before becoming WSS, there must be someone who Mihawk defeated to gain the title from “Marine Hunter” to “World’s Strongest Swordsman”.

23. Zoro’s real name?

Shimotsuki Zoro or Roronoa Zoro?

Shimotsuki Ryuma, the Samurai of Wano is considered to be the Greatest Swordsman of the Void Century. He is also known as Ryuma, God of the Blade. In the thriller bark, Zoro gets a chance to fight the Ryuma corpse. Moria, a Warlord who has the power to revive corpses by adding Shadows inside them, also stole Black Blade Shishui. Ryuma’s corpse delivers Zoro Black Blade Shisui after his defeat and in return, Zoro respects Ryuma and pretends their fight never happened. Shisui, the Black blade wielded by Ryuma is the Treasure of Wano Kuni. Zoro accepts to return back the treasure of Wano in exchange for the new sword Enma.

There is always the main cause when a swordsman exchanges his swords with someone else. Ryuma happily gave away Shisui to Zoro, because he noticed a similar fighting style. In the conversion between Kawamatsu and Hyogoro, Hyogoro reveals that Zoro is spitting image of Shimotsuki Ushimaru, in his youth. Ushimaru is the direct descendant of Ryuma. Another similarity between Zoro and Ryuma is both are one-eyed Swordsman.

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24. 4 Gods in One Piece

giant straw hat

Skypiea Arc foreshadowed 4 Gods to exist in the One Piece storyline. During the ritual, Sky Island people performed an Alter to sacrifice a girl to God of the sun, God of the Rain, God of the forest, and God of the earth. And this is the order. Chapter 1045 confirms the existence of Sun God Nika. They get the power of God from the Hito-Hito-no-mi (Human-Human) fruit Mythical Zoan type. The 3 other Gods are unknown. The Human-Human fruit activates only when its user (Devil Fruit eater) is on verge of death. Luffy awakened the Human-Human fruit model Nika when he almost lost his life-fighting Kaido. These are the possible characters who can have powers of God: Monkey D Dragon(God of Rain), Im-sama(God of the earth) or Vivi or Blackbeard, Chopper(God-of-forest).

25. Return of Enel: What is Enel up to?

Enel is one of the powerful One Piece characters with broken Devil Fruit ability. Enel is a Top-Tier One Piece Villian, who has a powerful Devil Fruit as well as amazing Observation skills. He was introduced as God in Sky Island and got his ass beaten by Rubber Man Luffy. Enel’s dream was ruined after the Straw Hat crew entered Sky Island. After he was defeated, he travels to Moon with his ship Maxim. Maxim is capable of flight even in space, the ship uses Lightning power as its main power supply. Enel used the goal from the Shandora ruins as a conductor, so that he could operate the entire ship using his abilities. In Manga cover panels, Enel meets a group of mini robots and starts a Great Space Operations and maybe is ready to make a great comeback.

26. Who is Vegapunk?

one piece mysteries vegapunk

The genius scientific mind behind various inventions. Vegapunk operated numerous experiments to strengthen the World Government defense. He is also the first Scientist to create an artificial devil fruit that grants the powers just like an ordinary Devil Fruit, but he failed in this experiment. Later he started working on developing a Humanoid aka Cyborgs to strengthen World Government defense. He successfully accomplished this feat by negotiating a deal with Kuma. Kuma despite being a Revolutionary spy allows himself to be a part of Vegapunk’s humanoid experiment.

27. Is Sanji Lunarian? Sanji- A Failed Science Experiment

sanji chef

Queen, a commander of Beast Pirate is very obsessed with Germa 66 Technology, and found Sanji very different. Queen was surprised to see when Sanji could emit fire from his leg. During this encounter, a new race is introduced, which is going to play a major role in the Final Saga. Lunarians are the mysterious race from the red line, who no longer exist. King- the vice-captain of Beast Pirates is the only survivor of Lunarians. This race is capable of creating from the body, just like Sanji’s Diable Jambe.

Germa 66 is a scientific name allotted to Vinsmoke Family for their inhuman experiments. Vinsmoke Judge made his own kids as a part of his experiment. Sanji failed to become like his siblings but somewhere inherited his mother’s will. We have no clue about Sanji’s mother’s race. Even though her race is not mentioned, there is no way she can be Lunarian. Lunarians have White Hair, Brown Skin, and Black Wings.

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28. Rocks D Xebec Goal

Xebec’s Goal

Rocks D Xebec is arguably one of the strongest One Piece characters and the captain of the mightiest crew. Rocks D Xebec has been mentioned a lot after Blackbeard acquired Yami Yami No Mi. The Emperors of the sea Edward Newgate, Kaido, and Big Mom were all once a part of the same crew under the wing of Xebec. Xebec’s true goal was to conquer the entire world and be known as King of the World. To achieve this goal he had to bring down World Nobels and Imu/World Government.

30. Shank’s main intension


Shanks is someone who doesn’t pick up a fight unnecessarily. He is exceedingly serious when someone hurts his close ones. In the last two decades, the only information we have on Shanks is that he is trying to maintain balance in the world. Shanks predicts the upcoming danger well in advance and alerts associated people to not overlook events in front of them. He clashes with Whitebeard in a negotiation to stop Ace from confronting Blackbeard. Later he also meets Gorosei to not underestimate this certain Pirate as he may soon bring chaos to the world.

31. Blackbeard Jolly Roger

blackbeard-devil fruit

As we know Devil Fruits has its own will, why did Yami-Yami choose Blackbeard? Moreover, BB pirates’ current territory was previously Rocks territory. One more similarity is that both Teach and Rocks have D in their initial. Moreover, Blackbeard has also eaten Gora-Gora. By looking at Jolly Roger of BB pirates, it can be predicted that he will definitely possess the third fruit. Why could there be three devil fruits choosing the same person? Maybe there is a high chance that there are three wills associated with Blackbeard. And all these wills seek power. We might see if this is true or not in the coming years. Oda has hinted to us on 2 occasions that shows why Blackbeard can possess three wills:

  • Zoro and Luffy doubted Teach’s personality when they first meet in Jaya.
  • The Jolly Roger of the Blackbeard Pirates.

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32. When will Wano open and how?

pluton ancient weapon

Wano has remained an impregnable fortress for over 800 years, at some point in the story the country will open to the outside world. Zunesha approached Wano on purpose, which was to destroy the walls and open the country. As mentioned in chapter 1055, retrieving Pluton would require the removal of the walls that surrounds the Wano. Zunesha returns after Momonosuke decides to keep Wano close for time being. On the return of Zunesha, Gorosei predicts that Wano still wants to remain close.

The day Momonosuke decides to open the Wano Country, Zunesha will make its move to Wano. With the force of Zunesha, the walls surrounding Wano will be destroyed. And it all makes sense why Momo delayed the process of opening the country. Eventually, Momo will master his Voice of all Things to awaken the sleeping Ancient Weapon Pluton. This might take place during the Final War when Luffy will go up against the World Government

33. Fishman Island Destruction

Madam Shyarly is a mako shark mermaid living on Fish-Man Island. She used to be a fortune teller until she decided to discard her crystal ball. She sees a terrible future where Monkey D Luffy has come to destroy Fishman Island. Hearing this fortune, Fishman people goes against Straw Hat Pirates to stop them unless they make any move. Shyarly breaks the crystal ball after Luffy saves Fishman Island from Hordy and also motivates Shirohoshi to always cheer. But the story doesn’t end there, because we shall soon get Fishman Island Arc2.0.

Roger and Oden were waiting for the King to arrive, and Luffy has finally awakened his fruit. Luffy is the one who shall bring the dawn and destroy Fishman Island with help of Shirahoshi- Poseidon. The legends believe that a certain person will arrive and guide Shirohoshi to use power. Poseidon will help in destroying the Red Line and making the way for Noah to carry every Fishmen’s people to the earth’s surface.

34. “Certain Pirate” Shanks meets Gorosei

shanks meets gorosei

Why did Shanks meet Gorosei and why was the certain pirate Monkey D Luffy? To answer that, why do you think Gorosei suddenly started to talk about Gomu Gomu Fruit’s true nature or Nika? There can be three possibilities: First maybe because Zunesha is approaching Wano Kuni where Luffy is. Second, maybe Shanks warned Gorosei to not underestimate Luffy’s Powers. Lastly, maybe Imu-sama might have ordered them to eliminate Straw Hat. The first time Im-sama was shown she was standing in front of Giant Straw Hat. Moreover, she even had Luffy’s Bounty poster.

The certain pirate who Shanks wanted to talk about is most certainly Monkey D Luffy.

In Chapter 1042, we see that Gorosei assigned CP0 to eliminate Straw Hat Luffy immediately. Reverie and the Onigashima incident are happening simultaneously. As soon as Shanks talks about Luffy and the power he possesses through Gomu Gomu. He might have alerted the World Government to stop Luffy at once. Shanks whose primary goal is to maintain balance, with Luffy’s Awakening there might be instability in powers.

35. “Certain Someone” Caribou is talking about


Caribou is one of the weirdest antagonists in One Piece. He is a Logia Devil Fruit eater, who enjoys killing Marines. He first appeared on Saboady Island after the time skip. Caribou followed Straw Hat Pirates all along from Saboady to Fishman to Wano Island as a spy. It is fair enough to say, Caribou is the only character besides Robin who knows about 2 Ancient Weapons. He silently overheard Robin’s conversion on two occasions when she brought up the topic of Ancient Weapon. Once he gets to know about Pluton, he mentions, that he has to let “Certain someone” know about this.

36. Rocky Port Incident

law conquerors haki

The Rocky Port incident is one such incident that took place while Straw Hats were undergoing training. Trafalgar D Law is said to be the mastermind behind the incident. Also, Koby was named “Hero” for the Rocky Port incident and gained Captain title in the Marines. More clues were revealed in Chapter 1059 making this incident even more suspicious. Koby helped Blackbeard in some way so that Blackbeard Pirates could defeat “Wang Zhi” a former crewmate of Rocks Pirate. And this helped Blackbeard the boss of the territory.

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37. Mysterious Eye in One Piece

one piece mysteries- Who is Im?

There are a handful number of characters who possess very rare eyes in One Piece. Luffy, Cavendish, Im, Mihawk, and Zunesha possess similar gazes. Cavendish and Mihawk(Anime): Have their eye yellow in color, Zunesha: is green, Luffy(Nika), Im and Mihawk(Manga) Red in color. There is a reason why these eyes are mysterious. Consider Luffy and Cavendish, both of them have normal eyes, but the moment Luffy changes into Nika and Cavendish into Hakuba, there is a change in their eye. This change also indicates the dual personality of the user.

38. True Power of Op-Op Fruit and its huge bounty

Can you believe that one devil fruit has a higher bounty than that of Yonkou of the sea? World Government issued 5 billion Op-Op Fruit which is very close to the bounty of World Strongest Pirate Whitebeard(5.04 billion). The World Government simply don’t issue a huge bounty until it is very useful to them. It’s true that Op-Op Fruit grants immortality, but there is much more than it. We have no idea how long Gorosei and Im-same have lived since they are the only few people who know everything about the Void Century. Besides Op-Op fruit also helps the user to get his hands on treasure hidden in MarieJois. This individual fruit is going to play a significant role in the Final Saga.

39. Did Shanks know about Gomu-Gomu?

is one piece red canon?

Shanks and his crew stole Gomu Gomu Fruit from a Marine ship that was well protected by CP9. Despite that Shanks and his crew manages to get their hands on Gomu-Gomu Fruit. Red Hair Pirates are the balanced crew in the series, it’s rather surprising to see that they could go against World Government to steal fruit. World Government knew the secret behind the Gomu-Gomu Fruit and always wanted to get hold of it. But the Zoan type has its own will and Gomu Gomu Fruit waited for its true owner, which is Luffy. Shanks knew about the true nature of the fruit and episode 1029 hints at it. It is possible that Shanks came looking for someone who Roger was waiting for. And thus he intentionally let Luffy eat the Gomu-Gomu.

Gomu-Gomu Fruit’s true identity reveal has left fans shocked. Oda fooled the entire fandom for over two decades by revealing about Human-Human fruit model Nika. This fruit grants its user a ridiculous amount of strength and freedom.

40. Fearland Family

one piece red in India

One Piece Red opens the curtains about Shanks’s past. Shanks was found by Roger Pirates inside a Treasure Box at God Valley Incident. During the God Valley Incident, 38 years ago Shanks was just 1 year old. Gorosei also revealed that Shanks belongs to Fearland Family. Shanks holds the power to meet Gorosei in person and is also capable of convincing Sengoku to stop the war. And in both occasions, Sengoku and Gorosei agree with him saying “only because it is you”. Fans wouldn’t be surprised if Shanks turn out to be Celestrial Dragon.

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